10 EXTINCT Disneyland Attractions That Should NEVER Return

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Beschreibung: Sometimes Disney makes wonderful attractions that enchant the whole family and put a smile on everyone's faces. Then there are those other times. Join me today as we go though 10 attractions that are no longer at Disneyland that need to stay dead.

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You are about to take a trip down the icy slopes of the Matterhorn. Arguably one of Disney's first E-Ticket attractions, today we go in depth on the history, story, and maybe some secrets you might not have known about this majestic mountain. Follow me on Twitter: Donate on Patreon for Early Access to Audio, Giveaways and More: Videos Used: Thanks for watching! Make sure to tune in next time! The first entrance in a new series. DISNews is where you can get up-to-date quick news on everything relating to Disney and the Disney Parks. In today's episode we cover the Disneyland Eastern Gateway remodel, a Tomorrowland and New Orleans Square refurb and Bob Iger stepping down as CEO in 2019. How do you guys like this new series? Should I continue it? Let me know down in the comments! My Twitter: Support me on Patreon for Sneak Peeks of new videos: Sources: Videos Used.

For the past 20 years, an empty building has sat undisturbed, perched above Fantasyland. Many younger Disneyland guests have probably passed by without a second glance, but for those who have noticed the forgotten Swiss Chalet, they may have wondered what in the world it was for. Pause: Check out Our SCHWEET shirts! In Tomorrowland, on the edge of the carousel theatre that once housed America Sings & The Carousel of Progress is a strange stairway connected to the forgotten peoplemover track. It leads to a few doorways, but one large landing on the stairway seems to jut out against the edge of nowhere. This stairway to nowhere once led to the loading platform of one of Disneyland fans' favorite forgotten attractions, The Skyway. Billed separately as Skyway to Fantasyland and Skyway to Tomorrowland, the Disneyland Skyway(s) operated from 1956 to 1994. A futuristic transportation technology in their day, they soon became a common sight in theme parks and other public attractions before disappearing from their original Southern California home forever. In this Random installment, we see what's left of the forgotten skyway. THANK YOU for watching! Lots more adventures in and out of Disneyland on this channel! Our website Facebook: For MORE history of the Disneyland Skyway, including AWESOME photos of the INSIDE of the Abandoned Fantasyland station, check out the premier website for Vintage Disneyland Photos - DAVELAND! Click now.

Walt Disney World this week. We all know Disney for the amazing parades they put on year-round. Paint the Night, The Main Street Electrical Parade, Soundsational and The Mulan Parade just to name a few. But what about the parades that go forgotten? The ones that are just weird? Today we'll go through 3 of those parades and let you decide which one is your favorite. Inspired by Episode 495 of the WDW Radio Show, The Lost Parades of Walt Disney World. My Channel: My Twitter: Donate on Patreon for Early Access to Audio, Giveaways, and More: Videos Used: October. Top 10 Disney! Curious what was added to the Disney Parks in 2017? Well as 2017 comes to a close, it was been an exciting year for the Walt Disney World & Disneyland theme parks in Florida and California! Disney opened many new rides, attractions and shows in 2017 at the Disney theme parks including Pandora: the World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Guardians of the Galaxy Mission breakout at Disney California Adventure and the return of a newly updated production of Fantasmic! at Disneyland! Lets lets take a look through 2017 to see what was added to the Disney World and Disneyland theme parks! DON'T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! * ►◄ Check out and subscribe to LMG vids for great ride and show videos from Disneyland and other Disney theme parks! ► Follow us on Twitter! ► Follow us on Instagram! ► Follow us on Facebook! ►LAST VIDEO: Top 5 Biggest Disney Castle Mistakes: ►DISNEY BEAT PLAYLIST: *Have a video you want to share? Submit it here! * ►◄ TPMvids is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. This video is put together in compliance with fair use under the classification of education and commentary to begin a conversation. Any opinions expressed are those of TPMvids and do not reflect any other companies or individuals.

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