How to play with lions at the zoo

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Beschreibung: User 'ShareBear' claims that her husband makes everything more fun, as is evident in this video. Watch as he gets on all fours and runs back and forth, causing several younger lions to chase him around. How awesome is that?

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Kids and wild animals At The Mountain Zoo: Fun Lion and Elephant with kids We are going for the mountain to see the wild animals at there. In this video there are wild animals and elephant play with kids and cute rain forest animals and birds. On holiday where should we go to relax with family I always go on the beach or mountain to visit animals at the natural zoo and this is the best time for your kids to know about that wild animals and knowing about how their life and diet of them. In this video we will see many of wild animals such as monkey Lions Kangaroo hippo cub elephant swimming and other animals I hope you like this animal video. My family always get travel the see the zoo because when we are feeling well and relief stress and sometime we are go to relax at the beach. This is My Other Videos Click on link below for watch 1. Kids and animals At The Zoo: Best Animals Compilation for kids: 2. Animal can be fun: Orangutan at the Zoo Show and Wild animals compilation: 3. Cute Tiger animal feed Kids and animals at zoo & Elephant fact Show: 4. Cute animals Make fun and Elephant swimming for kids: Thank you for watching my videos!

Dogs, Lions, Tigers, Black Jaguars, Leopards, Panthers, Lynxes, Pumas and more Playing together Why Do We Allow People To Pet Play With Our Big Cats? Celebrities, Why are you being irresponsible by sharing images video of you selfishly petting? All different kinds of people have spent time at the Foundation in the past year or so. However, Eduardo has made a conscious decision to also welcome people to the Foundation who are meat eaters and who wear animal products (just like Eduardo did before he started the Foundation). Our focus and passion is to teach these people a bit more compassion and to better show them the love these living beings possess. It is Eduardo’s hope that people who meet his “kids”, even for a brief moment, in some small way will help them gain a deeper understanding and develop a greater respect for these animals and all other living beings in general. Maybe after being surrounded by so much love from the animals they will think twice before wearing animal products or eating meat in the future. The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation is accredited by the Mexican Government as a Premises or facilities managing wildlife (Predios o Instalaciones que Manejan Vida Silvestre PIMVS). Founded in the articles 27, 26 and 32bis of the constitution with the internal ruling of SEMARNAT. This incorporation is granted to perform maintenance activities, protection, research and environmental education, through social networks, of Tiger, Leopard, Lion, Jaguar, Cheetah, yaguarundí, ocelot, Bobcat, grizzly bear. Eduardo Serio, who founded Mexico City's Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, is seen in the foreground of a lion and tiger wrestling. It’s apparently all fun and games at one big cat sanctuary — even when a leopard is charging at your back. A hair-raising video captures the animal racing up behind a handler to attack, seemingly playfully, just seconds before a tiger jumps in and swats him away. Eduardo Serio, who founded Mexico City’s Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, was lounging around with at least six big cats when the mischievous leopard named Dharma crept up from behind. As the viral video shows, a nearby tiger named Aztlan didn’t miss a beat. The animals ― including jaguars, tigers, leopards, lynxes, lions and pumas ― are said to come from circuses, zoos, and both legal and illegal breeders.