Zara Noor Abbas at Dubai After Marriage

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Beschreibung: Zara Noor Abbas at Dubai After Marriage

Zara Noor Abbas Full Biography 2018 - Age - Education - Income - House - Car - Lifestyle - Family Detail: Zara Noor Abbas is an emerging skilled and young actress of Pakistan television industry. She is also working as a model and here we will talk about Zara Noor Abbas Height, Weight, Age, Body Measurement, Bra Size, Husband, DOB. She was born in Lahore city and she completed studies from the same city. She has done BS Hons. in TFT (Theatre, Film and Television) from BNU (Beaconhouse National University) Lahore and diploma in Film direction and Film making from abroad. After completing studies she moved to Karachi city to join the showbiz industry of Pakistan. Zara Abbas is daughter of legendary actress Asma Abbas and her father is Colonel of Pakistan army. She often appears in different morning shows with her mother. Her grandfather was a popular and daring journalist of Pakistan late Mr. Ahmad Bashir. She is niece of top actress, singer, host and model Bushra Ansari. Her aunt Sumbal Shahid also works as an actress and singer in showbiz. Zara joined entertainment industry as a fashion designer few years back. She owns her own clothing brand with the name ‘Zara Noor Abbas Clothing’. She designs casual and comfortable outfits for her customers. Zara made her acting debut in 2016 with TV serial ‘Dharkan’ of Hum TV in which she played a leading role. Next year she appeared as a leading actress in TV serial ‘Khamoshi’ of Hum TV. Zara got married in the month March of 2014 in Lahore. In September of 2017 the news of her separation with her husband came into light when she announced her engagement with another TV actor Asad Siddiqui. Asad was married with designer Maham Babar, they got married in 2014 and got divorced in 2016. Finally Zara and Asad got married in December of 2017 in a star studded grand wedding. Keywords: zara noor abbas hot, zara noor dramas, zara noor abbas biography, zara noor abbas lifestyle, zara noor abbas real life, zara noor abbas real life family, zara noor abbas dramas, zara noor abbas wedding, zara noor abbas mother, zara noor abbas age, zara noor abbas dress, zara noor abbas networth, zara noor abbas house, zara noor abbas make up, zara noor abbas husband, L I K E C O M M E N T S S H A R E - NoCopyrightSound: Youtube Audio Library Video Making Software - Camtasia Studio Pictures Filter- Nabeel Khan Video Editing- Nabeel Khan - * ANTI-PIRACY WARNING * This content is Copyright to NABEEL KHAN. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution or re-upload is strictly prohibited of this material. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material presented! - © 2018 Nabeel Khan, All Rights Reserved.

Zara Noor Abbas Full Biography 2018 - Age - Education - Income - House - Car - Lifestyle - Family
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