Lucky Discoveries That Made People Rich

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Beschreibung: From the largest opal in the world, to rare viking treasure hoards, here are lucky discoveries that made people rich!

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5. Lost Pollack Painting
Sometimes you might knowingly have something in your house that you just don’t know is worth a lot of money This was the case for a man living in Scottsdale Arizona who had a college of modern art painting that he just found to be intriguing. He called over some experts to take a look at one of his signed laker posters which was only worth about 300 bucks but the experts noticed something else in the garage that caught their eye! They noticed the series of smears consistent with a modern artist consistent with Jackson Pollock. This American painter is considered a major figure in abstract expressionism and his paintings are worth big bucks! The painting heavily damaged but even then, still worth some serious cash. The had it authenticated by an another expert who closely examined the painting and claimed it was indeed authentic and could sell for anything from 10 million to 15 million dollars!
4. Boulder Matrix Opal
It seems like digging around in Australia could certainly pay off. The world’s largest opal matrix was discovered in Queensland Australia in 2011 and this amazing stone has 55,000 carats! That’s about 25 points of pure opal! The previous largest opal ever discovered only was 6,100 carats. This mammoth find took place in the dry outback which receives very little rainfall. It measured in at about 10 inches in length and is valued at 1 million dollars!
3. Jersey Iron Age Coins
A great deal of coins were found on the Island of Jersey in 2012 and it may shock you This island in the English Channel that contains a great deal of French and English culture but also contained a massive treasure. After searching for this treasure for 30 years, two amateur treasure hunters found these coins that date back to Iron Age. But no, these weren’t made of iron but silver and was the largest haul of celtic coins to have ever been found. Each coin you see in this person’s hand was found on the island of Jersey is worth at least 200 pounds each, and you can tell they’re still in great condition. This makes the total discovery worth 10 million pounds or 12 million US dollars. They were found under 3 feet of soil under a hedge in someone’s farm. The coins were packed in a clay chest and literally weighed a ton! It’s believed that it was stashed here to keep the Romans from plundering it during their conquest of the British Isles.
2. Sutter’s Mill Gold Discovery
Now for a little bit of history. Sometimes when you discover something, you might make other people rich but not necessarily yourself and this was the case for John Sutter. This guy had some bad luck. James Marshall who worked at Sutter’s Mill discovered a massive golden nugget and told his boss John Sutter about it. The two decided to keep it a secret for a while but hired some men to help them pan out the gold. We’ll it turns out that all the miners they hired were a bunch of no good thieves and they stole basically all the gold they came across. The miners basically told everyone that there was gold in them there hills and this is what brought millions of people seeking fast riches! Fortune seekers from all over the world like from China, Germany, Mexico, Ireland Turkey and of course the easter united states, moved to California during this period After all his employees cheated him and took off with gold found on his land, the gold ran out and he was left basically penniless. He decided to give up on the california dream and moved as far away as possible. California officially became a state in 1850, partially thanks to there being gold here. If this moment in history never happened, the western united states would most likely be much less developed and less rich. Now you know why california is called the “Golden State”.1. The Whydah Discovery
The Whydah was a British slave ship that was originally captured by “Black Sam” and was found off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts in 1984 by Barry Clifford. He actually credits a pirate treasure map that many discredited as being false. It seems to be the holy grail of pirate discoveries! Priceless artifacts were discovered including 200,000 individual pieces were received under only 14 feet of water. Rare gold and silver coins, gold jewelry and artifacts, cannons, sword handles and even a boy’s leg! The boat is believed to carry the plunder of 10 ships. Spanish Galleons were relentless looted by Black Sam until him and his crew were swept away by a strong storm in 1717. Divers pulled together huge clumps of gold coin masses that stuck together from years of being underwater. A museum exhibition called “Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah, from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship”, toured the United States.

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