Highest Recorded Temperatures On EARTH

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10 Insane Creatures Created by Scientists ► Subscribe: For copyright matters please contact us at: miniminter1992. 29@gmail Many things are done in the name of science. There is a need to advance our technology, in order to provide food for a growing world population, or to provide medicine and cures for sickness and disease. From see through animals, to clones, and even one wild and crazy idea, take a look at our list of 10 Animals Created by Science. 10. See Through Frog - Frogs come in nearly every color - from the dull greens, to the vivid yellows and reds of their tropical relatives. Some frogs are even transparent and you can see right through them, which is probably what gave Japanese scientists the idea to create a see through frog by bringing together genes from frogs with unusually pale skin. In these frogs their skin is see through in their early lives. What does this mean? 9. Enviropig – This might be a little bit gross but the Enviropig was genetically engineered to produce up to less than 65% phosphorous through its urine and feces. Environmentally, pigs are very destructive to the land they are raised on. 8. Killer Bees – You might be thinking that killer bees are a natural species. But, what is little known about these creatures is that they were accidently created by scientists who were trying to increase honey production, and instead ended up with a killer bee. 7. Super Cows – The Belgian Supercow is known as somewhat a mutant breed of cattle. It’s originas date back to the 1800’s when Belgian scientists and farmers decided to breed native cattle with Shorthorn cattle. 6. Genpets – OK so this isn’t a real animal created by scientists, but Genpets needs to be in this list and is probably one of the greatest hoaxes in modern history. 5. Sterile Pink Bollworm – The Pink Bollworm is a serious pest when it comes to cotton farming. Not only do the young larvae inflict damage to the cotton plant by their feeding, they chew through the cotton lint to feed on the seeds. 4. GloFish – At first it might not seem like these fish are real, but they are. Glofish are a brand of genetically engineered fluorescent fish. 3. See-Through Goldfish – There are a lot of reasons to genetically engineer creatures such as see through rats, see through frogs, and even see through goldfish. 2. Dolly the Sheep – On July 5th 1996, Dolly the Sheep made biotech history when she became the first animal cloned from adult somatic cells. 1. Pharmaceutical Camels – Many people might not know this but camels milk can be used to produce pharmaceutical proteins used in drugs. And by creating genetically modified camels, it’s a real inexpensive way to produce it.

From the places that had the Coldest Day Ever to the place that has the most extreme climate and is names the Coldest Place on Earth Subscribe to American Eye 7. South America Coldness In contrast to North America and Eastern Russia, South America might seem like Death Valley. The coldest temperature ever re corded in South America was only -38 degrees fahrenheit in the San Juan province of Argentina. Many people would argue that the southern tip is the coldest place in South America. 6. Verkhoyansk, Russia Once again Russia makes our list thanks to extremely harsh subarctic climate. Be sure to pack an ushanka if you decide to come here because most of the land is made up of permafrost or frozen soil. Located in the Sakha, Republic of Russia, you wouldn’t have to travel far to reach the arctic ocean The temperature differences between summer and winter are quite shocking. The town holds the guinnes sworld record for the greatest temperature range that can differ 189 degrees F. How is that even possible. It can reach temperatures of 99 degrees in Summer but has gone as low as -90 degrees in both January and February. You do the math! Despite the drastic changes, about 2, 000 call this place home. 5. Brocken Mountain, Germany This place in Germany is certainly home to some extreme weather conditions. It might not have the record for coldest place on Earth, but it certainly has the capability of continuous, relentless snowstorms that can last months without stopping. Due to its exposed location of storms coming from Scandinavia and high elevation, it has an alpine like climate similar to Alaska or Iceland. Brocken Mountain has the highest precipitation of point in Northern Central Europe, the lowest temperature ever recorded was -18 degrees but take into consideration the surrounding ice and snowstorms this place is capable of, you should try to watch. This photo here, shows snow crystals clinging onto the trees in Brocken mountain, after a snowstorm covered the area in 31 inches of snow. 4. The Coldest Capital What do you think the coldest capital on earth is? Moscow, Bern, Ottawa? All Wrong! If you guessed Ulaanbaatar located in Mongolia good job! This city is regarded as the coldest capital on earth and suffers from long and unbearable freezing winters! We don’t even think Genghis Khan could have handled temperatures this cold. Just walking on the street with any exposed skin can result in pain. You really wouldn't want to forget a jacket living here. It’s also the largest city on the list with roughly 1. 3 million inhabitants which is nearly half the country's population. Due to it’s high elevation, proximity to Siberia and lack of precipitation, it’s a rough place to live nonetheless. Due to a large amount of permafrost soil in Mongolia, it makes building foundations difficult. It’s believed this is why many Mongolians live in houses known as Yurts. 3. Eismitte, Greenland Located in Central Greenland, this was the site of an expedition that took place during 1930 and 1931. Eismitte in German means central ice and refers to the campsite that was built. The coldest temperature recorded here was -85 degrees F and the warmest only reaching 27 degrees; which is still below freezing. It never seems to get above freezing here even during summer. The record high recorded in the month of July was still only 28 degrees. There’s basically no summer here. Here in this photo you the frigid campsite that was built in 1930. A 45 foot deep pit was built which served as a living quarters for the 7 month long expedition. 2. Plateau Station Antarctica This is currently an inactive research center at the Antarctic plateau. Construction first began on December 13th 1965 and it was built for solar observation, micro meteorology studies, atmospheric studies and other things. This is the 2nd coldest place on earth and the lowest recorded temperature here was negative 123 degrees F on July 20, 1968. Summers here are obviously short and are always below zero degrees F. The winters are long, frigid and dark, making you wonder why anyone would want to do research here. A scientist there stated that every breath he took outside was painful and you had to worry about freezing your lungs or throat while inhaling. 1. Vostok, Antarctica This is the coldest place on earth. This was formerly a Soviet research station, very far inland on Antarctica. If anyone could deal with the extreme cold here, we imagine it would be the Russians. The coldest month in Vostok Antarctica is the month of August, which would normally be the hottest for most people in the Northern Hemisphere! But this is Antarctica! But that doesn’t mean their summers are warm at all. The hottest temperature ever recorded here was in the month of January, reach 10 degrees F in 2002. The record low was an astonishing -128 degrees here. The research station has 4 months of no sunlight during its winter.

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