Pakistani Celebrities Who Got Married In 2017 Real Life Pictures | Wedding Ceremony Of 2017

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Beschreibung: Arij Fatima
Pakistan’s beautiful actress Arij Fatima tied the knot with her childhood best friend. Their marriage functions include mayoon, mehndi, barat, walima.

Zaid Ali
Pakistani entertainer Zaid Ali got married this year with a young beautiful girl named Yumna. Ziad fell in love with her when she starred in one of his YouTube videos. He shared many of his wedding pictures with his fans.

Noman Habib
The Pakistani actor Noman Habib got engaged in 2016 to a girl named Asma and got married in 2017. The couple looked glamorous on their wedding day.

Azfar Rehman
Talented Azfar Rehman actor and model who played roles in number of famous Pakistani dramas, got married this year in January with beautiful Fiya Sheikh.

Sidra Batool
Model and actress Sidra Batool also got married this year and she looked stunning on her wedding day.

Yasra Rizvi
Yasra Rizvi, a very powerful performer in Pakistani dramas tied the knot with showbiz professional Abdul Hadi. Yasra’s husband is many years younger than her due to which she faced criticism. But the couple seems happy together.

Faraz Farooqi & Hammad Farooqi Tv Actor

Faizan Shaikh & Maham Aamir Tv Actor, Actress

Ayaz Samoo Tv Actor

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Actress Minal Khan In Wedding Dress.

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