Biggest Animals You Wont Believe Exist!

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Beschreibung: From the worlds largest dog to the biggest stingray ever caught, these are 20 of the biggest animals you won't believe exist!

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10 - A modern tale of Romulus and Remus…
Except this time Romulus is a donkey, and his brother Remus has not been murdered. Romulus is the Tallest donkey in the world. At 68 inches tall, it’s no wonder his owner uses him and his brother as guard dogs.
They are brilliant at protecting the cows and sheep, and isn’t it amazing that these donkeys were bought off Craigslist.

9 - Some bunny loves you…
Ralph is a Continental Giant from the UK and is 4-years old. The cost of his food every week is $90.00, with each meal containing corn, cucumber, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, bread, apples and crackers.
Pauline Grant takes care of Ralph at her horse rescue premises, and relies on the goodwill of neighbors and friends to help with the food for Ralph – otherwise he will def. eat you out of house and home!

8 - Tastes like scallops…
So if you ever happen to reel in a ginormous sting ray, at least you will have supper sorted for the next month! This 55 stone giant took 90 minutes to reel in and 13 chaps to get it out of the water.
Ian Welch caught this monster whilst fishing in Thailand, and it’s def. his claim to fame. It’s 7-feet long and wide, and with the tail, is around 10 feet.

7 - Hide and Seek
As large as what this Titanus Giganteus is, how difficult it is to find him… He can reach 7 inches long, and has the ability to snap a pencil in half! Despite being huge and pretty creepy to look at, it doesn’t harm humans at all.
The insect is very secretive and doesn’t like to be seen. They only venture out to find a mate, and instead remain hidden in the rain forests. Would you believe that tourists pay a lot of money to be able to see one of these guys in their natural habitat.

6 - No Tropical paradise…
I don’t care how beautiful the coastline is, or how white the sand is… if the island has these massive coconut crabs on them, I would rather stay right where I am! Some consider this crab to be a delicacy, and their numbers have dropped on many islands. They grow to about 3 feet wide and weigh about 9-pounds.

5 - This is no Jiminy Cricket…

In fact, this cricket is so big it can eat a carrot! It’s known as a Giant Weta, and is found in New Zealand on Little Barrier Island. These guys can outweigh mice, and its name means god of Ugly Things. It’s older than some dinosaurs and has ears on its knees! I have a little good news though about them, at the very least – they cannot jump!

4- You’ll cry crocodile tears…
If you had to encounter this gigantic crocodile. Thank goodness this terrifying croc was captured by 100 men, during the 3 week hunt that took place in the Philippines. It measured 21 feet, killed one person and instilled the fear of death in all the villagers!

3 - This is no nightmare…
It’s total reality. But definitely not something I would ever like to encounter… This Amazonian Centipede is known to eat pretty much anything, including snakes, bats, mice, lizards and even frogs. They can reach lengths up to 35cm and occur in South America and the Caribbean.
I would have heart failure if I ever encountered a real one of these!

2 - Slow and steady …
Beautiful Galapagos Tortoises are found on the island of Galapagos. They are humongous and can weigh 882 pounds, and live for 100 years. There are differing reports, as some have mentioned that they live up to 170!
It’s believed that these giant tortoises have been on the island for 2-3 million years already!

1 – The bear necessities…
Jesse Wallace is the hunter who took down this bear in Alaska. They spotted the bear around 20 feet in front of them and the bear started running. They said it was absolutely terrifying. His friend Luke shot the backup shot and they managed to take the bear down. The claws measured between 5 and 7 inches long… so all I say, RIP Pappa Bear!

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