Top 10 Craziest Intersections

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Beschreibung: This video features world's most unusual interchanges from any metrics—such as design, driving experience, project costs, historic values and many more..

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10. Gravely Hill Interchange
Also called 'Spaghetti Juction', its is one of earliest stack interchange in the world as it opened in 1972. It is located in Birmingham, England.

9. Gate Tower Building
Located in Osaka, Japan; it is the only elevated interchange that goes into buildings. It happens due to landlord refused to gave up land, hence the an agreement archived with such design.

8. Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange
Found in Los Angeles, USA; it is one of a few five-level stack interchanges existed in America. What makes this one so special since it also integrated with metro line and bus transit station right in the middle.

7. Nanpu Bridge Interchange
Located right in the middle of Shanghai, it's unique circular design is a smart way to integrate 3 highways while elevating traffic into a very high bridge at the same time.

6. Porta Maggiore
Road that go around this historic monument give drivers hurrendous experience with trams and train railways cross exist every 20 feet.

5. Springfield Interchange
Being most busiest interchange in USA, it also host two interchange in one place—one for regular highways, another for HOV. It costs 676 million USD which makes it the most expensive intersection in USA (maybe even world).

4. Oyamazaki Interchange
Can be found in Osaka, Japan. This tentacles junction makes driver go rounds few times before exit the interchange. Another crazy fact is two unnecessary branch which leads to same destination.

3. Arc de Triomphe Roundabout
Being Paris famous landmarks, it also serve 12 roads by its wide roundabout. The traffic atmosphere would trigger question if you are still in Europe.

2. Yan'an Interchange
This is the only 6 level stack interchange and the highest stack number on the planet. It joints two elevated motorways while pedestrian overpass and local crossroads uninterrupted.

1. Magic Roundabout
Located in Swindon, England; it contains five small roundabouts on each entrance of roads. Its design may look insane but the it works in dispersing traffic into bigger area and accident rate statistic is fine too.

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