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On the last decades, the art of computer animated films is getting better and better. Animated films are more beautiful, more complicated and of a higher quality. Nowadays, each little detail is important: some of you probably remember the famous headphone mistake that was so commented on the internet a couple of years ago and it was finally done right! But in several countries, some famous scenes from different animated films look quite different from the way they look in other countries. You might not know this, but people working in animated films love their work and their audience, and sometimes change their films to include some important aspects for this or that culture. So, here are 5 animated films that look different in other countries.

Cartoon Voices: Here are the top 10 real people behind famous cartoon characters. We previously did a video on this and because you all loved it so much, we thought we would make a part two. If you have ever wondered who the people behind your favourite cartoon shows was, well today we're going to be showing you the real voices behind the most popular cartoon shows. Some of the cartoons included in the video are the despicable me 3, family guy, cars 3 and many more! Secret Videos: TOP 6 YouTubers With LEAKED Face Reveals! 6 Megalodons Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life! Social Media: Twitter Instagram Google+ Snapchat: ExtremeTrendsTOP10 Thank you for watching and make sure to subscribe for more extreme trends top 5s, top 10s, top15s and the alltime10s videos! I hope you enjoyed this video of real people behind famous cartoon.

I don't own the animations or the songs. They belong to Walt Disney. I have only edited. The most correct language for Brave would be Scottish Gaelic but the film is not dubbed in it. English is correct as well. Same with the Emperor's New Groove and Quechuan. The Lion King is not dubbed in Swahili and I think that Zulu is also correct because The Circle of Life is in Zulu. Part 1: Thank you for watching and check out my other videos. Hi Bunnies! ^^🐰❤️🐇 Have you often wondered how the cute Disney animals would look like in human version? Then check out these humanized Disney characters! A bunch of amazing artists drew Disney Animals as Humans and the result is stunning! A few monsters, Lightning McQueen from Cars 3, Sadness, Joy and Disgust from Inside Out and Wall-E and Eve are also included, despite them not being animals: ) So the title should really have been Disney non human characters as humans or Cartoon characters human version. That would have been a bit confusing though, as most of the humanized Disney characters are animals: ) Which Disney characters in human form is your favorite - and why? Comment below! I didn't draw these incredible artworks. They were made by the following artists: Judy and Nick, Simba, Cheshire Cat, Scar: Sakimichan Her Deviantart-profile: She also has Facebook and Patreon: ) Duchess and Thomas, Lady and The Tramp, Tarzan: Alaina Her Deviantart-profile: Timon and Pumbaa: Fernando Mendonça His DA-profile: Inside Out: KadeArt Her Tumblr: Wall-E and Eve: Emmy Her DA-account: Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson Hornet: Kaz His Deviantart: The Aristocats kittens: Kalno. B-Caramel DA-account: Aby, Goofy: Chaico Mickey and Minnie Mouse: Chihiro Howe Mike and Sully, Oliver and Dodger, Priscilla and Flash, Iago: unknown Music: "Pirate Cove" by "Anton McGeezus" is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. ▼ Anton McGeezus Social links: The backgroundtrack is provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Link to NCS: K-391 - "Earth" Link to song: K-391 social links: • • • •.

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