10 CREEPY Google Maps Finds!

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Beschreibung: Top 10 CREEPY Google Maps Finds!
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 CREEPY Google Maps Finds! The Creepiest finds and discoveries on google maps, street and earth.

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BRAIN TIME► We are almost absolutely sure there's not a person in the world that doesn't like movies. Some like action movies, other prefer to cry over a soap opera and some like freaking out their neighbors laughing out loud while watching a silly comedy. But there's one thing that everybody loves about films. No, we're not talking about popcorn or after-credit scenes. It's movie goofs. You have to agree, there's nothing funnier than finding a small but hilarious mistake in an incredibly epic movie. Sometimes these mistakes are so small that only the most eagle-eyed viewers can see them. And we mean us. So, here are 10 bizarre movie mistakes.

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Genetic Mutations That Can Arise From Incest 6. The Habsburg Jaw This genetic condition, also called prognathism, is another connected to noble families. The House of Habsburg came to power during the mid-1400s and remained there until the mid-1700s, but during that time, there was quite a bit of inbreeding. Rather than marrying outside the family, the Habsburgs arranged close marriages to protect their interests. Unfortunately, their genetics paid the price. Their children started to show long, jutting lower jaws, with severe under-bites. 5. Misshapen Skulls If you look at many ancient Egyptian busts, you may notice that their heads look a little funny - in particular, they are often elongated in the back. This wasn't just a stylistic choice on the part of the artist; many Egyptian royalty actually had skulls shaped like that. A large part of this is that Egyptian royal customs depended heavily upon incest. Brothers married sisters, mothers married sons, and cousins often married cousins. The result was that their skulls were often deformed, though it should be noted that most royalty wrapped their heads to get that particular deformed shape as they grew. King Tut, for example, suffered from such a skull deformation, in addition to "a cleft palate, a club foot (as well as missing bones in his feet), and scoliosis. " 4. Lack of Fingernails When you think of incest, you usually think of missing limbs, extra fingers, or a lack of teeth. Oddly enough, those things are not the most common signs of incest. However, in some rare cases, children are born with a few things missing. The incestuous and rather cult-like Kingston family, a splinter clan of fundamentalist Mormons who practice polygamy, has been known to have children that are born without fingernails. That's right, a lack of fingernails on all of their fingers. This could be linked to any number of genetic disorders and conditions, and unless the children were given tests and exams, it would be impossible to determine exactly the cause. However, we can safely say that the widespread incest in the family has something to do with it. 3. Microcephaly Among Pakistani Muslims, intermarrying within close blood relatives still takes place, and the impact is becoming visible. A recent study shows that about 63% of Pakistanis participate in blood-relative marriages, which is leading to a rise in a condition called microcephaly, where a child is born with an unusually small head. This often means that the brain does not fully develop, either. Mild to severe mental retardation is a major risk. The inbreeding in Pakistani culture means that 1 in 10, 000 Pakistanis have this problem, compared to the 1 in 1, 000, 000 people who have it in the general population. 2. Clubfoot This is another disorder found in King Tut, and it is yet another example of how incest can impact the genetics of children. Club foot describes a broad range of different foot abnormalities, but it generally can be noted by the bones of the foot being malformed, curled under, and misshapen. These conditions are present at birth, and are not terribly uncommon even without incest. However, the condition is more common and is far more severe after generations of incestuous relationships. While it can be treated with splints and braces, it is a condition that sometimes requires surgery and can permanently impact a child's ability to walk. 1. Albinism Albinism is a condition where your body lacks melanin, a substance that causes your hair, skin, lips, and other body parts to have color. People with albinism tend to have light eyes, pale skin, and near-white hair, even if they come from a dark-skinned heritage. This condition is an autosomal recessive disease, which means that when people with similar genes breed, their children are more likely to have it. Cousins, siblings, and parent children unions are far more likely to express this type of condition, as evidenced by what happens in small breeding pools. = mutation genetic disorders genetic mutation types of mutations genetic disorders list types of gene mutation genetic diseases list causes of mutation rare genetic disorders gene mutation examples common genetic disorders human genetic disorders genetic mutations in humans effects of mutation different types of mutations rare genetic diseases interesting genetic disorders = Facebook ► Twitter ► Google+ ► Tumblr ► Pinterest ► Reddit ► Linkedin ► LiveJournal ► Please Like & Subscribe Mega News.