Seth Abid ki Zindagi ki Kahani Original 2017

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Biography of Seth Abid
Seth Abid ki Zindagi ki Kahani
History of a Pakistani Smuggler
Biography of Seth Abid | Seth Abid ki Zindagi ki Kahani | History of a Pakistani Smuggler
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Very rare footage of Pakistan Movement. We all need to know and appreciate the sacrifices of our fore-fathers. many of whom knew that their area could not become part of the new state! still they believe in working hard for greater mission. Aik Badshah Shehar ki ladkion ki izat barbaad karta tha or har roz woh aik nai ladki kay sath zina karta, Aik din Badshah ne aik bodhi aurat (Old age Women) ki beti kay sath zinah kar ka Irada kiya to woh bodhi aurat Hazrat Sheikh Abu Saeed Qasab RA ki khidmat main hazir hue k mere madad karain, to sheikh sahib RA ne us aurat ko Hazrat Khizar RA kay pass bhej diya or phir hazrat Sheikh Abu Saeed Qasaab RA ne us badshah kayliye badua kar di, phir, Watch video and listen all waqia in Urdu Hindi JAZAK ALLAH Thanks for Watching ▶▶ Subscribe Us here ☑ ▶▶ Like Our Facebook Page ☑ Aik Bodhi Aurat aur Aik Zinahkaar Badshah ki kahani [Emotional Story]. Aamir Liaquat Full Biography - House - Car - Family - Life Style - Career - Early Life - Education Full Biography: Aamir carries a long list of admirers and criticizers. 45 years old Aamir Liaqat did his early schooling in his native City Karachi where he was born. He was lucky to be born in such a renowned family. His parents were a known public figure. Well, it would not be unfair to say that he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. A lot of people who criticize him and believe that he has earned fame, money through Television may not know that he is son is Sheikh Liaqat Hussain and Ghousia Mehmooda Sultana. Who would not be familiar with these names. If you’re not, then this article would help you know his family and parents, achievements. Aamir Liaqat studies MBBS from Liaqat Medical College. Well, whatever we don’t like about him, we have to admit that he is a man of various qualities. He then joined GEO TV as a newscaster and he had his first ever show as a host on GEO, the show became very much popular known as “Aalim Online”, this show began almost 13 years back, and this show was to aware people about Islam and Islamic Teachings. With the fact that people are forgetting Islam and our true Islamic Agendas with the world changing so fast with emerging science and technology have overcome our lives. Aalim Online serves the purpose that it helped people to know more about Islam and they could ask questions that cleared Islamic Beliefs. Well, this is one of those shows that started many years ago and still functioning for the welfare of Muslims in fact everyone. Famous religious scholars are invited on the show and asked questions about anything one wants to talk about. Scholars from different sects are invited so if any query requires answers for different beliefs. It’s a live transmission where anyone can easily call on the show to get their queries answered. He worked for more than eight remarkable years with GEO TV Network. Aamir Liaqat Hussain is son of Shiekh Liaqat who was also a remarkable name, who had joined MQM in 1994 and later he won a seat in 1997, he was a known political figure. Aamir’s mother Ghousia Mehmooda Sultana was a supporter and activist of Freedom Movement as well as she had the privilege of being the first female columnist of the country. But Aamir came up on his own merit and proved himself without using name of his parents. His wife name is Bushra Aamir and he has two kids, daughter name is Dua Aamir and son’s name is Ahmed Aamir. He loves his wife and family so much and his kids are pampered and the daughter is seen often in his shows. Neelam Muneer invited Dr. Aamir Liaqat Hussain in her show “INSIDE OUT WITH NEELAM MUNEER” aired on Play Entertainment. Neelam Muneer expreses to Aamir Liaqat, that she could not sleep whole night because she was too nervous that she would be interviewing a big name like him. He replies in a jolly way that, you should definitely have not slept whole night because you were thinking about me. In a question about entertainment hosts in Pakistan, Aamir Liaqat says that a host is a person who prepares himself and then comes on stage whereas everyone now-a-days comes on stage and then thinks what to talk about, but there was one man Moin Akhtar who was the best Entertainment host, no one can compete that caliber and he will always remain in our hearts. keywords: aamir laiquat family, aamir liaquat wife, aamir laiquat with daughter, aamir liaquat with family, dua aamir, amir liaquat family facebook, bushra liaquat, aisay chalay ga with aamir liaquat, amir liaquat daugther and son, aamir liaquat in burma, aamir liaquat family background, aamir liaquat biography, Like Video Share Video Subscribe Channel Music-Youtube Audio Library Video- Camtasia Pictures Filter- Nabeel Khan Editing- Nabeel Khan Disclaimer: We do not own any of these products. 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