Top 10 Most Expensive Singer's Mansion Home

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Beschreibung: Mansion Home of Singers (Female) Here is the list of top 10 most expensive and lavish homes and mansions of some of the richest singers and celebrities in the world. These Celebrity Mansions are luxurious as well as lavish.
The richest Celeb Home / Celebrity Home include the homes of following singers
Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez
Lady Gaga
Celine Dion
Britney Spears
Jennifer Lopez

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Celebrity room tours and bedroom Decor Ideas for your own room! This Rundown gives you a peek into Ariana Grande's house, Niall Horan's room, Kylie Jenner's bedroom, and juicy bits about Louis and Harry's childhood rooms! Also get inspired and re-decorate your own room. We share some decoration looks we love! Next, play our Ultimate Fan Room Design game on dreammining! Click here: And answer the FAN POLL! Which celeb room house is your favorite? COMMENT! SUBSCRIBE: ‪ Facebook: Dream Mining is a place to create, to dream and to play! At Dream Mining it's all about fashion, music, and film especially when YOU design, sing and make videos! There are great animated videos and real stars singing original songs! Characters play in the world of Fashion, Music and Film: Lilly, Sarah, and Ella. Thanks For Watching Subscribe For More: ). A look at the once abandoned Selma Plantation in Virginia. This home is no longer abandoned and is being restored.

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