10 EXTINCT Disneyland Attractions That Should NEVER Return

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Beschreibung: Sometimes Disney makes wonderful attractions that enchant the whole family and put a smile on everyone's faces. Then there are those other times. Join me today as we go though 10 attractions that are no longer at Disneyland that need to stay dead.

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OFFHAND MERCH IS ON SALE NOW: Disney loves to reinvent attractions. Just think about it, from the Tower of Terror to Guardians of the Galaxy, Haunted Mansion to Haunted Mansion Holiday, or Journey into Imagination to. Never mind that, today we'll go through 10 attractions that are now closed but we'd love to return. Donate on Patreon to be entered into a Disney Giveaway: Follow me on Twitter: Join the conversation on Discord: Videos Used: - WidenYourWorld - David Oneal - Mousesteps JWL - Tim Kent - Steve Wesson - ResortTV1 - MrDisneyFanMan - Matt Sonswa For Business Inquiries, email me at OffhandDisneyland@gmail. From Sleeping Beauty's Time Capsule to Toy Story Ruined by the Internet here are 14 Strange Disney Theme Park Secrets. Subscribe to Talltanic 4 - Sleeping Beauty's Time Capsule The castle of sleeping beauty is truly something to behold, the spirals are covered with 22-karat gold leaves. If you reach the top of the castle stairs, there is a door to your right with a knob, if you pull the knob, the door shakes and voices laugh maniacally, pay special attention to the door to the right, and you may catch sight of the spear of Maleficent's goon guarding the other side of the door. And in 1995, a time capsule, preserving a special Disney message intended for the future was buried directly in front of the castle which houses the sleeping beauty. The castle-shaped capsule contains all kinds of memorabilia, cast member name tags, a pay stub for mickey mouse, photos, pins, rings, stickers, cups, hats, tee-shirts, watches, artwork, stationary and the legend says, a letter from Walt Disney himself intended for the people of the future who will one day find this hidden buried treasure of useless merchandise. The plan is open the capsule in July of 2035. 3 - Pirate Skeletons The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is very popular these days, mainly thanks to the films based on this murky boat ride, and the occasional appearance of Johnny Depp in full Captain Jack Sparrow yelling at patrons and dancing never hurts either. But something spooky is said to have transpired here, several spooky somethings actually. When the ride first opened, the Imagineers wanted more convincing props, so, they called UCLA medical center and obtained some actual human skeletons and once dressed in pirate rags, arraigned the bones along the ride. The bony remains have since been returned or laid to rest, but one real skeleton is rumoured to still be hidden inside the ride, keep your eyes peeled for the skull which rests above the bed in the treasure room. Some say, that the cryogenically preserved frozen body of Walt Disney is hidden below the watery depths of this ride. Another story, says a woman placed her son's ashes inside the water of this ride, as it was his favorite attraction, his ghost is whispered to haunt the watery passageways. 2 - Haunted Mansion Grave Stone Realities Climb aboard a Doom Buggie, prepare yourselves for 999 happy haunts and get ready to quiver and shiver inside Disneyland's Haunted Manor ride. And, this fatal attraction is about to get a lot more morbid. The engravings on the tombstones which line the entryway are more than they appear. Wathel R. Bender who rode to glory on a fender, Disney animator on films like Alice and Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty, Wathel Rogers, passed on in 2000. Good Old Fred A great rock fell on his head, Fred Joerger, set designer, passed on in 2005. Dear Sweet Leota, beloved by all in regions beyond now having a ball, Imagineering worker and model for the seance room head in the crystal ball, Leota Tombs, passed on in 1991. Mister Sewell the victim of a dirty duel peaceful rest, Disney's lead model shop worker, Bob Sewell, passed on in 2008. Our patriarch dear departed Grandpa Marc, theme park designer, Marc Davis, passed on in 2000. Brother Claude planted here beneath this sod, animation film background artist and set designer, Claude Coats, passed on in 1992. Master Gracey, No mourning please at his request farewell, special effects master, Yale Gracey, passed on in 1983. There are 13 tombstones in this graveyard, yet not all have yet to meet their end, could this creepy field of tombs be a literal kiss of death? 1 - Toy Story Ruined by the Internet The film Toy Story had a very central theme, a boy named Andy had toys, which would come to life and interact with each other, usually getting into mischief, when no one was looking. When a character in the film would yell, Andy's coming! All of his toys would freeze and tumble to the floor. With the addition of some Toy Story inspired features to Disney theme parks, characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear began to make the rounds. A few clever guests decided to see if this bit of movie magic might work in real life as well. When a Toy character was seen coming, they would yell, Andy's coming! And the good-natured costumed actors decided it was fun to play along, immediately jumping to the ground and playing dead. This game of cat and toy went on for years. But, sadly, the internet ruined everything! Once this gag began making the rounds online, every single guest admitted to the park began to crane their heads in search of a cowboy or spaceman, for their chance to force them to the ground. Enough was enough, the gag wasn't funny anymore, the actors would spend nearly all day rushing up and back down as one after another called out to warn them of Andy's arrival. So now, the characters will look guests square in the face and replay, Andy's at college.

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