LIES About Dinosaurs You PROBABLY Still Believe!

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Beschreibung: Check out these lies about dinosaurs you probably still believe! From the largest and most dangerous dinosaurs like tyrannosaurus rex and brontosaurus to smaller ones like velociraptors, here are the top 10 myths about dinos debunked!

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10. All Dinosaurs Were Huge!
Probably because of Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, and other pop-culture representations of dinosaurs, we tend to only imagine dinosaurs as being huge animals. Of course this is partially true, because there were dinosaurs which were extremely big. One of the most famous examples is definitely the Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the biggest carnivores of all time, with a weight of over five tons and a length of 12 meters. And the interesting thing is that the T-Rex wasn’t the biggest dinosaur of them all. The Argentinosaurus was probably 30 meters long, and weighed around 80 tons! These were some massive animals.
But on the other hand, there were numerous species of really small dinosaurs. The Protoceratops wasn’t much bigger than your average sheep, and the Velociraptor was even smaller – the size of a German Shepard. What you see in the movie Jurassic Park is not its original size, by the way! It’s hard to say exactly what the smallest dinosaur was, but one of the most famous was the Compsognathus, which means "pretty jaw". It was just a little bit larger than a chicken and weighed about 2.5 kg (about 6.5 lb). Evolutionary biologists argue that some dinosaurs like theropods, never became extinct and instead evolved into our modern day birds. So with that reasoning, the smallest theropod dinosaur to have ever lived would be the hummingbird!

9. Dinosaurs Only Lived in Warm Climates
When the dinosaur craze came in the late 19th century, the image of these prehistoric animals was so vivid that sketch artists and writers immediately associated them with exotic locations, such as rainforests. But this is just one side of the coin.
Real dinosaurs didn’t only live in jungles and swampy grounds. Many of them did, but many of them also inhabited places with harsh climates. Believe it or not, there were even dinosaurs that lived in the snow! But we usually don’t see any images of them in the snow at all! Sites from the late Cretaceous period show us that many dinosaur species lived in the arctic. In a remote part of Alaska, scientists found the remains of a dinosaur they named- ok, I am going to try to say this- Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis. I bet they had fun naming that one!! In those days, the climate of Alaska was much warmer, but there were many cold month with low temperatures. Also, you have the famous Yutyrannus – a dinosaur species related to the T-Rex. This dinosaur had long feathers and lived in areas where the average temperature was about 10 degrees Celsius, and the low temperature reaching the freezing point. So, contrary to popular belief, many dinosaurs might have been quite chilly!

8. All Dinosaur Species Had Scales
When people first discovered dinosaurs, they immediately linked them to crocodiles, lizards, and other reptiles. Because of this, it was generally thought that dinosaurs as an animal species had scales.
Mind you, this is true to some degree. Dinosaurs such as sauropods, and many types of horned and armored dinosaurs – definitely had scales, but this cannot go for all dinosaur species. Nevertheless, for centuries – it was believed that all dinosaurs had scales, and this belief lasted until the 1970s. It was then that scientists presumed that some dinosaurs could have had feathers, instead of scales. Scientists have found a link between birds and dinosaurs, leading them to assume that, if birds are indeed descendants of some dinosaur species – dinosaurs could have of course, had feathers. All of this was just a matter of speculation – until 1997, when the Sinosauropteryx (sino-sor-op-terix) was discovered. This was a small type of carnivorous dinosaur, but apparently – it didn’t have scales at all. In fact, the Sinosauropteryx was covered in a bunch of feathers. Since the discovery of this dinosaur, there have been many other discoveries of “feathery” dinosaurs, such as heterodontosaurus. But another interesting discovery showed us that, quite possibly, even the family of Tyrannosauridae was covered in feathers. Which means that our dear friend T-Rex might have had feathers - not scales. That would still be awesome!!

Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

In prehistoric times, there were many animals that used to live on Earth, and if they would exist today, they would suppose a true fantasy for many and would surpass by far the fiction. All that prehistoric fauna, today is worthy of any book, movie or science fiction story, where the large dimensions of many species make it incredible to relive them today in an artistic way. However, the prehistoric fauna goes far beyond what is commonly known, and many of these species managed to survive beyond the Jurassic era and that is exactly what we will talk about today, because here we bring you, the 5 prehistoric animals that still exist today. My Facebook. Music: Creative Commons Attribution (. T. rex and Triceratops are among the best-studied dinosaurs of all time. How much more can we learn? Surprisingly, more than we ever thought. More videos: Famed paleontologist Jack Horner and his colleagues are challenging the long held belief that young dinosaurs looked like miniature versions of their parents. Instead they may have looked so different that scientists assumed juveniles and adults were separate species. Even a young T. rex it would be hard to recognize. The transformations from childhood to adulthood were so dramatic that Horner suspects that up to a third of all dinosaur species may vanish in cases of mistaken identity. In their place were developing a new understanding of the complexity of dinosaur lives and learning new reasons for some of the dinosaurs' strangest features like horns lumps, bumps, and dome-heads.

THE TRUTH REVEALED! For many centuries, we have been taught and spoon-fed the lies that animals and humans have "evolved, " that dinosaurs are millions and millions of years old, and that dinosaurs were wiped out by a so-called "comet" some-odd tens-of-millions of years ago. But Is This TRUE? Because ancient hieroglyphics, sculptures, paintings, and carvings prove otherwise! In fact, so does language, etymology, history, and Scripture. Believe it or not, "Dinosaurs" are only a few thousand years ago (See Video Evidence Below). For many centuries, the word "Dinosaur" did not exist. In fact, this word only came into existence around circa 1841 AD when biologist and paleontologist, Sir Richard Owen, coined the term "Dinosauria" in 1841 — deriving from two Greek words: "deinos, " which means "terrible, powerful, wondrous, " and "sauros, " which means "lizard. " In today's English, this would translate as "DRAGON. " In the Hebrew, the word "Dragon" (or "Dinosaur") is H8577 תַּנִּין "Tannin, " which means "serpent, dragon, sea monster. " This word is also mentioned in 27 places throughout Scripture — most notably in Tahalliym Psalms 91: 13 ("The young lion and the 'DRAGON' shalt thou trample under feet" ~ KJV). History also proves the existence of "Dinosaurs" (or "Dragons") long before now. In the Chinese culture, "Dragon" is one of the twelve Chinese years. You can also see ancient fossils, carvings, sculptures, pictures, and hieroglyphics of what appear to be "Dinosaurs" embedded in Egyptian, Sumerian, Indian, Peruvian, Cambodian, and even the Congolese culture (And More! ) This alone, contrary to false evolutionary belief, PROVES that "Dinosaurs" are only a few THOUSAND years old (which AGREES and LINES UP WITH Scripture), and NOT millions and millions of years old. But are "Dinosaurs" still roaming the earth TODAY! YOU BET! Because there have been MANY "Dinosaur" sightings throughout recent history. In fact, the most notable come from the Mokele-Mbembe found in the Likouala Swamp Region, Congo. There have also been reports of pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea (See "Ropens" Link Below). Not to mention "famous" reports and sightings, including "Nessie" and the "Loch Ness Monster. " Since this is TRUE, then why are they trying to hide all this from us! Who are the "Dinosaurs" REALLY, and where do they REALLY come from! Could there be an even BIGGER, More Nefarious Agenda behind all this! And could all this relate to the New World Order Coming Deceptions That Are EVEN At The Door! THE TRUTH REVEALED! REMEMBER THE DAYS OF NOAH! THE END IS ALMOST HERE! SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA NOW — BEFORE A "DINOSAUR" COMES KNOCKING ON YOUR FRONT DOOR! HOW OLD ARE DINOSAURS REALLY? VIEW EVIDENCE HERE! ALSO SEE — Loch Ness Monster In The Thames? ALSO SEE — Scientists Cloning T-Rex? ALSO SEE — GIANTS! LEARN MORE! Dinosaur in Hebrew (Etymology): Origin History: Dinosaurs in Other Cultures: MORE RESEARCH HERE! STRANGE CREATURE FOUND: DINOSAURS STILL ALIVE TODAY! Dinosaur Case in America.

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