How to Make a Coin Ring From a 1 oz US Gold Eagle

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Incredible Italian Silver coin ring made from old Italian coin 500 Lire. I made this ring and this video especially for Howard G. from U. S. Do you like this ring? Want the same? Welcome to my store. Watch my latest video on the "Galaxy Cluster Ring": In this weekly video I am making a wood ring from scratch using walnut burl, crushed blue opal and a light blue epoxy core. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, hope you enjoy! Subscribe to see these weekly videos My Shop: My Instagram: My Facebook. Amazing Techniques Smart Woodwokring Skills Incredible And Ingenious - Making Furniture Decoration Thanks for watching, subscribe & share! ► All things for you: ► Subscribe to channel. Short video showing how and what to scrap in old cell phones and prepare them for gold and other precious metals recovery. Also see the USGS pdf report "Recycled Cell Phones—A Treasure Trove of Valuable Metals" (2006): But do not forget to adjust the prices to gold's current value. The report suggests an avarage gold content of 0. 034g per cell phone: At 2005 - 0. 034g was worth 0. 4$ At todays prices (1700$ an ounce) - 0. 034 is worth 1. 85$ Will scrapping cell phones make you rich? probably not. But it will make you some extra cash. - I have made this short list for US citizens who wants to sell scrap electronics. You can contact these following scrap buyers: Gold Chip Buyer - Relectrocycle - CashforComputerScrap - Mike, South Eastern Ohio - (740)350-1272 I have hand picked these scrap buyer as i know they are very honest and stright forward. I did not receive any incentive nor will i receive any future commision from these scrap buyers. I'm happy to put their links here as i believe they are trustworthy and will treat you fairly. -.

How to make a ring from a coin. Sormus 10 markan kolikosta. Nämä kolikot sisältävät nikkeliä ja kuparia joten on mahdollista että ne allergisoivat käytössä. Be safe. Do not do what I do! Music by youtube free music library. Кольцо из монеты Здравствуйте, друзья! В этом видео вы увидите, как из обычной монеты в 50 центов с помощью простых инструментов можно изготовить интересное украшение! Конечно, это не ювелирное изделие и даже не бижутерия! Это всего лишь "знак внимания", сделанный своими руками, который обязательно оценят ваши любимые! Идея подарка возникла после просмотра видео Hassan Abu-Izmero. Приятного вам просмотра и не забудьте подписаться на канал! Ссылки: Паста ГОИ (аналог) - Полировальные круги - Набор насадок для гравера - Штангенциркуль - Качественные ступенчатые сверла - Группа ВКонтакте Facebook: #подарокна8марта #кольцо #кольцоизмонеты #evgeniybudilov #ring #homemade #diy.

HOW IT WORKS - Computer Recycling. Support Us On Patreon: We Are Also On Steemit: There has been a wealth of documented artefacts found within very ancient sediment, coal seams, minerals, and even stones and geodes. All indicating that a vastly different story has taken place upon our earth, to that of what the majority, stubbornly persist in assuming. So many pieces of evidence in fact, it seems, that it has been an impossible task for an unknown group of tyrants, who, for whatever reason, have attempted to conceal or supress such discoveries… Or more importantly, hide the historical tales in which they are all trying to tell us. And these next three, are no exception. The Lanzhou Stone, Discovered in 1999 by Zhilin Wang in a remote mountainous area in northwest China. Upon research being undertaken it was established to be unexplainable. The rock is made of an unknown material, and the metal artefact embedded within, may quite possibly have alien origins. As reported in the ‘Lanzhou Morning News’ on June 26, 2002: "More than 10 geologists, physicists and other specialists from such institutes as the National Land Resources Bureau of china, the Institute of Geology and Minerals Research, and the School of Resources and environment, all eventually studied the possible origins of the stone. The results of these examinations, the possible explanations for its formation or indeed origin, were never released. Amazingly however, the scientists unanimously concluded that the stone is currently one of the most valuable in China, or possibly the world… When pressed for further explanation it was disclosed that the rock will apparently be extremely important for future research and quote, “Archaeological studies. " Any further disclosure regarding the scientist’s discoveries has remained elusive… The Wolfsegg Iron, has a similarly suppressed story, over 20 million years old, this extremely ancient, and clearly once worked cube of iron, may have also come from space. Indeed, that is a conclusion many educated researchers arrived at. Although attempts to discredit such claims involve recent testing which has shown the cube lacks usual elements present in meteoritic material… They all avoid mentioning its strong magnetic characteristics, a signature uncannily similar to that found in meteorites and other objects with an “other worldly” origin. It was discovered when a workman at the Braun iron foundry in Schondorf, Austria, was breaking up a block of lignite that had been mined at Wolfsegg. In 1886, mining engineer Adolf Gurlt reported the object to the Natural History Society of Bonn, who noted that the object was coated with a thin layer of rust, was made of iron, and had a specific gravity of 7. 75. Early descriptions of the object appeared in contemporary editions of the scientific journals Nature and L'Astronomie, identified at the time by numerous scientists as being a fossil meteorite. Now virtually unanimously concluded to have been manmade, it has thus been unexplainable… stolen at one point, it was strangely returned to another museum, now without a compelling mainstream explanation, it has simply been condemned to the history books as some form of elaborate hoax. Impossible artefacts have been found in the most unusual of places, for example, a seemingly unbreakable piece of unknown metal, possibly a ring of ancient, or, according to man’s official history, alien origin found within a Geode, encapsulated for over 200 million years… It is now largely presumed that the object was quickly sold to a private collector, most people begin with good intentions but sadly, are often allured away by various means of temptation, subsequently allowing such relics to disappear into the archives of the past. This is mikes contact email to coast to coast, Quote, “My name is Mike Walters and I'm an amateur geologist. I often come across geodes. I have opened thousands of these and have found beautiful crystal and mineral deposits. However, I have never found anything like this: it appears to be polished metal. This report, and the accompanying image, it seems, is all that we will ever see regarding this compelling artefact. A mysterious fate experienced by many such artefacts, for example, sadly, only the wolfsegg iron now remains in the public domain for future testing. What secret within our past is felt by some clearly powerful people, as an imperative to keep concealed from the majority of the world? Maybe the question should be, will we ever be ready, or indeed able to find out… Music by Alexander Hoff & Myuu.

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