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Beschreibung: 10 Most EXPENSIVE and RARE CARS OF ALL TIME

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Rare cars, like a good cognac, are becoming better and more expensive over the years. Auto collectors spend massive sums on the purchase of retro cars. It's not surprising because every such car is a separate part of history, a symbol of the glory of previous owners, and an entire era that is frozen in metal. Hi guys, this video is about rare, beautiful and expensive cars, from Ferrari for a few million dollars to the most expensive car in history.


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Top 10 Luxury Cars 2017 Click here for: TOP 10 Luxury SUV 2017 10. Lincoln Continental 9. Volvo XC90 8. Porsche Panamera 7. BMW 7 Series Individual 6. Jaguar XJ 5. Audi A8 L 4. Range Rover SVAutobiography 3. Bentley Bentayga 2. Mercedes-Maybach S600 1. Rolls-Royce Phantom 2017 Lincoln Continental The tenth generation Continental will be based on a front-wheel drive platform, with optional all-wheel drive. A new 3. 0L direct-injection twin-turbocharged V6 will be exclusive to Lincoln, along with a 3. 7L v6 as the base engine and an available 2. 7L direct-injection twin-turbo v6 with 305-hp and 335-hp plus 280 and 380-lbft. 2017 Volvo XC90 With up to seven full-sized seats, each designed with spine support and superior comfort – even in the third row – everyone gets the extra space they need 2017 Porsche Panamera The new Panamera's performance encroaches on supercar territory. The 4S, which shares its engine with the upcoming Audi RS4 and RS5, charges from zero to 60 mph in a claimed 4. 2 seconds Stated top speed is 180 mph for the 4S and 190 mph for the Turbo. 2017 BMW Individual 7 Series The interior features BMW Individual full fine-grain Merino leather in Smoke White Black, the highest quality leather available for a BMW, including seats with weave-look stitching and hand-woven piping. 2017 Jaguar XJ New features include a redesigned front fascia which features a larger grille with a new mesh pattern. The bumper features a new chrome surround in the lower intakes. Flanking the grille are full adaptive LED headlights which also feature automatic high beams. 2017 Audi A8 L It is a limited (50 units) version of the A8 L W12 with seats upholstered in Cognac-colored leather by Poltrona Frau, inlays made from the wood olive ash natural, light gray-brown veneer, sill trims with "Audi exclusive concept" lettering, deep-pile carpeting. 2017 Range Rover SVAutobiography the SVAutobiography Dynamic is more driver-oriented than the way-luxurious SVAutobiography. As such, the model is only available in the standard wheelbase and features revised suspension from Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division that drops the SUV's height by 0. 3 inch 2017 Bentley Bentayga With a claimed top speed of 187 mph, Bentley boasts that the Bentayga is the fastest SUV in the world. The claim is made possible by a twin-turbo 6. 0-liter W-12 that makes a mighty 600 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque; an eight-speed automatic drives all four wheels. 2017 Mercedes-Maybach S600 The Mercedes-Maybach S600 sails into the 2017 model year with armor plating now added to its long list of features. The Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard is claimed to be the first car to be certified VR10—the highest level of ballistic protection for civilian vehicles. 2017 Rolls-Royce Phantom The Phantom is the epitome of British motoring, embodying all that has made the marque a legend in the world of automobiles. It’s an icon powered by a 453-hp 6. 8-liter V-12 with an eight-speed automatic, it offers a nearly unlimited options list, and flaunts a 0-to-60 time of less than six seconds Please Subscribe: ))))).

Luxury lounge: the interior Freedom is the defining design feature with a new luxury slant. This explains the A8’s resemblance to a lavish, spacious lounge. Compared to the predecessor model, it has grown substantially in length in both body versions. The range of equipment and materials is extensive, with every detail radiating superlative bespoke quality – from the perforation in the seat upholstery to the electrically opened and closed shutters on the air vents. The classiest seat in the new Audi flagship model is in the rear right – the optional relaxation seat in the A8 L that comes with four different adjustment options and a footrest. In this seat, the passenger can warm and massage the soles of their feet on a unit with multiple settings incorporated into the back of the front-passenger seat. The new comfort head restraints complete the experience. The rear passengers can also control an array of functions such as ambient lighting, the new HD Matrix reading lights and seat massage, plus make private phone calls, via a separate operating unit. The rear seat remote, with its OLED display as large as a smartphone, is a removable unit housed in the center armrest. Fingertip response: the controls The luxury sedan’s interior deliberately adopts a reductive design; the interior architecture is clear and with a strictly horizontal orientation. Audi carries its high quality standards into the digital age with a radically new operating concept. It does away with the familiar rotary pushbutton and touchpad of the predecessor model. The instrument panel is kept largely clear of buttons and switches. At its center is a 10. 1-inch touchscreen display which, when off, blends almost invisibly into the high-gloss black surround thanks to its black-panel look. The user interface appears as soon as the car is opened. The driver controls the Infotainment system with fingertip control on the large display. They can use a second touchscreen display on the center tunnel console to access the air conditioning and comfort functions as well as make text inputs. When the driver activates a function in the upper or lower display, they hear and feel a click by way of confirmation. The glass-look operating buttons respond in the same way. The combination of acoustic and tactile feedback along with the use of common touch gestures such as swiping make the new MMI touch response especially safe, intuitive and quick to use. The A8 can also engage in intelligent conversation. The driver can activate an array of functions in the automobile using a new, natural form of voice control. Information on destinations and media is either available on board or is delivered from the cloud at LTE speed. The extensive Audi connect range also includes traffic sign recognition and hazard information – innovative car-to-X services that draw on the swarm intelligence of the Audi fleet. The extensively optimized navigation is another new feature: It is self-learning, based on the route just driven. This provides the driver with intelligent search suggestions. The map also incorporates highly detailed 3D models of major European cities. interior Features Floating image: the head-up display Top technology: the MMI navigation plus Car-to-X: traffic sign information and hazard information An array of other services: Audi connect Central access point: the new myAudi app Groundbreaking: navigation with lots of new features Digital access to the car: the Audi connect key 400 custom functions: personalization Virtual click: the MMI touch response operating system High hit rate: keyword search with hybrid concept Full HD: the Audi virtual cockpit Floating image: the head-up display A short action: the electric door lock Full sensory experience: the new luxury slant Indulgent comfort: the seats First-class travel: the relaxation seat Compact-format operating convenience: the rear seat remote As you choose: new phone solutions Clean, fresh air on board: the air quality package Exclusive top engine: the W12 The W12 will follow in 2018 in the new A8 L as the supreme, highly refined top engine version. With its two twin scroll turbochargers, it develops 430 kW (585 hp) from a displacement of 5, 950 cm3. Its 800 Nm (590. 0 lb-ft) of torque is available constantly between 1, 300 and 5, 000 rpm. Like the 4. 0 TFSI, the twelve-cylinder engine features COD (cylinder on demand) technology. At low loads and engine speeds, it shuts down the left-hand cylinder bank to trim fuel consumption. The new Audi A8 and A8 L are being built at the Neckarsulm site and will appear on the German market in late fall 2017. The starting price for the A8 is EUR 90, 600, with the A8 L starting at EUR 94, 100. Full interior Review Music: 300 Violin Orchestra Fast Version⁄No Copyright Free Music Epic Cinematic NCM Epic Music Ender Guney "SUBSCRIBE NOW".

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