Twin brothers Hammad Farooqui & Faraz Farooqui got Married

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Faizan Shaikh And Maham Aamir Latest PhotoShoot After Marriage. Watch this video for more glimpse. Thank you! Music. Faraz Farooqui And Hammad Farooqui Walima Pictures Faraz Farooqui And Hammad Farooqui wedding Music by Ncs Diviners - Savannah (feat. Philly K) [NCS Release] Diviners • • • • Philly K (vocalist) •. Arij Fatima Pakistan’s beautiful actress Arij Fatima tied the knot with her childhood best friend. Their marriage functions include mayoon, mehndi, barat, walima. Zaid Ali Pakistani entertainer Zaid Ali got married this year with a young beautiful girl named Yumna. Ziad fell in love with her when she starred in one of his YouTube videos. He shared many of his wedding pictures with his fans. Noman Habib The Pakistani actor Noman Habib got engaged in 2016 to a girl named Asma and got married in 2017. The couple looked glamorous on their wedding day. Azfar Rehman Talented Azfar Rehman actor and model who played roles in number of famous Pakistani dramas, got married this year in January with beautiful Fiya Sheikh. Sidra Batool Model and actress Sidra Batool also got married this year and she looked stunning on her wedding day. Yasra Rizvi Yasra Rizvi, a very powerful performer in Pakistani dramas tied the knot with showbiz professional Abdul Hadi. Yasra’s husband is many years younger than her due to which she faced criticism. But the couple seems happy together. Faraz Farooqi & Hammad Farooqi Tv Actor Faizan Shaikh & Maham Aamir Tv Actor, Actress Ayaz Samoo Tv Actor Thanks For Watching Don't Forget To Like, Comment & Subscribe: ) Click Here For More Videos.

Actor Faraz Farooqui wedding pictures. Faizan shaikh & Maham Amir complete wedding ceremony Music by Ncs Diviners - Savannah (feat. Philly K) [NCS Release] Diviners • • • • Philly K (vocalist) •. The identical twins got married in a double wedding ceremony weddingIdentical twin brothers marry identical twin sisters in amazing joint wedding ceremony that has guests seeing double Guests were left scratching their heads wondering if they had one too many glasses of champagne in this amazing double wedding in China. That's because they really were seeing double when identical 26-year-old twins Zheng Dashuang and Zheng Xiaoshuang walked their identical brides - 23-year-old twins Liang Jing and Liang Qing - down the aisle together. Making matters more confusing, the couples even decided to wear matching outfits too. The men opted for swish black suits, with white shirts, red bow ties and black baseball caps, while the brides chose identical white off the shoulder lace gowns. They even made sure their hair was styled the same and wore red lipstick to match the grooms' ties. It means while each couple's children would technically be considered first cousins, their DNA would be so similar as if they were genetic siblings. It would make it nearly impossible to tell who their biological parents are based on their DNA alone. Lets just hope the newlyweds did not get mixed up on their honeymoon! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for more thank you all LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for more THANK YOU ALL -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "North Korea accidentally 'reveals footage of country's first ever atomic bomb" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-.

hammad farooqi is an extremely talented actor of pakistan. hammad farooqi is twins of faraz farooqi. hammad farooqi is an extremely youthful. hammad farooqi done many dramas at hum tv and ARY digital Thank you for watching my video Please Like comment Share Subcribe my channel. My Channel link (Biography Stardum) Google plus.

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