9 More Things You Don’t Know The Purpose Of

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Beschreibung: In response to the requests from our previous videos, here are some pretty unique and interesting things you most likely don't know the purpose of. Here are 9 More things you don't know the purpose of.
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Credit: Thick Black tubes across the road - These are pneumatic road tubes and are temporary instalments generally used to study traffic patterns and help make decisions for planning purposes about things like stop signs and traffic lights. The tubes can detect the types of vehicles using the road by measuring the weight that goes over the tubes and the distance between each wheel that rolls over it. Num Lock - Alright, this key has a simple purpose and a majority of you may know what it's for, but probably not know why it's there. When Num Lock is on, your keypad on the right of your keyboard will work like a normal phone dialler, with numbers 0-9 working as normal. The projected things on an aircraft wing - These are called flap track fairings. There are a number of different names for these pods that stick out, including anti-shock bodies or withcomb bodies. These are actually only the covers of the whole mechanism underneath that control the flaps at the back of the wing and they are shaped in this particular way for aerodynamic reasons. Wires extending off airplanes - These are called static dischargers and usually stick out of the trailing edges of aircraft, including the back of wings and tails of airplanes. What they do is prevent the build-up of electric charges around the radio antennas. If these wires weren't there the antennas of the radios would be the most pointy thing sticking out of the plane and since electrons have a tendency to build up where pointy things stick out, charge would build up around radio antennas. Rings on headphone jacks - Each of these are non-conductive insulating rings which basically insulate one section from the next in order to represent which what components get power. Typically, One ring means there are two sections, so the plug is mono and plays the same sound to both stereo headphones and regular stereo headphones will tend to have 2 rings, creating 3 sections, with two of them providing the connection to the left and right speakers. The 'fin' on the roof of cars - These are just cases hiding GPS antennas. Sometimes they're added for aesthetics, but the fin also somewhat helps with aerodynamics. 2 flush buttons - These are dual flush buttons and the toilet experts amongst you are probably just about to comment about how 'everyone should know this one'. But, it's worth explaining just so the few of you who don't know about it... now do, because its features like these that can make a real difference. This is how simple it is - the two buttons flush different amounts of water, so prevent wastage. Tic Tac lids - There's a reason for this tic-tac sort of bed on the inside of the lid. To add ease to retrieving a single mint. Saving you from recklessly shaking out your mints, this ingenious reliefed area allows you to reveal your mints in style by placing the box upside down and opening the lid as you tilt the rest of the box back down. The ball or disk above the rotor on helicopters - This is a Fire Control Radar and is seen on numerous attack helicopters such as the apache. Essentially, it is designed to provide information such as elevation and range to a fire-control system in order to calculate a fire solution. In other words, it detects information on how to direct weapons such that they hit a desired target.

From the clever design features on Jerry Cans to the coloured markings on toothbrushes, here are 10 more everyday things you most likely don't know the purpose of. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: beamazedvideos@gmail Featuring. • Chinese Takeaway Box Plate - You may think the easiest way to eat from a Chinese takeaway box is to hold the box as close to your face as possible and scoop away with chopsticks, however there is a more convenient way to eat from one of these boxes, as they actually fold out to make a plate. The loose cap on the end of a tape measure The metal cap on the end of a tape measure may seem as though it is loose and needs fixing, but this is actually part of the design of the product – something that was brought to our attention by viewers of a previous video in which we spoke about why tape measures have a serrated edge to them. The little spike in caps (to pinch through the protective foil) These little spikes in the lids of some cosmetic products aren't just a weapon to use against your siblings, but also can be used for the purpose they were designed for which is to pierce the protective foil at the end of the tube. Hole in pots pans handle - The hole in the end of your pots and pans allows them to be hung up and free up some cupboard space, but that's not their only use. Jerrycan - 3 handles - The jerrycan is a great invention for carrying petrol, but the fact that there are three handles on the top can be a bit confusing. However, the reason behind this is fairly logical. - Jerrycan – anti-glugging hole - The three handles aren't the only hidden feature of jerry cans, as there's even this screwable stopper situated behind the handle on some jerry cans, predominantly plastic ones. Cedar Coat Hangers - In a world where plastic and metal dominates the majority of products we buy, you'd think there wouldn't be much of a market for wooden coat hangers. Ring Pull Hole - Straw Holder - Contrary to popular belief the ring pull of cans offers much more than just something to throw in your friend's drink. The round hold inside the ring pull is actually a convenient straw holder. Blue toothbrush bristles - You'd be forgiven for thinking that the blue patches on your toothbrush bristles are an indicator for where you should smear your toothpaste, especially if adverts are anything to go by. Plastic cap inside bottle lid – keeps soda fizzy - The plastic cap inside a the lid of fizzy drinks is something that may go unnoticed by most, and those that do notice it almost definitely don't know the purpose of it. This plastic layer is called a “liner” and acts as a membrane that makes them airtight, thereby keeping the fizz in your drinks so that you don't have to suffer the traumatic first world problem that is flat coke. Credit: "Odyssey" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3. 0 License.

There are loads of facts about F1 cars and their amazing performance. But have you ever considered the design secrets for why they look the way they do? Here are some design secrets behind their scary performance, trademark look, and high price tag. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: beamazedvideos@gmail Credit: Be Amazed at these Top 10 F1 Car Design Secrets! Front and side wings - An F1’s aerodynamics is the most important factor that design engineers have to consider. Controlling aerodynamics at Formula One’s intensity is painfully technical, requiring mastery of down-force and drag, and the front wing is the most important element in this. Airbox - Also known as the engineer intake – the airbox sits right above the driver’s head. It’s crucial that air passes through this opening undisturbed at high velocity, so that the F1’s ten cylinders have good quality air to feed on for combustion. Side pod - Travelling at 200mph takes a lot of power and heat – side pod openings direct air currents for internal cooling. Bargeboards - Bargeboards are the F1’s only parts that do not double as structural components. These sculpted bodywork pieces only serve to maximise aerodynamics and to increase cooling, by channelling air towards the side pods. Underfloor - An F1’s underfloor alone produces around 40% of the total down-force acting on the car, pressing it to the ground. Rear and side wings - F1’s are perhaps most known for their trademark rear wing. While it looks cool, it’s really a devious feature that adds to the underbody’s drag, and balances the car along its full length. Brakes - F1 drivers are worse than your granddad – they break at the last possible moment as a norm. So obviously there is no room for inaccuracy. Steering wheel - Think of this as the most complicated handheld games console you’ve ever seen – controlling things from rear wing flaps, and radio control to talk to engineers, to steering sensitivity – there’s even a yellow button known as the ‘overtake button’ that, like nitro in The Fast and Furious movies, gives the car a boost of power. Wheels - Formula One tire theory is sometimes referred to as the dark arts – the sheer number of variables, including: temperature, pressure, driving style, track conditions and weather, make it hard to be precise. Carbon-fibre frame - Every part of the F1 car’s bodywork you can see, is made from carbon-fibre. Carbon composite reinforcement is also used for the brake discs.

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