Some INTERESTING Lesser Known Facts of Rajshree | Veteran Bollywood Actress

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Rajshree is the daughter of celebrated Film maker of yesterdays – V. Shanta Ram who has given great movies to Bollywood like Navrang, Do aakhein barah haath, Jhanak jhanak payal baaje and Amar Bhoopali. Shantha Ram has married twice and Raj shree is the daughter of his wife Jayshree.
Rajshree did small roles and child artist roles in the movies like Stri, Navrang, Grihasthi and Ghar basake dekho. She was launched to Bollywood by her father V.Shanta Ram in the movie Geet Gaaya Patharon ne opposite Jeetendra. It was the debut movie of Jeetendra also. This movie was well received by the public and her role was well noted. Though she appears like a village girl throughout the movie, in heros imagination she appears in different characters and he curves sculptures according to it. The song ;Tere khayalom mein hum pictured on her, sung by Asha Bhosle was noticed that time. Music given by Ramlal captured everyone souls too. This movie also belongs to the category of fantasy, similar to Navrang and Stri for which Shantha Ram as a film maker was famous for. Very soon, she acted in a few movies like Ji chahta hai, Grahasthi and Shehnai.
She has acted with almost all leading actors of that time, though her career was too short.;Brahmachari and Janwar along with Shammi Kapoor, Around the world in Raj Kapoor, Geet gaaya patharom ne, Suhaag raat and Gunahon ka devta with Jeetendra, Ji chahta hai with Joy Mukherjee, Shehnai, Do dil and Sagaai with Biswajeet, Dil ne pukara and Naina with Sashi kapoor and Sanjay khan and Mohabbat zindagi hai with Dharmendra.
Naina along with Shashi Kapoor released in the year 1973 was literally her last movie. Actually, while shooting for the movie Around the world’ along with Raj Kapoor in America, she happened to meet an American student Greg Chapman and three years later they married according to Indian custom and tradition. It was done in a grand way with 5 days length ceremony and 15K guests attended it. Later she left India to Los Angeles. Greg Chapman changed his name to Gautham too. Now the couple is happily living in America along with their daughter Chandrika, managing successful business in custom clothing.

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