Amazing 20ft Shipping Container Home - The Pod-Tainer

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Beschreibung: Made from a 20ft Shipping Container, this tiny home is packed with brilliant design features. Special pods have been attached to the sides of the container to increase the available living space. If you're thinking of building a container home, this is one you've got to see! Read more:
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This 40ft Shipping Container home is packed with clever space-saving features. It's solar powered, collects rain-water and can even sleep up to 7 people! Read More: Help me create more videos: Follow me on Facebook at Follow me on Twitter: @TinyHouseNZ Follow me on Instagram: @livingbiginatinyhouse Please subscribe for more videos on Tiny Houses, design, and sustainable, off-grid living. 'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2015 Zyia Pictures Ltd. BRAIN TIME ► 1. House Prefab 2. Trivol Barrack 3. YULI YLFH005 4. Expandable Container dbv-research. ro 5. Berg E2S2 6. Trivol Cottage dbv-research. ro 7. Foldable Home 8. Mobile Container dbv-research. ro 9. MoneyBox ECH105 moneyboxhouse. The stunning Zen Tiny Home in Byron Bay, Australia has it all. It's spacious and beautifully designed with influence borrowed from both Japanese and Scandinavian architecture to form a wonderfully functional house on wheels. Become a Living Big Patron: Best of all, the tiny house has been designed to be ultra liveable, taking the needs of it's dynamic occupants into consideration. It's filled with clever storage solutions and has been beautifully finished to create a home which feels wonderful to be inside. Read More: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @TinyHouseNZ Follow us on Instagram: @livingbiginatinyhouse Please subscribe for more videos on tiny houses, DIY, design, and sustainable, off-grid living. Music in this video: 'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2017 Zyia Pictures Ltd.

Wohnen - so scheint es - ist in unserem Land keine Selbstverständlichkeit mehr. Vor allem in den Großstädten ist die Suche nach einer bezahlbaren Unterkunft ungefähr so erfolgversprechend wie Lotto spielen. Die meisten Angebote sind Nieten und nur die Wenigsten können es sich leisten, für 50 Quadratmeter 1000 Euro zu bezahlen. Also was tun? Noch mehr Geld ausgeben? Wäre blöd. Weniger Quadratmeter? Vielleicht nicht ganz so blöd. When the young group of Vivood architects discovered an abandoned animal preserve perched on a hillside in the stunning Guadalest Valley (Alicante, Spain) they knew they’d found a home for their landscape hotel. With only a year to be up and running (and an angel investor waiting), they began constructing the rooms in a factory in Valencia while simultaneously prepping the land. The design was based on a prefab concept for emergency shelters developed by Vivood founder Daniel Mayo. For the hotel, the design has morphed into wood and glass boxes on stilts that perch lightly on the land and allowing the group to use land without “developing” it. Today, the 25 suites of the Vivood Landscape Hotel rest only on a foundation of nine minimal piles that can be easily removed so the resulting resort doesn’t affect runoff or impact the land. Vivood.

Imagine living or working inside a shipping container…. FREEZE LISTS ESPAÑOL FREEZE LISTS DEUTSCH FREEZE LISTS ENGLISH LINKS URBAN RIGGER SHIPPING CONTAINER POOLS MODPOOLS CARROL HOUSE INDIAN RESEARCH BASE MILL JUNCTION citiqproperty CONTAINER CITY CONTAINER STACK PAVILION JOSHUA TREE RESIDENCE - ATTRIBUTIONS Copyright Free Images From Pixabay. Real estate broker Jeff White dreamed of transforming used shipping containers into affordable housing. Laughed at by the first architects he approached, he began to work on his concept using a 40-foot-long, 9-foot-6-inches-tall and 8-foot-wide container in the driveway of his Salt Lake City (Utah) home. Being "busted" by a city inspector became the needed publicity for his project and soon after the Salt Lake's mayor was behind him and helped to ease the permits and inspections process. After two years of transformation (including plans, groundwork and permits), what began as two forty-foot high cube containers is now a light and airy 672-square-foot house. It's not dirt cheap- the Sarah House (named for a San Francisco homeless woman whose makeshift home inspired White) is currently on the market for $135, 000 (and only to low-income buyers)-, but that price includes a lot of hidden costs. "I spent 40 thousand dollars for the lot and then the infrastructure underneath it, getting the sewer, water lines, probably an additional 25 thousand dollars. So you can see where I'm at, the house is still coming in at 55 to 60 thousand dollars. " White thinks with time and economies of scale, he can bring the costs down. Sarah House: Filmed by Johnny Sanphillippo - more of his stories about urbanism, adaptation & resilience: Original story.

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