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Beschreibung: JoJo's Sizzle Reel!!! See fun clips of interviews, dancing, and much more !!!! love you guys !! Thanks to watching

SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAIN CHANNEL- Thank you for watching this video! Follow me everywhere @itsjojosiwa see you soon! Hi BBoys & BGirls! Thanks for watching the brand new cover of one of MattyB's all time favorites #TrueColors! This has been one of the special projects that MattyB has had the privilege to work on so far and he hopes you enjoy it as much as he enjoyed creating it. We live in a world where differences are all around us. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in these differences, especially when we see them in the people that surround us everyday. MattyB believes that everyone deserves the same thing: love. It's not always popular to love someone and embrace their differences, especially when others make fun of them. But being a leader means standing up for what you believe in and choosing to do the right thing. even when it's not always popular. MattyB loves YOU and hopes you will help him spread this message to your friends and family online. If you like this video and want to help spread the word, you can LIKE, FAVORITE, COMMENT and SHARE this video on Facebook & Twitter. The official hashtag is #TrueColors Special Thanks to Olivia Kay for helping out with this project! Follow her music online at: Keep following your dreams! OFFICIAL MATTYB LINKS MattyB Gear Store Main Channel Vlog Channel Twitter Facebook Lyrics You with sad the sad eyes Don’t be discouraged, oh I realize It’s hard to take courage In a world full of people You can lose sight of it all All the dreams inside you But you feel so small I can name a couple things that should never change Like the feeling of happiness that you get when you’re with friends on a summer day The simple things: how we work, how we play How we all should treat each other the same You know acceptance isn’t easy though; it challenges us all in some way Weather its color, age, gender or race We get uncomfortable when someone else is different And they enter our space and it pressures us to be open to change But take a moment, flip the script and try to picture this with roles rearranged Because you’re different you experience hate Mistreated not because of actions that you’ve taken or a terrible mistake But hated on because of your DNA I see your true colors shining through I see your true colors and that’s why I love you So don’t be afraid to let them show Your true colors, your true colors It’s crazy all the types people we can characterize We laugh when friends tell us a story and they start to describe In funny ways a group of people through a stereotype But when it’s pointed back at you, hold up, that isn’t true You see it’s never doing harm until it feels unfair And then we speak up but wonder why no one else cares I think the truth is that we all just want a place to fit in It’s hard enough to find friends, much less for some other kid But if we’re honest inside And really wanna do right Judging others for something they have no control over might Be comical at times, but that’d make me less of a man The bigger thing I think is standing as a leader instead I see your true colors shining through I see your true colors and that’s why I love you So don’t be afraid to let them show Your true colors, your true colors I keep believing for the day we put our difference aside And let a person be themselves before we cover our eyes Imagine life without the boundaries we create with our pride And opportunities we lose because we judge from inside I’m just a kid but now I’m trying hard to rationalize How somebody can spot a splinter with a log in their eye There’s a legacy that we’re leaving and it’s greater than us Cause the truth is that we’re all equal and the answer is love I see your true colors shining through I see your true colors and that’s why I love you So don’t be afraid to let them show Your true colors, your true colors Are beautiful like a rainbow There's always room for change.

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