Movie Cars Made In REAL LIFE!

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Beschreibung: Check out these movie cars that were replicated in real life! From back to the future to the flintstones and ghostbusters, you won't believe these cool and amazing vehicles from movies actually exist!

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10. Dumb and Dumber’s Mutt Car
Matthew Kerr, a certified dog trainer from Pennsylvania, wanted to redo his vehicle in order to promote his business. Kerr has a dog training company called “Matt’s Mutts University”, and he wanted to help business expand, so – the logical step was to make a Mutt car! In order to turn this dream of his into reality, Matthew Kerr took six blankets and put them over this car, using an adhesive to hold them down. His wife helped him out by stitching the big ears onto the front. Now, there was the problem of the dog nose. To solve it, Matt and his wife came up with a brilliant idea – they bought an aluminum turkey pan, painted it black and placed it on the hood of the car. I’m not sure if diehard Dumb and Dumber fans would approve of Kerr’s adaptation, but it’s sure a nice little effort. It’s funny, and to the point, and it probably ushers in a whole lot of new customers. A great way to help your business boom!

9. Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1
Loren Baldwin, from Ohio, spent almost three years making an exact replica of the famous Ecto-1 vehicle from the Ghostbusters franchise. The actual search for the parts took Baldwin two years. Then he spent another six months or so putting them together to match the looks of the movie car.
Ever since he first saw Ghostbusters, Baldwin was struck with the beauty and brilliant design of Ecto-1, and dreamed of making one for himself.
He took the chassis from a 1959 Miller-Meteor, a combination car that’s both an ambulance and a hearse, and which was also used to make the original movie car. But it wasn’t all that easy. Baldwin had to wait for nine years to find the Miller-Meteor model, and the find happened almost by accident! Baldwin was looking for another car – and stumbled upon this one! He bought the car for $2,500, and then put in some serious work to get all the measurements right. The whole thing cost him around $20,000, but Baldwin claims that – without the help of many local businesses – it would have exceeded $100,000 for sure. The car is now rented for charity events and VIP parties, and all I can say is – it’s looks pretty awesome!

8. The German Flintmobile
Meet Sebastian Trager, a car lover and Flintstones nut who decided to make a life-size replica of the Flintmobile. For this project, Mr. Trager took a Volkswagen Polo. He removed everything except the chassis, engine and the wheels, and placed the recognizable wooden frame design on top along with the leopard seat covers. He also installed wooden benches and a cloth roof, to be as close to the original as possible.
There was no need for pedaling, because this Flintmobile was powered by the vehicle’s original engine. But everything else was done to a tee: no windshield or wipers, and no seat belts, headlights or turn signals. The Flintmobile looks like it came straight from the Flintstones movie set.
Although Sebastian Trager tried convincing German authorities that his Flintmobile was perfectly safe, they thought otherwise. Maybe it was the lack of seatbelts. Unfortunately, it was impossible to legally register a vehicle without all the aforementioned accessories, as it was deemed too dangerous for the streets and highways, and rightly so. Nevertheless, this labor of love paid off, because the Flintmobile is now shown in exhibitions for car lovers and Flintstone fans to enjoy it.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) Van
This popular cartoon vehicle was made by Jay Ohrberg. Ohrberg is a car manufacturer and collector whose specialty is making TV and movie cars. His company, “Jay Ohrberg Star Cars” is famous for having numerous replicas and originals of movie and TV cars, many of which can be rented. Ohrberg made a replica of the Turtle Van for Mattel, the famous toy manufacturer, as part of a promotion for their toy line. And the van really looks believable! Fun fact: while all 4 ninja turtles drove the van, out of the four, Leonardo is the one who spends the most time as the driver.
The van is actually a modified version of the 1957 Volkswagen Van – otherwise known as Volkswagen Type 2. It has a functional side-door, windshield armor and all the gadgets. The roof is in turtle-shell hues, the rear wheels are bigger, and there’s also the famous TMNT logo on it.

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