Most AMAZING Recent Discoveries!

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Beschreibung: Check out the most amazing recent discoveries! This top 10 list of recent archaeological discoveries around the world are absolutely incredible!

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10. Bruniquel Cave Chambe
Inside of the Bruniquel Cave, in the south-west of France, scientists have discovered a chamber with ring-shaped structures made of stalagmites, both broken and whole. A sort of a small-scale Stonehenge, but with stalagmites instead of big rocks.
At first, they carbon-dated the area to around 47,000 years ago, but they recently used a different kind of method. With uranium-thorium dating (sounds awesome, btw!), they managed to date the area to 176,000 years ago – three and a half times the original dating! Now, the only humans who lived there in those days were the Neanderthals, and scientists concluded that Neanderthals must have been the ones to make the stalagmite structures in the cave.
This is a very important discovery, because it helped scientists realize that Neanderthals were going deep down into the caves, as opposed to earlier findings. The chamber inside Bruniquel Cave gives us the opportunity to learn more about the lives of first humans, and broaden our view on our Neanderthal ancestors.
9. Noah’s Ark Mosaic
During excavations undertaken in an ancient synagogue in Israel Lower Galilee, scientists discovered a well-preserved mosaic depicting scenes from the Old Testament. Although the title, Noah’s Ark Mosaic, makes it sound like it comes straight from the Ark itself, it actually depicts the scenes connected to Noah’s journey and the Ark, hence – Noah’s Ark mosaic. This mosaic contains depictions of pairs of animals, including donkeys, bears and lions, and it was found in the ancient Jewish village of Huqoq.
This mosaic was found in the form of two panels, with one panel depicting a scene from Moses’ parting of the Red Sea, with soldiers who are being swallowed by gigantic fish. What’s really fascinating about this archeological discovery is that it’s pretty rare in its category. Experts in the field agree that there aren’t many mosaics dating from that period (5th century AD) which depict these kinds of scenes. In fact, there are only two known synagogues which contain such mosaics – one is present-day Syria (which depicts a different scene) and the other in Israel (which is pretty fragmented and not very well preserved). All of this makes the newly found mosaic a one-of-a-kind discovery! Who knows, maybe there will be more of them to come.
8. A “Russian doll” Pyramid
Russia and the pyramids? How does this make any sense? Well, it will soon! The Kukulkan pyramid, located in the state of Yucatan, in present-day Mexico, offers much more than the eye can tell. It is not only one pyramid, but – wait for it – three pyramids! One inside of another, inside of another, inside of another! This is why many refer to it as the “Russian doll” among fellow pyramids, as it resembles the one-inside-of-another concept of the famous Matryoshka dolls.
While researching, scientists used a very useful method called electrical resistivity, during which they passed electrical waves through the pyramidal structure and measures the degree of resistivity. The results were nothing short of amazing – it turned out that the Kukulkan pyramid (also known as El Castillo – the Castle) had two more pyramids inside of it!
The scientists found out that the two smaller pyramids were built much earlier, which means that the whole three-level structure wasn’t built at the same time, but over a course of several centuries. The smallest was built around 550AD, the middle one three centuries later, and the outermost one somewhere in the 12th or 13th century. It seems that the Maya people can still pull a surprise on us. Kudos!
7. Antikythera Man
One of the largest sea wrecks of the ancient world is probably the Antikythera shipwreck, which happened around 65BC. It was discovered in 1900, off the coast of the island of the same name. The find was truly a wonderful one, as there were many different items from the ancient times, including bronze statues, a lot of treasure, and probably the most important item of all – the Antikythera Mechanism, widely considered as the world’s first computer!
But recently, a big international team comprised of many scientists discovered something new in the

Here are 10 Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries Click Here To Subscribe! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow Us On Instagram: This List Includes 10. L’anse Aux Meadows 9. Yonaguni Monument 8. Saksaywaman 7. The Unfinished Obelisk 6. The Longyou Grottoes 5. Gobekli Tepe 4. Mohenjo-Daro 3. Costa Rica Stone Spheres 2. The Voynich Manuscript 1. The Gateway of the Sun Music: "Lightless Dawn " Kevin MacLeod (incompetech) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3. 0 If you enjoyed watching subscribe for a new video every week. Subscribe HERE: Thanks for watching! Elite Facts 10 Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries Check out other channels in our network - BABOON TV: ROCK BEARD. Check out the most amazing discoveries with a metal detector! This top 10 list features some of the most unique, valuable and mysterious ancient treasures found by metal detecting around the world! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our "UNSOLVED Mysteries That Cannot Be Explained! " video here: Watch our "Most Amazing Cities Found UNDERWATER! " video here: Watch our "Most AMAZING Recent Discoveries! " video here: 10. Roman Coins Detectorists spend most of their time searching fields and coming up empty, but occasionally they’ll find something that makes it all worthwhile. This is what happened to Dave Crisp, a hospital administrator. In 2010, he made an amazing discovery in a field near Frome, in the county of Somerset in England. Expecting to find the usual discarded metal objects, he started digging on a spot where his detector had signalled a strong reading, and to his surprise, he uncovered a large pot that contained a hoard of Roman coins. In total there were over 52, 000 of them! 766 bore an image of Marcus Aurelius Carausius, who ruled over Britain between 286 and 293 AD. As the first leader to strike coins in the country, this was a particularly important find- one that was valued at over 1 million dollars. The coins were sent to the British museum where they were cleaned by archaeologists and put on display. 9. The Mojave Nugget While you may think that the gold in the California hills is long gone, this story shows that it’s still out there for those who look hard enough. In 1977, Ty Paulsen was using his metal detector in the Mojave Desert in Southern California when he discovered something people always dream of- a huge golden nugget. It turned out to be one of the largest ever found by a metal detector in the US, and weighed a massive 4. 5 kg! Known as the Mojave Nugget, it was worth a whopping $200, 000, and can now be seen on display at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Unsurprisingly, Paulsen has never revealed the exact location where found the nugget, but it’s thought to have been from the Stringer Mining District- an area that has been linked with large quantities of gold discovery over the years. Who knows, if you get out searching you might make the next big discovery there yourself! 8. Bullet in Dallas, Texas It’s not just valuable treasure in monetary terms that can be found with a metal detector, as Richard H. Lester discovered in 1974. He was in Dallas, Texas, searching for hits on Dealey Plaza when he found a bullet fragment. Now, this may not seem too out of the ordinary in the US, but this location just so happened to be about 500 yards away from the Texas School Book Depository, the location thought to have been used by Lee Harvey Oswald when he shot JFK. Lester kept the fragment for a number of years, but he handed it over to the FBI in 1976 as a part of ongoing investigations. They conducted tests on it, which they published the following year, and while the bullet had the same 4 grooves and right hand twist pattern as Oswald’s Mannlicher-Carcano, the lands were spaced further apart than they should have been- meaning it was unlikely from his gun. No-one suggested at the time that it could have been from a second gunman, but from a day out with his metal detector, Lester found himself in the middle of the greatest conspiracy ever. 7. Spanish Gold Chalice You don’t have to be an expert to make an amazing find, all you need is commitment and hard work. Mike DeMar took a job as a diver with a treasure hunting firm when he was 20 years old. Sounds like a great job! They were searching the Florida Keys for treasure from a sunken Spanish ship, the Santa Margarita, that had sunk over 400 years ago. The efforts of the company, Blue Water Ventures, had been on-going since 1980, and they had just begun looking at a new site. Within a couple of months of working there, DeMar was underwater and his metal detector pinged. He dug a bit with his hands and found what initially seemed like a piece of rock, but on closer inspection turned out to be a Golden Chalice. The ornate object, thought to be from around the time of the ship, at least 400 years old, was subsequently valued at over $1 million dollars- more than enough to warrant the rest of the day off and a toast of champagne with his new colleagues. The ship had sunk in a storm that scattered the debris in one direction, but another storm hit and scattered it all across the seabed. Following this discovery, Blue Water Ventures were confident that they’d make further finds- although as of yet they haven’t announced anything quite like the chalice. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

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