Most AMAZING Recent Discoveries!

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Beschreibung: Check out the most amazing recent discoveries! This top 10 list of recent archaeological discoveries around the world are absolutely incredible!

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10. Bruniquel Cave Chambe
Inside of the Bruniquel Cave, in the south-west of France, scientists have discovered a chamber with ring-shaped structures made of stalagmites, both broken and whole. A sort of a small-scale Stonehenge, but with stalagmites instead of big rocks.
At first, they carbon-dated the area to around 47,000 years ago, but they recently used a different kind of method. With uranium-thorium dating (sounds awesome, btw!), they managed to date the area to 176,000 years ago – three and a half times the original dating! Now, the only humans who lived there in those days were the Neanderthals, and scientists concluded that Neanderthals must have been the ones to make the stalagmite structures in the cave.
This is a very important discovery, because it helped scientists realize that Neanderthals were going deep down into the caves, as opposed to earlier findings. The chamber inside Bruniquel Cave gives us the opportunity to learn more about the lives of first humans, and broaden our view on our Neanderthal ancestors.
9. Noah’s Ark Mosaic
During excavations undertaken in an ancient synagogue in Israel Lower Galilee, scientists discovered a well-preserved mosaic depicting scenes from the Old Testament. Although the title, Noah’s Ark Mosaic, makes it sound like it comes straight from the Ark itself, it actually depicts the scenes connected to Noah’s journey and the Ark, hence – Noah’s Ark mosaic. This mosaic contains depictions of pairs of animals, including donkeys, bears and lions, and it was found in the ancient Jewish village of Huqoq.
This mosaic was found in the form of two panels, with one panel depicting a scene from Moses’ parting of the Red Sea, with soldiers who are being swallowed by gigantic fish. What’s really fascinating about this archeological discovery is that it’s pretty rare in its category. Experts in the field agree that there aren’t many mosaics dating from that period (5th century AD) which depict these kinds of scenes. In fact, there are only two known synagogues which contain such mosaics – one is present-day Syria (which depicts a different scene) and the other in Israel (which is pretty fragmented and not very well preserved). All of this makes the newly found mosaic a one-of-a-kind discovery! Who knows, maybe there will be more of them to come.
8. A “Russian doll” Pyramid
Russia and the pyramids? How does this make any sense? Well, it will soon! The Kukulkan pyramid, located in the state of Yucatan, in present-day Mexico, offers much more than the eye can tell. It is not only one pyramid, but – wait for it – three pyramids! One inside of another, inside of another, inside of another! This is why many refer to it as the “Russian doll” among fellow pyramids, as it resembles the one-inside-of-another concept of the famous Matryoshka dolls.
While researching, scientists used a very useful method called electrical resistivity, during which they passed electrical waves through the pyramidal structure and measures the degree of resistivity. The results were nothing short of amazing – it turned out that the Kukulkan pyramid (also known as El Castillo – the Castle) had two more pyramids inside of it!
The scientists found out that the two smaller pyramids were built much earlier, which means that the whole three-level structure wasn’t built at the same time, but over a course of several centuries. The smallest was built around 550AD, the middle one three centuries later, and the outermost one somewhere in the 12th or 13th century. It seems that the Maya people can still pull a surprise on us. Kudos!
7. Antikythera Man
One of the largest sea wrecks of the ancient world is probably the Antikythera shipwreck, which happened around 65BC. It was discovered in 1900, off the coast of the island of the same name. The find was truly a wonderful one, as there were many different items from the ancient times, including bronze statues, a lot of treasure, and probably the most important item of all – the Antikythera Mechanism, widely considered as the world’s first computer!
But recently, a big international team comprised of many scientists discovered something new in the

Check out these amazing discoveries that prove giants actually existed! From real giant skeletons to other mysterious and unexplained discoveries, this top 10 list show some of the biggest discoveries in history! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our "UNSOLVED Mysteries That Cannot Be Explained! " video here: Watch our "Most AMAZING Recent Discoveries! " video here: Watch our "MYSTERIOUS Things Discovered In WEIRD Places! " video here: 10. Lake Delavan, Wisconsin On May 4, 1912, The New York Times reported a shocking story from Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, stating that 18 giant skeletons had been uncovered. These giant skeletons were found in ancient effigy mounds of baked clay and charcoal. While this information is quite fascinating, the number and how they were found, is not the most surprising part of the New York Times report. The most shocking part of this story is that these skeletons ranged from 7. 6 ft to 10ft! These skeletons were quite different from ours and the skulls were much bigger than the heads of any type of person who lives in the US today. It was also reported that they had double rows of teeth. Other differences were the nose was set up farther, above the cheekbone line and the bone above the eye socket sloped straight back. The jawbone was said to resemble that of a monkey! While the giant skeletons held some characteristics of human skeletons, it was said they had six toes on each foot and six fingers on each hand. Was this another type of human species that may have lived among us in the past? Was it some sort of prank played by farm boys or scientists themselves? The answer is no, as you will see there are dozens and dozens of similar finds of giant skeletons. Why don’t we learn about this kind of stuff in school? 9. Death Valley Giants In 2002, the Atlantis Rising, a magazine about ancient mysteries and unexplained anomalies, recounted a news story originally written in August of 1947 by the San Diego Union. The news story goes that in 1947, Howard E. Hill, an archaeologist from Los Angeles, California brought together a group of men in for a meeting. At this meeting, Hill revealed that several mummified skeletons had been uncovered and taken from underground tunnels and caves under Death Valley. Hill said he first heard about these caves from Dr. F. Bruce Russell, a retired Ohio physician, who first stumbled upon several underground tunnels and caves underneath Death Valley in 1931. However, it wasn’t until a year later that Dr. Russell returned to these underground tunnels with colleague, Dr. Daniel S. Bovee to open the tunnels. Once inside, the men discovered several giant skeletons. These giant skeletons, which were about 9 feet tall, were covered in medium sized jacket and trousers that stopped below the knee. The material resembled a gray sheepskin from an unknown animal. The skeletons were placed at about 80, 000 years old. Howard Hill continued to tell the group that explorers believe they found a burial place for an Indian tribe. Hill told the group that the remains were to be analyzed by Dr. Viola V. Pettit of London, who did excavations around the Arabian Desert. The remains of these uncovered giants are nowhere to be found and 1947 was the last anyone reported about these giants. Some say this was a joke. Even archeologists are afraid to go see for themselves if the Death Valley giants are fact or fiction for fear of being called gullible. However, it is also stated that the area where these skeletons were found is not inaccessible. 8. Grand Canyon’s City of Giants On April 5, 1909, the Arizona Gazette published an article that G. E. Kinkaid, an archeologist of the Smithsonian Institute had found the remains of an underground Grand Canyon city while rafting down the Colorado River. S. A Jordan, a professor, joined forces with the Smithsonian Institute for a thorough examination of this city. Upon further examination, the news story says that a tomb of mummies was found. It is reported that no mummy was under 9 feet tall and they were all wrapped with dark linen. According to Kinkaid’s report, he stood one of the mummies up and took a picture of the mummy by flashlight, however, this picture has never been found. Some people call this a hoax as no evidence, other than the article in the Arizona Gazette, proves that such a find ever occurred. Several people have contacted the Smithsonian, to which they have publicly responded that they have no record of the Grand Canyon finding or even of a G. E. Kinkaid or S. A. Jordan ever working for or with the Smithsonian. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

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