Transformers 4 Filming in Chicago

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Beschreibung: Autobots ROLLOUT! WATCH IN HD!

This idea created by HobbyKidsTV. See the HobbyKids as ROBOTS as they find awesome toys in the Surprise Robot Egg. Click here to Subscribe: -TOY VIDEOS- Giant Eggs: Educational Vids: -OUR OTHER HOBBY CHANNELS- HobbyKidsVids (Behind the Scenes): HobbyGamesTV (Video Gaming): -FIND US- -MUSIC BY- Epidemic Sound Robot Empire 2 Happyland The Red One 4 Whistler Themes 6. Zig & Sharko is a French animated series of 156 episodes of 7 minutes that is created and directed by Olivier Jean-Marie and produced and executive produced by Xilam Animation, known for their animated series A Kind of Magic, Ratz, Space Goofs and Oggy and the Cockroaches. The series was broadcast from December 21, 2010 on Canal+, and is available in the United States of America on Netflix and was formerly on ToonsTV. In the series, none of the characters speak apart from unintelligible vocalizations, instead resorting to gestures and other forms of nonverbal communication, including the occasional use of pictograms in speech balloons. The exception is the Hindi version broadcast in India, in which dialogue is dubbed over the original animation.

Hello kids, Kruz went to Walmart with his custom built powered ride on flatbed truck and trailer to go shopping. He found a powered ride on Ford Raptor truck and bought it. After loading it, he noticed his flatbed truck don't have the front wheel anymore, somebody stole it! He put the spare wheel for his trailer just to get back home. Thank y'all for watching! Don't forget to subscribe! Got to meet the Optimus Prime Western Star truck from the new movie Transformers Age Of Extinction. He was at Cityscape in downtown Phoenix on 6-19-2014. He was in town promoting Uber and their app where Optimus would pick you up at your house and give you a 15 minute ride. Check out some HD pics on our Facebook page. If you enjoy this video please hit the Like button, SUBSCRIBE to the channel, and Like us on Facebook Title Track: Apocalyptic Times by Mad Music. Optimus Prime Maquette from sideshow collectible. Transformers Age of Extinction: Dinobot Charge stop motion. Figures used: AOE Generations Voyager Grimlock, Legends Class Optimus Prime (thrilling thirty), AOE generations deluxe Crosshairs, and One Step Changer Drift. Visit my channel for more! I do not own the audio in this video and will not profit from its use in this video. Tracks: The Legend Exists and Dinobot Charge - Steve Jablonsky.

Interactive Talking Optimus Prime, Bumblebee Together HD (VERY RARE) at Transformers The Ride 3D Universal Studios Hollywood HD. Run! Marvel Mashers micro Hulk, Spier Man, Iron Man, Captain America super cars! - DuDuPopTOY -­­- - Subscribe Click! 👉 - Toy Videos More 👉 -­­- * DuDuPopTOY * -­­- Hello everyone, welcome to DuDuPopTOY! Join us today by subscribing! Thank you! おもちゃ, 玩具, đồ chơi, игрушка, ของเล่น, juguete, mainan, jouets. -­­-. Watch MORE of our Best Stop Motion Animations for Kids; LEGO HULK Building Bricks Superhero Cartoon Spiderman LEGO Brick Building Fast Car Animation Lego Spiderman Brick Building Playground Animation Lego Hulk Brick Building Beach House Stop Motion Lego Spiderman Brick Building Dog Shelter Stop Motion Wrong Brick Bodies with LEGO Superheroes HULK Animation Lego HULK Sports Car Brick Building Superhero Stop Motion Lego ELSA and SPIDERMAN Brick Building Slide Stop Motion Bus Stop Minions Children Cartoon Cars 3 - Lego Building Garage Animation Spiderman LEGO Brick Building Pyramid Animation ELSA Frozen LEGO Brick Building Lemonade Stand Lego Hulk School Superhero Stop Motion - Chemistry Class Lego Hulk School Superhero Animation Lego Cars Racing Stop Motion for Kids Lego Spider-man Bank Robbery Superhero Stop Motion Kinder Surprise Egg MAXI Minions unpack Stop Motion Visit Our Channel at.

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