Best Places that Feel like a FAIRY TALE

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Beschreibung: From strange islands, to incredible hidden and secret locations; these are 17 Places That Feel Like a Fairy Tale !

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# 8 Angkor Wat
Welcome to the City of Temples, otherwise known as Angkor Wat. It is a religious center in the middle of Southeast Asia and has since become a symbol associated with Cambodia. It is, of course, majestic and beautiful, but is perhaps more striking because of the way the architecture is destroyed. After decades of falling to neglect and ruin, part of the Angkor Wat was reclaimed by nature. Huge trees and roots cover parts of the buildings and even create new forms on its own.

# 7 Wistman’s Wood
This is Wistman’s Wood, a place known as an Oakwood that is the highest oakwood in terms of altitude in England. It has been mentioned in writings for hundreds of years. It’s probably the leftovers of an ancient forest that once covered much more area than it does right now. While the Wistman’s Wood is no longer the big and glorious forest it once was, it is still pretty magical. It is known for its mystical green looking oak trees that seem like something from a more fantastical past.

# 6 Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine
Japan is home to many famous landmarks, but it is also home to some magical places that you probably have never heard of. This is the Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine that is known for it’s strange, naturally formed shapes. There are some hiking trails through the forest which actually date all the way back to the Edo period, which was the 17th to 19th century. The moss covered forest is actually known to muffle the sound of footsteps and voices, creating a mystical bubble of silence around you once you enter.

# 5 Saut de Brot
Tucked away near the bottom of the Areuse Gorge in Boudry, Switzerland, is the Saut de Brot. It is a beautiful stone bridge that makes for a whimsical scene and photo-op. This gorge is a very popular place for hikers to visit because of how cool it looks. Surprisingly, no one really knows the origin of this Tolkien-esque structure, which just adds to the magic of it all.

# 4 Crooked Forest
The Crooked Forest is a truly strange place that seems like it could only exist in a magical fairy tale world. For many years, people didn’t understand why these trees are curved into such strange shapes. It looks almost as if someone casted a curse on this forest found on the border of Poland and Germany. Some suggest that the trees were buried under a very terrible snowstorm when they were young, but there is an explanation that is much fascinating, involving a forester who manipulated the trees into a certain shape hoping to make furniture out of them. No matter what happened to this forest to make it look the way it does, it is a mysterious and magical place to see.

# 3 Jigokudani Monkey Park
Jigokudani translates into “Hell’s Valley”, named as much because of all the naturally occurring hot water springs that cover the whole valley. It’s a strange and magical place that is both hot and cold. Because it’s so high in the peaks of the mountain, it’s pretty much cold and snowy year round, but the local monkeys have evolved a fun way to resist the cold. They all take long dips into the natural hot tubs that can be found all throughout “Hell’s Valley”. If you happen to find yourself hiking through this valley of extreme temperatures, you will get to see the whimsical sight of red faced monkeys soaking in a hot bath along with piles of fresh snow and beautiful mountain views.

# 2 Fairy Chimney Inn
With a name like the Fairy Chimney Inn, it’s hard to not think of a place out of a fairy tale. This strange hotel is actually carved out of 1500-year-old Byzantine caves that people once used to live in. If there’s anything that seems like it’s straight out of fairy tales, it’s thousands-year-old cave tunnels that people used to live inside of.

# 1 Wisteria Tunnel
What could be more fantastical than a tunnel of multicolored pastel flowers? This is the Wisteria Tunnel in Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Japan. It is a tunnel that is covered in hanging lavender flowers. Possibly the most magical part of the Wisteria Tunnel is that for most of the year, it looks completely different. In fact, you might think it looks completely unremarkable and ugly. It is covered in these flowers that bloom for only a few weeks every year. When the tunnel IS in bloom, though, it transforms into this magical and beautiful tunnel.

Sometimes Disney makes wonderful attractions that enchant the whole family and put a smile on everyone's faces. Then there are those other times. Join me today as we go though 10 attractions that are no longer at Disneyland that need to stay dead. My Channel: My Twitter: Please be sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video, it really helps me out. To stay up to date on every single video I release, hit that bell button! "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" (or "The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes" or "The Shoes that were Danced to Pieces") (German: Die Zwölf Tanzen Prinzessinnen in German) is a German fairy tale bedtime story originally published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812 in Kinder- und Hausmärchen as tale number 133. Its closest analogue is the Scottish Kate Crackernuts, where it is a prince who is obliged to dance every night. Charles Deulin collected another, French version in his Contes du Roi Cambrinus (1874), which he credited to the Grimm version. [1] Alexander Afanasyev collected two Russian variants, entitled "The Night Dances", in Narodnye russkie skazki. PLOT: Twelve princesses, each more beautiful than the last, sleep in twelve beds in the same room. Every night, their doors are securely locked by their father. But in the morning, their dancing shoes are found to be worn through as if they had been dancing all night. The king, perplexed, asks his daughters to explain, but they refuse. The king then promises his kingdom and each daughter to any man who can discover the princesses' midnight secret within three days and three nights, but those who fail within the set time limit will be put to death. An old soldier returned from war comes to the king's call after several princes have failed in the attempt. Whilst traveling through a wood he comes upon an old woman, who gives him an enchanted cloak that he can use to observe the king's daughters unaware and tells him not to eat or drink anything given to him in the evening by any of the princesses and to pretend to be fast asleep until after they leave. The soldier is well received at the palace just as the others had been and indeed, in the evening, the princess royal (the eldest daughter) comes to his chamber and offers him a cup of wine. The soldier, remembering the old woman's advice, throws it away secretly and begins to snore loudly as if asleep. The twelve princesses, sure that the soldier is asleep, dress themselves in fine dancing gowns and escape from their room by a trap door in the floor. The soldier, seeing this, dons his magic cloak and follows them. He steps on the gown of the youngest princess, whose cry of alarm to her sisters is rebuffed by the eldest. The passageway leads them to three groves of trees; the first having leaves of silver, the second of gold, and the third of glittering diamonds. The soldier, wishing for a token, breaks off a twig of each as evidence. They walk on until they come upon a great clear lake. Twelve boats, with twelve princes, appear where the twelve princesses are waiting. Each princess gets into one, and the soldier steps into the same boat as the twelfth and youngest princess. The youngest princess complains that the prince is not rowing fast enough, not knowing the soldier is in the boat. On the other side of the lake stands a castle, into which all the princesses go and dance the night away. For more info: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE: Links to all our FairyTales and Bedtime Stories for Kids: 1- Little Red Riding Hood: 2- Cinderella: 3- Rapunzel: 4- Bremen Town Musicians: 5- Snow White: 6- The Little Mermaid: 7- Snow Queen: 8- Sleeping Beauty: 9- Jungle Book: 10- Heidi: 11- Beauty and the Beast: 12- Alice in Wonderland: 13- Pinocchio: 14- Hansel and Gretel: 15- Aladdin and the Magic Lamp: 16- Puss in Boots: 17- The Little Match Girl: 18- The Frog Prince: 19- Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: 20- The Wolf and The Seven Little Goats: 21- Three Little Pigs.

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