DIY PARTY | Colorful Backdrop + Piñata Fiesta

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Beschreibung: We are partnering up with Hallmark for a fun stop motion series inspired by their Birthday cards!

How to Make Papel Picador (Mexican Streamers) Learn how to make decorative papel picado for any festive occasion. You can use this to decorate for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, a birthday party, a kid's room, a game room or backyard. It's a fun and easy arts and craft activity for kids to make. All you need is tissue paper cut into rectangles, scissors, glue and ribbon or string. We hope you enjoy this step-by-step tutorial on how to make papel picado. To watch more easy craft videos for kids, please subscribe to the Duck Duck Goose Fun Channel at: For some of our other videos, click on: Bunny Egg Holder - Chick Thaumatrope - Follow us online: Duck Duck Goose Fun website - duckduckgoosefun Pinterest - Facebook – Instagram – Twitter - Other great links.

Very simple way to spruce up your next party! Very easy and cheap Photo Back Drop The hooks you can reuse over and over. The table clothes you can get from Walmart or Dollar Tree for a $1 each. Follow me on Periscope for some behind the scenes of my daily life. Come back for more! Video requests? Comment below or send me a message. * You can find me at: Facebook: Instagram: Sharingourlife Email: Sharingourlife22@gmail. Pantry Organization Ideas DIY Pantry Makeover. Do you love kitchen organisation tips and ideas? Today's video is all about how to do a DIY pantry makeover on an affordable budget. Thumbs up for today's organisation video! S O C I A L S I T E S → DAILY VLOG CHANNEL →Facebook →Twitter →Instagram →Pinterest →A D D M E O N S N A P C H A T Ash_Jackson8 PO Box 4112 Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113 Australia Hi my name is Ash Jackson and on this channel I plan to post all kids of how to videos such as ‘how to lose baby weight fast’, ‘how to organise your home’, ‘how to create DIY decor and furniture on a budget’, ‘how to eat healthy on a budget’ ‘how to be a stylish mum on a budget’, ‘how to meal plan for your family’, how to create healthy family meal plans’, ‘how to workout at home with kids’ and much more. I also do Australian Family Daily Vlogs with my Aussie Vlogging Family on our separate Young Family Vlog Channel.

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