The Most Stunning Weight-Loss Transformations Hollywood Has Seen

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For women in Hollywood, weight is a hot topic. But even if they're loving on their curves, it can be frustrating when weight impacts quality of life. For a variety of reasons, plus-sized celebs have made big transformations. From Shonda Rhimes to Oprah Winfrey, these stars put in real work to drop those extra pounds!

Shonda Rhimes | 0:18
Melissa McCarthy | 1:03
Kirstie Alley | 1:52
Wendy Williams | 2:38
Lena Dunham | 3:08
Rosie O'Donnell | 3:58
Jennifer Hudson | 4:34
Gabourey Sidibe | 5:12
Ricki Lake | 5:46
Oprah | 6:23

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Stunning Transformations

The Stunning Transformation Of Michelle Obama

The Stunning Transformation Of Melania Trump

The Stunning Transformation Of Kate Middleton

The Stunning Transformation Of Kelly Osbourne

The Stunning Transformation Of Chelsea Clinton

The Stunning Transformation Of Megyn Kelly

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