10 Movie Mistakes Animators Made Without Getting Caught

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We all love animated films right? They’re not only fun but full of memorable characters and most importantly, breathtaking animations.They help take us to new worlds or to see our world in a different light. But despite the attention to detail that goes into them, mistakes still happen. Take Disney’s Frozen, which has it’s fair share of mistakes but the one we’re talking about this time focuses on a certain snowman named Marshmallow. Other Disney and Pixar films have made mistakes, such as Finding Dory, Big Hero 6, Zootopia and Moana. They all look gorgeous but still have something that draws us out a bit. But it’s not all Disney and it’s not all for kids. Batman: The Killing Joke is definitely not for kids but still remains one of the most talked about and polarizing films of that year. One animation mistake can be found during one such scene that divided fans. Other films include the return of Spongebob Squarepants to the big screen and of course, the Minions, who are always up to no good it seems. Luckily for them, this mistake actually has nothing to do with them specifically so they’re off the hook this time. The Peanuts Movie saw the return of Charlie Brown and Snoopy to the big screen yet despite it’s unique and charming animation style, was also the victim of some animation mistakes. Cars 3 raced into cinemas so we looked back at the first Cars, which had an usual cow tipping scene which caused the film one of its biggest mistakes.

Script by: Sean Gallagher

Voice Over by: Nolan Tashjian

Edited by: Andy Davenport

Zootopia | 0:45
Finding Dory | 1:57
Moana | 3:06
Batman | 4:12
The Spongebob Movie | 5:29
The Peanuts Movie | 6:44
Big Hero 6 | 7:51
Cars | 9:03
Frozen | 10:13
Toy Story 3 & The Holocaust | 9:40

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