Nawab of Bahawalpur aur Dunya ki Sab se Mehngi Gari ki Kahani

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Bahawalpur Nawab Sadiq Abbasi daughter Zohra Abbasi press conference Rohi Rohi is a regional news channel for the people of South Punjab and the Seraiki Belt. Follow our pages to keep up to date with the latest news from Rohi. Qila (Fort) Deer is a historical place which located in City Bahawalpur. in this video you know about this fort ancient history and story in urdu hindi. Bahawalpur (Punjabi, Urdu: بہاولپور‎‎), is a city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Bahawalpur is the 12th largest city in Pakistan with an estimated population of 798, 509. [3] The city also lies near the ancient Derawar Fort in the Cholistan Desert near the border with India, and serves as the gateway to Pakistan's Lal Suhanra National Park. Bahawalpur was once the capital of the former princely state of Bahawalpur ruled by Nawabs. The Nawabs of Bahawalpur were regarded as part of the Rajputana States, the majority of which now form the bulk of the neighbouring Indian state of Rajasthan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~=~~~~~~~~~~~~~` PLEASE DO ACTION ON MENTION BELOW, LIKE COMMENT SHARE SUBSCRIBE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you happy to watch this video then hit LIKE button and Share on social media and ▶▶ Subscribe Us here ☑ ▶▶ Like Our Facebook Page ☑ Once Hazrat Musa (AS) Asked Allah About The Last Enteror of Jannah in Urdu Hindi An Islamic Story of a Brave Pirate who faced Hajaj bin Yousaf in His Justice Court in Urdu Story of a Christian Church Father's Punishment from Allah an emotional islamic waqia Two Very Honorable and Two Very Bad Women in Islamic History Allah Describes in Quran about them An Awesome Story of a Desi Hakeem about His Faith on Allah in Urdu Daud Ibrahim Ki Life Story - How He become Underworld Don (Gangster) In Urdu Hindi.

Tales of Akbar & Birbal stories are rewritten from common folklore and are engrossing and interesting, besides help kids learn something valuable and enrich their minds. Each one of the Akbar Birbal stories carries simple lessons, be it humility or trusting one's skills and instincts. The Jackfruit Tree is an interesting story of the royal gardener, who one day loses his life's savings, which he kept hidden buried under a jackfruit tree. Birbal helps him find the culprit and recover his money. As usual Birbal uses ingenuity and his superior intellect in solving this dilemma. बीरबल को प्राकृति से था । वो अपना जादा टार वक्त बाहर खुली हवा में बिताते थे । उनकी सबसे पसंदिता जगह शहंशाह अगबर के शाही बाग़ थे । इन शाही बागो कि देखभाल एक नीर नाम का माली करता था । वो एक शान्त इन्सान था । जो सीधी-साधी जिन्दगी जीता था । वो अपने में और अपने बागो में खुश था । बीरबल और नीर अक्सर बागों के पेड़, पौधे, फलो और फूलों कि बाते करते थे । नीर बीरबल को पसन्द करता था । एक दिन नीर रोरहा था । क्यों कि वो अपने बुढ़ापे केलिए बीस साल से पैसे बचारहा था । नीर वो पैसे मटके में डालकर एक पेड़ के निचे छुपाता था । एक दिन उस मटके को निकाल ने केलिए ख़ुदाइ कि तो मटका वहा नहीं था । ये देखकर वो रो रहा था । उसे रोता देख बीरबल उसके पास गये और पूछने लगा नीर ने सारी कहानी बताइ । अब बीरबल नीर के पैसे किसने चुराए हैं ये कैसे ढूंडता हैं ये जानने केलिए ये वीडियो देखे ।.

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