Rashid Farooqui Family with Wife Shahnaz Rashid & Daughter | Celebrities Family

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Beschreibung: Watch Pakistani Drama Actor Rashid Farooqui Family detail with Wife Shahnaz Rashid & Daughter in this video.
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Ahsan Khan Pictures with His Wife 2017 احسن خان کی بیوی اور فیملی کی تصاویردیکھیں Latest Updates watch Ahsan Khan with his wife and family and Subscribe our channel for more videos. Thanks For Watching. Twitter: Facebook: Google+. Khaani Drama Cast Real Names with respective character names. Khans are often tagged as brave and headstrong community in our society. But our central character Sanam Khan is a pragmatic girl; even her younger sisters consider her as a coward person and tease her with the title “Khaani”. Her one and only brother Sarim is soon to be graduated and has to share the burden of house members. On the other hand, Mir Hadi, a rich brat, short-tempered fellow and belongs to an influential family. He somehow gets the clash with Khaani’s family after an incident. When influential offender Mir Hadi approaches Khaani’s family to settle the issue but surprisingly pigeon-hearted Khaani shows immense resistance. Mir Hadi gives them death threats, terrified them and his intimidating behavior pushes Khaani to stand like an iron wall in front of him. Khaani’s chivalry and bravery melts Mir Hadi’s heart and he falls in love with her. Will Khaani seek revenge or love? Subscribe Shiza Tv For More Videos. Thanks For Watching Written by: Asma Nabeel Directed by: Anjum Shehzad Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi Production house: 7th Sky Entertainment Cast with respective character names: Sana Javed as Khaani Feroze Khan as Mir Hadi Qavi Khan as Hamid Malik Mehmood Aslam as Mir Shah Saman Ansari as Sitara Salma Hassan as Sonia Seemi Pasha as Iffet Rashid Farooqui as Salman Mohammad Ali as Saarim Shehzad Mukhtar as Mithal Khushi Naeem as Raima.

Fazila Qazi Real Life Pictures. Top 10 Pakistani New Actresses in Drama Industry N0. 1(Hania Aamir) She is definitely at top of my list. This 20 years old young, beautiful and vibrant lady started her journey from big screen and then made a transition to television industry. The body language and profound dialogue delivery of this Isloo girl glue the audience to screen in drama serial TITLI. Her moves and her style in sunsilk commercial are classy. Looking forward to her Parwaaz hai junoon and Phir Wohi Mohabbat. N0. 2(Hina Altaf) Kuch Na Kaho’s Rania started her career as a VJ on play tv. She does not only have a cute face but one which is very expressive as well. She is doing tremendous job in Dil e Janam. She has very appealing on screen appearance in Kuch Na Kaho. N0. 3(Maiyam Nafees) From making her first screen appearance as ‘ Zarminay’ of Diyar-e-dil to ‘ Tabinda’ of Kuch na Kaho, this fine young actress. She has sleek black hair and tons of talent to offer. Her spontaneous dialogue delivery in’ Munkir’ deserves appreciation. N0. 4(Kinza Hashmi) Kinza Hashmi is another gorgeous face of industry. She has shown her diversity through different roles she has played in recent dramas; ‘Banki’ of Mor Mahal, sports girl in Moray Saiyaan, romantic and emotional girl in Sangsar. She is sure to go places. N0. 5(Aiman Khan) Aiman made a big name for herself in a short span of time. She came into lime light from her supporting role in serial ‘Muhabbat Bhaar Mai Jaye’. In ‘Bay Qasoor’ she played a negative role with Sajjid Hassan but she acted brilliantly. Her acting is flawless in her recently on air project ‘Zindaan’. Top 10 Pakistani New Actresses in Drama Industry N0. 6(Minal Khan) Twin sister of Aiman Khan, she needs no introduction. This gifted actress made her appearance in many hit serials Adhoori aurat, Gila kiss say karain and Qudoosi Sahib Ki Bewa. N0. 7(Hira Salman) Hira was a popular television host before she stepped into the world of dramas isn’t a new name in the industry. She has high rated projects to her credit Preet N Kariyo Koi, Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain, Janam Jali. As ‘Khushi’ of Sunn Yara, she is simply stunning. N0. 8(Shameen Khan) This young and innocent actress from NAPA first did the theater and then started her TV career from Gohar-e-Nayab. Nurturing her career through Zindagi Tum Ho, Bahu Raniyaan, Tum Kon Piya and there was no looking back for her. N0. 9(Iqra Aziz) Iqra Aziz as ‘Armeena’ of Choti Si Zindagi has beautiful eyes full of expressions which add much to her character. She won best debut award at Hum Awards 2016. Her cunning role as Shafaq of ‘Naatak’ show her versatility and flexibility as an actress. N0. 10(Kompal Iqbal) Kompal Iqbal, sister of renowned actress Sumbal Iqbal, is currently working in Urdu1 serial Sheharnaz. Bold and confident attitude of this young debutante is going to take her a long way. Subscribe Me Hello, This is Top 10 Here. Photos all are taken form Google Image search and using advance image search option. Music are taken from you-tube library. All Videos making only for Informational Purpose, try to accurate information, but No Guarantee Accuracy. Thanks. Top 10 Pakistani New Actresses in Drama Industry.

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