10 Smallest Countries In The World

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Beschreibung: Smallest countries in the world! These minuscule nations cover tiny islands and some are smaller than cities.

*CORRECTION: On #7 we say Liechtenstein is between Austria and Sweden. It's actually between Austria and Switzerland.

Check out our list of 10 of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. If you liked this video and wanna see more like it, subscribe to our channel! New videos added weekly! Music used: Fire Within by Jens Kiilstofte Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4. 0 International ( Music used: Ecstatic Wave by Jens Kiilstofte Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4. 0 International (. This is the updated list of the World's biggest mall. Wondering why the mall you expect is not in the list, just check and watch the details. For those who can't accept the list, the comment box below is available for you. So check this worlds biggest gross leasable area shopping center. More Shopping Mall Details: Centalworld - Nuntawat Luangaroon One Utama = PruBSNOfficial. Millions of houses exist in the world, yet only a small fraction of those are anything special. And whilst it's easy to simply throw money at a property, you'll be surprised to see that the most expensive places aren't always the most amazing and awe-inspiring. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated and vote on new videos by liking our facebook! ► ◄ Get in touch or join the team: All links, Credits and Sources used in this video are contained below. SPOILER ALERT! Watch the video for a more informative and entertaining experience, though there is a list of the 10 below for your convenience: ➢20. Glass House This place was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects to let in a whole new level of natural light. Located on a populated street in Tokyo, Japan, the only thing this house is missing is some privacy. Credit: ➢19. The Heliodome The house is designed as a giant three-dimensional sundial, set on a fixed angle in relationship to the sun's movements. Credit: ➢18. Giant Seashell House Looking like some sort of seashell, it’s a real house built for a young family with two children who were tired living in a conventional home and wanted to change to one integrated to nature. Credit: ➢17. Caterpiller House The use of shipping containers in residential builds is quite popular nowadays, and this one has to be one of the coolest. Credit: & ➢16. House On The Rock This unusual build is perched atop a rock sitting squarely in the middle of the Drina river in Serbia. Credit: ➢15. Stone House Looking like a big boulder, you'd be surprised to know that this place actually has a door, a chimney and a window. Credit: ➢14. The Glass Pavilion Dubbed “the most minimalist house ever designed”, this house is built in California, precisely, in Montecito. Credit: & ➢13. Modern Razor Residence This four bedroom, six bathroom contemporary building has 10, 000 square-foot of space and was sold in May of 2008 for a mere $39 million. Credit: ➢12. The Hobbit House Built with maximum regard for the environment and with a cost of only around 5000 dollars, this 'hobbit house' from Wales took only 4 months to build. Credit: ➢11. The Roundabout House Like a Robo-Hobbit house it is located in the Czech republic and has been constructed by a 73-year -old builder since 1981. Credit: & ➢10. The Jellyfish house This three-story abode is made almost completely of concrete and features an unbelievably awesome rooftop swimming pool with a see through foundation. Credit: ➢9. Keret House This is the narrowest house in the world, but what it lacks in width, it makes up for it uniqueness. Credit: ➢8. Antilla This is the most expensive private residential house in the world, valued at upwards of 1 billion dollars. Credit: ➢7. Skysphere Tiny House This futuristic tower of steel and glass overlooks the rolling hills of New Zealand and was created by Jono Williams. Credit: ➢6. Walstrom House This has got to be one of the most amazing wooden styled houses in the world. Credit: ➢5. The Mirror Cube The Mirrorcube is a 4meter wide square hide-out among the trees, camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings, making it almost look invisible from the outside. Credit: & ➢4. The Pole House Located in Fairhaven, Australia and suspended 131 feet above the beach is this dazzling house. Credit: & ➢3. Flintstones House Unlike most multi-million dollar pads, the interior of this place has irregularly shaped rugged lines to mimic the texture of rocks. Credit: ➢2. Casa Kimball Situated on a three acres of pristine property, this house lies on a cliff meaning that each of its full eight suites has an incredible panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. Credit: ➢1. Waterfall Home Built on a waterfall, this house in Pennsylvania was designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who is one of the most famous architects ever. Credit: Music Credit: Cipher by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3. 0 License.

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