26 Of The Most Outrageous Riches Of Dubai

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Beschreibung: From the The World’s Most Expensive Cupcake to The Only Seven Star Hotel here are 26 Of The Most Outrageous Riches Of Dubai.

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#10 - The World’s Most Expensive Cupcake
Because that’s the sort of thing you find while traveling through Dubai. If you want to try it out for yourself head on over the Dubai’s Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes store where you can find the famous dessert that contains 23 carats of edible gold, it’ll only set you back $1,200.

#9 - A Shark Slide
If thrill seeking is your thing, you need to try out the see-through tunnel slide that catapults you through a shark-filled lagoon. You start from the top of the ancient temple and slide your way down through waters teeming with various species of sharks. Just pray that the tunnel slide doesn’t crack open while you’re on your way down!

#8 - Diamond Plated Cars
If gold plated cars weren’t your style, maybe you’d go for a car encrusted with diamonds.

#7 - Just Another Night On The Town
Understand that this tab is in rupees, not dollars, so the total comes out to be just over $5,800. Even then, that is one expensive night on the town, especially since men in Dubai throw that much away on a regular basis.

#6 - The Only Seven Star Hotel
There is only one seven-star hotel in the entire world, and it is the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. A place rated that high must have some intense security, and they do; they won’t even let you walk on the grounds without a reservation. Hey, they have to keep the riff raff out, it is a SEVEN-star hotel after all.

#5 - The Amphibious Car
For those of you unaware of what an amphibious car is, it is a transportation vehicle that works just as well on land as it does on water, a sort of car-boat, if you will. The crazy thing about these vehicles is that they actually exist. Not only do they exist, but the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed has a collection of eight.

#4 - The Stunning Views
What do you get when you put some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers with the most luxurious hotels, landscapes, and backdrops you could possibly imagine? Thousands upon thousands of the most beautiful views in the universe, that’s what. Check out some of these stunning views.

#3 - A Gold iPad
These gold models of the famous Apple iPad were specially made for the Burj Al Arab, that seven-star luxurious hotel. Each guest of the hotel is offered one of these 24-carat gold iPads upon check-in. Yes, please!

#2 - The Double Wide Jeep
What is known as a “broad” Jeep Wrangler, looks like a double-wide version of the former, regular Jeep. Could you imagine trying to drive this beast around? If you have to turn at any point during your drive; you’re screwed.

#1 - Their Own Island
What do you do if you are the richest country on the planet? You create your own artificial island! Dubai said that every fantasy could become a reality when they designed and created the largest artificial island in the world. It is in the shape of a palm tree and is home to dozens of luxury residences. They also lay claim to the second largest artificial island, which is shaped like a map of the world, called the World Islands.

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