Shaista Lodhi With Her Husband And Children

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Beschreibung: Shaista Lodhi Latest Clicks with her Husband Adnan Lodhi and Son Shafey Wahidi, Faiz Wahidi And Daughter Eeman Wahidi.

Revealed: Shaista Lodhi’s new husband Family A recent Facebook posting showed TV celebrity Shahida Lodhi’s new husband, identified by his first name in the post as Adnan. Shaista Lodhi who after enjoying years of celebrity-status had stirred a controversy during the morning show she hosted on 15 May 2014. The episode drew public wrath and the anchorperson was charged with blasphemy, forcing her to leave the country. However, the 43-year-old diva today took to Twitter and disclosed her second marriage. Farah Shah is a Pakistani television actress and model. Who Magical Weight Loss. Shaista Lodhi Real Life Pictures Shaista Lodhi is a Pakistani morning show host and TV presenter. Born: 26 November 1977 (age 39 years), Karachi Education: Habib Public School Spouse: Adnan Lodhi (m. 2015), Waqar Wahid (m. 1999–2012) Children: Shafey Wahidi, Eeman Wahidi, Faiz Wahidi Siblings: Sahir Lodhi, Tahir Lodhi, Amir Lodhi Parents: Roshan Taj Lodhi, Ali Gohar Lodhi Born Karachi Sindh, Pakistan Nationality Pakistani Occupation Anchor, TV Presenter, Actor Years active 2001–present Organization ARY Digital (2010) Geo TV (2011–2014) Hum Sitaray (2015-2016) See TV (2016) Geo TV (2017-present) Spouse(s) Waqar Wahidi (m. 1999–2012), Adnan Lodhi (m. 2015) [1] Children 3 Relatives Sahir Lodhi (brother) Website shaistalodhi Good Morning Pakistan Ary Digital Utho Jago Pakistan Geo TV Sitaray ki Subha Hum Sitaray "Mehmaan Nawaz" Urdu1 Geo Subah Pakistan Geo TV Lodhi was born in Karachi to Ali Gohar Lodhi and Roshan Taj Lodhi. She grew up in a family with three brothers (Amir Lodhi, Tahir Lodhi and Sahir Lodhi). She was the host of the morning show Good Morning Pakistan, which airs on Ary Digital. In the end of September 2010, she joined GEO[3] and hosted a morning show 'Utho Jago Pakistan' on the same channel. The show was suspended on 15 May 2014 by the channel administration after alleged blasphemy during the show, [4] and she left Pakistan because of fears for her safety. [5] She married for the second time in June 2015 after giving divorce to her first husband in 2012. [6] Shaista married Adnan Lodhi. [1] Shaishta moved to South Africa with her three children and returned to Pakistan in 2015[7] and made her come back in morning shows by hosting 'Sitare ki Subah' on Hum Sitaray. Shaista has a brother Sahir Lodhi, who is also working in TV. [2] She also hosted 'Mehmaan Nawaz' on Urdu1 and now hosting 'Geo Subah Pakistan' on Geo TV.

Top 10 Pakistani Celebrities Couples With Huge Age Difference N0. 10(Afzal Khan & Sahiba) Famous Pakistani actor and comedian Afzal Khan, 50, tied the knot with beautiful actress Sahiba, 44, in 1997. This beautiful couple has an age difference of six years. N0. 9(Danish Taimoor & Ayeza Khan) One of the most beautiful couples of the showbiz industry, Ayeza Khan, 25, and Danish Taimoor, 33, tied the knot back in 2009. Both of them have an age difference of eight years. N0. 8(Faisal Qureshi & Sana Qureshi) After two failed marriages, best Pakistani actor Faisal Qureshi, 43, tied the knot with Sana in 2010. Both of them are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Ayat. As Sana’s age is not known to us, but as per sources the lovely couple has an age gap of around ten years. N0. 7(Babar Khan & Bisma Khan) After his first wife’s death in an accident, Babar Khan, 27, tied the knot for the second time with his young cousin Bisma Khan, 18, who was doing Matric at the time of her marriage. This couple has an age gap of nine years. N0. 6(Gohar Mumtaz & Anam Ahmad) The founding member of rock band Jal and famous Pakistani singer Gohar Mumtaz, 35, got hitched to Anam Ahmed, 22, in 2014. This gorgeous couple has a huge age difference of thirteen years. N0. 5(Azfar Ali & Naveen Waqar) When Azfar got married to Naveen, it was easily evident that he is at least 10 years older than Naveen. They got a divorce in 2015, after three years of a bumpy marriage. N0. 4(Shaista Lodhi & Adnan Lodhi) Adnan is Shaista’s second husband. She was earlier married to Waqar Wahidi for 13 years but eventually got divorced. Shaista is 38, and Adnan is 45. N0. 3(Imran Khan & Reham Khan) The PTI chairman, Imran and T. V host, Reham got married amidst a great deal of controversy in 2014. But the two ended up getting a divorce in 2015. Imran is 20 years older than Reham. N0. 2(Wasim Akram & Shaniera Thompson) Akram met Shaneira while on a visit to Melbourne in 2011. They got married in 2013 and had a baby girl in 2014, named Aiyla Akram. Shaneira is 33 years old, and Wasim is 50. N0. 1(Shoaib Akhter & Rubab Khan) These two have an age difference of 21 years! Rubab is 20, and Shoaib is 41. They got married in 2014. Subscribe Me Top 10 Pakistani Celebrities Couples With Huge Age Difference Hello, This is Top 10 Here. Photos all are taken form Google Image search and using advance image search option. Music are taken from you-tube library. All Videos making only for Informational Purpose, try to accurate information, but No Guarantee Accuracy. Thanks. Top 10 Pakistani Celebrities Couples With Huge Age Difference.

Revealed : Shaista Lodhi’s new husband
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