Top Ten Richest People in Pakistan

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Beschreibung: The new list of top ten richest people of Pakistan is updated on 19th of august 2016. Shahid khan is the richest person of the Pakistan.
Pakistan k new 10 ameer tareen logo ki list dekhne k liye please video ko dekhien.
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Time Passing By by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (Artist. Aj hum aap k liye jo video le kar aye hain us mai hum apko btayen gay k kaise Malik Riaz ne apni poti ki shadi pe croron aur arbon rupay kharch kar diye. Itni Shahana shadi shayad he ap ne kabhi dekhi hogi. helicopter aur jahaz par barat ayi aur itna paisa lutaya gaya k had he kar di gayi. Sb janain is video main. Mazeed achi achi videos ke liye hamara channel, The Urdu Teacher, zarur subscribe karain. Subscribe Us Now: Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us On Twitter. sikh sardar exposed the passport department corruption india - sikh always brave ֎I am using this tool to viral videos ❤ ֎Click link for New video ❤ ֎Click link for channel subscribe ❤ ֎Click link for watch all my videos. ❤ ֎Click link for link for my playlist ❤ ֎Click link for link for my playlist ❤ ֎Click link for most watched video. ❤ ֎Click link for facebook page ❤ Thanks for watching Pak Tv24 news and entertainment channel. Send us video and get famous.

Qayamat Ki Nishanian Waqt k sath sath zahoor pazeer hoto rehti hain aur kaha jaa rha hai k is saal 2017 k end mai bhi aik qayamay ki nishani k zahoor pazeer hone k kafi chances hain. To wo kon c aesi qayamat ki nishani hai jo aap is saal dekh sakain gay sab janain is video main. Mazeed achi achi videos ke liye hamara channel, The Urdu Teacher, zarur subscribe karain. Subscribe Us Now: Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us On Twitter. here are some old pictures of pakistan politions, you can see in this video: 1. An old picture of Imran Khan giving autograph to Reham Khan, decades ago 2. A rare photo of Nawaz Sharif with Maryam Nawaz 3. Altaf Hussain travelling in a Karachi University Point 4. A childhood photo of Altaf Hussain 5. ZA Bhutto with young Benazir 6. A 1970s photo of Imran Khan 7. MQM leader holding a large rally in Karachi in 1987 8. Young and pretty Benazir Bhutto 9. Pervaiz Musharraf with his wife 10. An old photo of Benazir Bhutto 11. Hard to guess but this is Yousuf Raza Gillani 12. Rare photo of Altaf Hussain at his marriage 13. Future President Barack Obama with a Pakistani Friend in Pakistan in the 80s 14. Murtaza Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and Sanam Bhutto 15. Childhood photo of Imran Khan with his mother and sisters 16. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto with Nawab Akbar Bugti 17. General Zia ul Haq giving briefing to Bhutto in Murree in late 1960s 18. Imran Khan in Sharjah ion 80s after winning first major trophy 19. Nawaz Sharif posing with a car in 1960s 20. Wedding picture of Benazir and Asif Ali Zardari.

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