Indian Billionaires Wives Then & Now - You Won't Believe

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nexanews Ever since Mukesh Ambani's wife Neeta, who was employed in 800 rupees, had placed this condition before marriage neeta ambani strange condition to get married with mukesh ambani Dhirubhai Ambani's eldest son, Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in Asia after the founder of Alibaaba, Jack Ma. Well tell you that Ambani name means money is money. Nita Ambani, India's richest family, often lives in discussion because of her lifestyle. These days, there is a lot of discussion on social media from saris to special tea, but do you know that today, Nita Ambani, known as the richest and powerful woman in India, is only 800 rupees before marriage Used to work. Even more interesting is the story of Mukesh Ambani and Neeta's relationship. Indeed, when Dhiru Bhai Ambani's eldest son Mukesh Ambani's relationship reached for Nita, Nita kept a bigger bet for this despite keeping a close relationship with the general family. Today, we are going to tell you in this special report, on which condition was the relationship between Neeta and Mukesh Ambani It is said that the pair are made in heaven. Neeta and Mukesh Ambani also have something similar. The story of Dita Bhai Ambani's daughter-in-law of Nita of the common family is very interesting. Indeed, the founder of reliance industries, Bharu Bhai Ambani himself had planned to make Nita herself multi-colored by looking at a march. Actually, it was that at that time Neeta's father used to work in Birla Group. At the same time, there was an event in Birla family, in which Nita presented Bharatnatyam. Seeing Nita's presentation, Dhiru Bhai Ambani was so impressed that he decided to make Neeta his own, and contacted the program organizer, knowing about Neeta's address and phone number himself. Dhiru Bhai Ambani's conversation about Nita is also very interesting, about which Nita herself had told in an interview. Actually when Dhiru had called Nita's house to talk, then Nita had picked up the call herself and when it was said in front that Dhiru Bhai Ambani was speaking, Neeta was not even bought. Neeta felt that someone was joking, thinking that Nita also said that I was speaking to Elizabeth Taylor and the phone was discarded but after this, when Dhiru Bhai again called again, this time Neeta's father picked up the phone And he recognized Dhiru's voice After learning the whole thing, Nita's father told him to meet Dhiru brother and then after the father's celebrations, Nita got ready to meet Dhiru's brother. Neeta, reached Dhiru's office to meet her brother, where she asked about Nita with food, her habits, education, and many things. After this Dhiru Bhai invited him to his home and Dhiru Bhai clearly said that he is watching him as Mukesh's wife. After discussing Dhiru's proposal with his family, Nita went to Dhiru's house and when Neeta reached there, Mukesh opened the door of the house. Mukesh got to know Nita after seeing him as Dhiru Bhai constantly asked him about Neeta Was doing. Then there Mukesh and Nita interacted with each other and the schedule for getting ahead was also decided. Within a few days, Mukesh and Neeta started dating each other. But when Mukesh Ambani proposed to marry Nita, then Nita also put a condition and it was that she wanted to live a normal life even after marrying and becoming the daughter-in-law of the country's richest family and wants to do the current job was. In fact, at that time, Neeta taught to the children of the school where she got 800 rupees and Neeta did not want to leave this job on any condition because she was very fond of teaching children, due to which she got married to Mukesh Ambani even after school There was a condition to do the job. However, Mukesh agreed on this strange condition of Nita and had given permission to teach them and with this condition, the relationship of Neeta and Mukesh Ambani got settled, which today is known as a Power Coupled.

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