The Amazingly Beautiful Sakura Tiny House Has Style

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Beschreibung: The Sakura Tiny House was recently completely by Minimaliste Homes in Québec. The house literally has not only everything you'd except in a traditional home, but it's all done beautifully with some pretty darn impressive ways of going about it. I'd like to thanks Phil from Minimaliste for putting together this English version of The Sakura tiny house tour, thanks! See link below to their website.

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The good folks from Minimaliste in Quebec, Canada recently finished their 7th tiny house build. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure all of their tiny houses have been featured here on The Tiny House Listings YouTube channel. Thanks you guys for sharing! This tiny house has pretty much everything thought out and has so many nice touches, like the exposed wood beams, fireplace that changes colors, I could go on and on, but let's leave it there. Enjoy the tiny house tour! Built by Subscribe: Tiny homes listed for sale and rent daily: Tiny homes for sale in your inbox: Instagram. Shannon from Big Freedom Tiny Homes was kind enough to put together this tour of his tiny house build for us. The house is a full 28' long and features tons of really neat features. I love the fact that this home has a full-sized bathtub for soaking and unwinding. Although this tiny house has been sold, Shannon can build another one like it for you. Subscribe: Tiny homes listed for sale and rent daily: Tiny homes for sale in your inbox: Instagram: Located in Bellingham, Washington Built by Big Freedom Tiny Homes.

Doug Schroeder from Timbercraft Tiny Homes in Alabama has been steadily building beautiful tiny homes for his customers for several years now. The Denali model, most likely his most popular tiny house model is what you see pictures in this video. At 37', it has plenty of room for full-time living. This house versus similar ones in the past has quite a few modifications that I personally would consider upgrades that you can see mentioned in the video. Subscribe: Tiny homes listed for sale and rent daily: Tiny homes for sale in your inbox: Instagram: Built by Timbercraft Tiny Homes in Alabama. All of the furniture and rooms in Leonardo Di Chiara’s tiny house fold, swing and pivot into the walls so when closed the space is absent of color, like a whiteboard perfect for the creative process of a young architect. Calling it aVOID in reference to the hollow shell it can morph into, Di Chiara says it’s more aspirational than a reflection of his not-yet-hyper-minimalist lifestyle, He wanted an uncluttered lifestyle but he also wanted to be mobile and to live in a big city. His solution, to build a row house on wheels. Di Chiara has currently wedged his row house between two tiny houses on the campus of the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin where Van Bo Le-Mentzel, designer of the "one square meter" house, has organized a tiny living experiment. Di Chiara hopes to continue the experimenting when he moves to Milan. His idea is to create a prototype for a Migratory Neighborhood that could be replicated across Europe so urban nomads like himself could find temporary places to park their homes in schools (during the summer), parks (in winter), abandoned lots, etc. He sees it as a win win for cities eager to keep eyes on the street in isolated or temporarily unused parts of town. aVOID on tour - Berlin to Rome, April-June 2018 (tiny talks, house visits. ): aVOID: leonardodichiara. it Migratory Neighborhoods (Leonardo is currently collecting information from those interested in joining hi. m): Leonardo's collaborators: DMM (metal covering and kitchen top), Makte (wood), Häfele (furniture hardware), iGuzzini (lights), Bosch (battery and home appliances), Omar (trailer), Giommi (windows making), Schüco (windows products), Gessi (taps and sink), BTicino (electric plugs), Noctis (mattress and pillows), Mottura (curtains), FG Arredamenti (carpenter for interior), Subissati (wooden structure), Faber (induction stove and kitchen hood), Legnotech (structure construction), ICA (bio paintings), Ambivalent (foldable chairs), G. R. (electrician), Vitrifrigo (fridge), Al-Ko (trailer equipments), Se. Pa (mirror and lamp next to bed), Fratelli Guzzini (plates, cutlery, etc), Alluflon (pans pots coffee machine), Beltrami (sleeping bag, towels, etc).

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