Moomal Khalid And Usman Patel Wedding Ceremony

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Beschreibung: Moomal Khalid is a Pakistani TV actress and model Got Married to Model Usman Patel

Moomal Khalid and Usman Patel (Valima) Reception Ceremony. Newly Wed Couple Moomal Khalid and Usman Patel on Vacation. Momal Khalid on her Valima. Thanks: Green Parrot. Azfar Rehman is a famous Pakistani actor and model. Recently he got married and here is the video of his wedding celebration. Take a look and stay tuned. Actress Moomal Khalid Got Married to Model Usman Patel Moomal Khalid Wedding Ceremony Actress Moomal Khalid married to Model Usman Patel last night! TV Actress Moomal Khalid Wedding Ceremony with model Usman Patel. Actress Moomal Khalid Got Married to Model Usman Patel Moomal Khalid at Aliya Tipu Signature Salon for Bridal MAkeup The gorgeous TV actress & bride-to-be Moomal Khalid is here at AliyaTipuSignatureSalon for her bridal makeover by AliyaTipu. Thank you Moomal Khalid is a Pakistani actress who is often seen in dramas playing different roles. The beautiful actress got married to model Usman Patel yesterday. She looked ethereal in an orange-red lehenga while Usman adorned a traditional golden sherwani. Here are the pictures from the ceremony: We wish the couple a happy married life ahead! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (.

Moomal khalid is a beautiful young actress of Pakistan. She is the model actress and fashion designer too. Here is the full biography of moomal khalid. Take a look and stay tuned. Electric Joy Ride - Origin [NCS Release]. Geo News Anchor Ayesha Khalid Recently Got Married Viral Video Pakistani Most famous news Anchor Ayesha khalid Recently Got Married and her wedding ceremony pics goes viral, i hope you guys enjoy this video very much! Thanks For Watching. 😍 Leave a Like If You Enjoy This Video, Subscribe My Channel For More Amazing Videos Don’t Forget To Like, Subscribe, and Share, This Video.  ►►►Subscribe Here: Regards: #Celebrities Network.

Junaid Jamshed Son Babur Junaid Got Nikkah With Mahnoor Ghaznavi. Grand daughter of Madam Noor Jehan famous beautician and Owner of Natasha Salon, Natasha Khalid got married her Nikah held in Dubai. Music NoCopyrightSounds. In today's show we had a special guest: Usman Patel, Moomal Khalid Topic: Usman Patel And Moomal Khalid Interview Host: Nida Yasir Good Morning Pakistan is the way you start your day and has the potential to make or break your day. So Good Morning Pakistan’ ensures its viewers an energetic start for a cheerful day to follow. It is meant to energize your day, inform you about what’s going on around the world, listen and discuss your problems and let you meet with famous celebrities from Pakistan.

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