Sanam Jung's Daughter Alaya

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Beschreibung: Sanam Jung with husband and sweet little princess Alaya

Sanam Jung with Family going to Dubai in Private Jet Sanam Jung with husband and daughter going to dubai in Private Jet Music NoCopyrightSounds. Sanam Jung Daughter Alaya Jafri 1st Birthday Celebration. In this video, award winning Orange County photographer, Ana Brandt, shows us the behind the scenes action of a newborn baby photo shoot. - For all workshops, mentoring and online courses check out: and for online visit - Check out Ana’s online shop at: - Shop Baby Wraps at: - Shop Newborn Products at: - Shop Baby Faux Fur at: - Buy Photographer Props & Accessories from: (Use coupon code "YOUTUBE" at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase) - To see more of Ana’s work check out: - Connect with Ana on social media at: FACEBOOK - ANA’S FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - TWITTER -. Sanam Jung Is Pakistani TV Host And Actress And Her Daughter Alaya. Watch here all your Favorite shows Dramas News Showbiz Entertainment and all those news about Showbiz which you cannot see on any other channel! This Channel has all the rights to hold the showbiz world together about all the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, and Lolly wood. Stay in touch for more information and latest news and videos. For Latest updates Click and Subscribe to this channel.

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