LIES About Dinosaurs You PROBABLY Still Believe!

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Beschreibung: Check out these lies about dinosaurs you probably still believe! From the largest and most dangerous dinosaurs like tyrannosaurus rex and brontosaurus to smaller ones like velociraptors, here are the top 10 myths about dinos debunked!

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10. All Dinosaurs Were Huge!
Probably because of Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, and other pop-culture representations of dinosaurs, we tend to only imagine dinosaurs as being huge animals. Of course this is partially true, because there were dinosaurs which were extremely big. One of the most famous examples is definitely the Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the biggest carnivores of all time, with a weight of over five tons and a length of 12 meters. And the interesting thing is that the T-Rex wasn’t the biggest dinosaur of them all. The Argentinosaurus was probably 30 meters long, and weighed around 80 tons! These were some massive animals.
But on the other hand, there were numerous species of really small dinosaurs. The Protoceratops wasn’t much bigger than your average sheep, and the Velociraptor was even smaller – the size of a German Shepard. What you see in the movie Jurassic Park is not its original size, by the way! It’s hard to say exactly what the smallest dinosaur was, but one of the most famous was the Compsognathus, which means "pretty jaw". It was just a little bit larger than a chicken and weighed about 2.5 kg (about 6.5 lb). Evolutionary biologists argue that some dinosaurs like theropods, never became extinct and instead evolved into our modern day birds. So with that reasoning, the smallest theropod dinosaur to have ever lived would be the hummingbird!

9. Dinosaurs Only Lived in Warm Climates
When the dinosaur craze came in the late 19th century, the image of these prehistoric animals was so vivid that sketch artists and writers immediately associated them with exotic locations, such as rainforests. But this is just one side of the coin.
Real dinosaurs didn’t only live in jungles and swampy grounds. Many of them did, but many of them also inhabited places with harsh climates. Believe it or not, there were even dinosaurs that lived in the snow! But we usually don’t see any images of them in the snow at all! Sites from the late Cretaceous period show us that many dinosaur species lived in the arctic. In a remote part of Alaska, scientists found the remains of a dinosaur they named- ok, I am going to try to say this- Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis. I bet they had fun naming that one!! In those days, the climate of Alaska was much warmer, but there were many cold month with low temperatures. Also, you have the famous Yutyrannus – a dinosaur species related to the T-Rex. This dinosaur had long feathers and lived in areas where the average temperature was about 10 degrees Celsius, and the low temperature reaching the freezing point. So, contrary to popular belief, many dinosaurs might have been quite chilly!

8. All Dinosaur Species Had Scales
When people first discovered dinosaurs, they immediately linked them to crocodiles, lizards, and other reptiles. Because of this, it was generally thought that dinosaurs as an animal species had scales.
Mind you, this is true to some degree. Dinosaurs such as sauropods, and many types of horned and armored dinosaurs – definitely had scales, but this cannot go for all dinosaur species. Nevertheless, for centuries – it was believed that all dinosaurs had scales, and this belief lasted until the 1970s. It was then that scientists presumed that some dinosaurs could have had feathers, instead of scales. Scientists have found a link between birds and dinosaurs, leading them to assume that, if birds are indeed descendants of some dinosaur species – dinosaurs could have of course, had feathers. All of this was just a matter of speculation – until 1997, when the Sinosauropteryx (sino-sor-op-terix) was discovered. This was a small type of carnivorous dinosaur, but apparently – it didn’t have scales at all. In fact, the Sinosauropteryx was covered in a bunch of feathers. Since the discovery of this dinosaur, there have been many other discoveries of “feathery” dinosaurs, such as heterodontosaurus. But another interesting discovery showed us that, quite possibly, even the family of Tyrannosauridae was covered in feathers. Which means that our dear friend T-Rex might have had feathers - not scales. That would still be awesome!!

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Watch our "TOP Money Counterfeiters In History! " video here: Watch our "Shocking and TERRIFYING Natural Disasters! " video here: Watch our "Places Google Earth Is HIDING From You! " video here: List of Mythical Creatures that actually existed: 6. Griffins Scythians were nomads and warriors, and some of The first people to master war on horseback. Over 1, 000 years ago they were searching for gold in the vast Gobi Desert of central Asia. In the heat of the desert while mining for gold, the miners not only battled the blazing sun but also the mighty griffin: A fierce mythical creature that was half-eagle, half lion that guarded fantastic treasures of gold. Greeks wrote down the stories of travelers who reported having heard of these great battles between the Scythians and Griffins and Brought back evidence of these large beaks and bones that proved that this had to be true. Millions of years before humans arrived in the Gobi, some parts of the desert were home to strange animals that Seemed to combine body parts of eagles and lions. But these animals weren't griffins-they were dinosaurs. Certain areas in the Gobi are littered with dinosaur bones, including those of The four-legged, beaked Protoceratops. For thousands of years, Protoceratops fossils, like the one pictured here, could regularly be seen eroding out of hillsides. Ancient gold miners working in the desert may have seen these fossils-and Tried to come up with a rational explanation of what that animal must have looked like. Probably pretty terrifying! 5. Cyclops There’s An enormous amount of stories with cyclopes littered throughout mythology. I also just learned the plural form of cyclops was cyclopes. From getting their eyes jabbed by Odysseus to Hercules uppercutting them to the moon, to the new God of War games, where Kratos tears out their eyes by the dozen. The point is, cyclopes are everywhere, and the ancient Greeks are to blame. But ancient Greeks were Unfamiliar with the idea of massive animals that no longer existed, and many believed that the enormous bones they found were the remains of human-like giants. Any nonhuman traits in the bones were Thought to be due to the grotesque anatomical features of giants. Those skulls that spawned the very myth of the one-eyed giants weren’t cyclopes skulls at all. They belonged to an Ancient elephant-like species known as Deinotherium giganteum, and it looked like this. If you see this skull, what are you supposed to think? If that's what the skull looks like, what if you come across a live one? The “eye socket” in its skull is really where it's trunk was, and it’s hard to imagine something so simple being the reason that myths about the cyclopes first started. The ancient Greeks took the idea of these skulls and ran with it, Telling stories of giants, describing them as flesh-and-blood creatures who lived and passed, and whose bones could be found coming out of the ground where they were buried long ago. Even today Large and surprisingly human-like bones can be found in Greece. Modern scientists understand these bones to be the remains of mammoths, mastodons, and woolly rhinoceros that once lived in the region. The long bones of elephant relatives and humans are Similar enough to be confused. Geological events tend to destroy the skulls of prehistoric elephants, leaving only enormous, human-like long bones, ribs, and vertebrae. Ancient stories often Reported finding the remains of giants hundreds of feet tall-much bigger than an elephant or any other animal. These reports may represent attempts to reconstruct the bones of several animals found jumbled together as a single giant. The people of Tingis (modern-day Tangier, Morocco) once Boasted that their city's founder was a giant named Antaeus who was buried in a mound south of town. To test the claim, Roman soldiers dug into the mound in 81 BC. Much to their surprise, an enormous skeleton surfaced- which they then reburied with great honors. Modern scientists confirmed that it was an ancient elephant fossil. 4. Unicorns These majestic creatures Symbolize all that is pure and good in the world and possess magical power. While no unicorn remains have been found, in 1663 a German archaeologist decided to Create a unicorn skeleton using mammoth and rhinoceros bones. His work, which he claimed was a true unicorn skeleton, was eventually discovered to be false but stories of unicorn sightings persist to this day. Unicorns have been seen in Scotland, and A unicorn lair has been reportedly found in North Korea. While most admit unicorns to be a creature of pure fiction, some continue to insist that they do or did exist.

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