Throwing water into the air at -52 below zero in fairbanks Alaska

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What happens when you throw boiling water up into the air at -15 fahrenheit temperatures? Check this out and see! Demonstrates the scientific phenomenon known as the "Mpemba Effect". Subscribe to Bright Side: For copyright matters please contact us at: welcome@brightside. me - Everyone tries to keep their home clean and hygienic, especially in places where our body is most vulnerable to bacteria. Cleansers and disinfectants aren’t always worthwhile, so it’s useful to know which alternatives can help to achieve the best results. We at Bright Side learned a simple but effective way to help make the bathroom in your house cleaner and safer. Music: Rubber Necking - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: - For more videos and articles visit.

From the cute towns of Idaho, to the most inhospitable parts of Antarctica, these are 13 COLDEST Places in the World! Subscribe to Talltanic 7. Oymyakon, Russia This little town in Russia has been officially identified as one of the two coldest places on Earth that are regularly inhabited with the other one being the previously mentioned town of Verkhoyansk. There’s only around 500 citizens that are crazy enough to endure such harsh winter temperatures. Because of where the village is positioned, a day will only get 21 hours in June while a day in December only gets 3 hours. The lowest temperature that ever occurred here was back in 1924 when the temperature dropped to a frigid negative 71. 2 degrees Celsius or negative 96 degrees Fahrenheit. 6. Denali, Alaska This mountain in Alaska, formerly known as Mount McKinley, happens to be the highest mountain peak in all of North America thanks to its summit elevation of 6, 190 meters or 20, 310 feet above sea level. The reason that the mountain range was formerly called McKinley was because a gold prospector named it after the presidential candidate William McKinley as part of his support. It was changed in 2015 to Denali which is what the native people refer to it as. It’s also considered to be the coldest mountain on earth. The air temperature here usually falls to be around negative 40 degrees Celsius which is also the same in Fahrenheit. 5. Yakutsk, Russia This Russian city happens to be the capital of the Sakha Republic where an estimated population of around 300, 000 people live. Here, the weather gets drastically cold enough to where the average temperature for the city’s winters is around negative 34 degrees Celsius or negative 29. 2 degrees Fahrenheit. This is considered to be the coldest city of its size or greater in the entire world. In the following image, we see just how bundled the citizens have to be in order to just walk outside as this woman walks across a snow covered bridge. 4. The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station This United States South Pole station was first established back in 1956 and was named after Roald Amundsen and Robert F. Scott who were both led expeditions to the Antarctic region. That was way back when the original station was constructed but over the years the station has been destroyed, rebuilt, expanded, and even upgraded throughout the years. Around 200 people lived here during the summer season and the number dwindles down to 50 come winter time. The coldest temperature drop that this area has ever experienced was when the air was at a freezing negative 73 degrees Celsius or negative 99 degrees Fahrenheit. 3. The Dome Argus, Antarctic Plateau The Dome Argus is a plateau that is located in East Antarctica and lies 4, 091 meters or 13, 421 feet above sea level. The lowest temperature that was ever recorded here in this icy wasteland happened back in July of 2005. It got so cold here that the temperature dropped down to negative 82. 5 degrees Celsius or -116. 5 degrees Fahrenheit. This area also happens to be the “highest point of an ice sheet in the Antarctic region, ” along with being one of the driest areas on Earth as well. 2. The Vostok Station, Antarctica This Russian weather monitoring station can be found in the icy tundra of the Antarctic where it lies at 3, 488 meters or 11, 443. 6 feet above sea level. This makes the area have low oxygen levels and there’s almost no moisture in the air. Temperatures here can reach anywhere from negative 32. 1 degrees Celsius or negative 25. 8 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the warmest it gets, to, well, even colder than that. Vostok station broke the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth which it set back on January 21, 1983. 1. Dome Fuji Ridge, East Antarctic Plateau Finally. Here we are. We’ve reached the end of our list and now we’re at what is considered to be the coldest area in the known world. Located on the East Antarctic Plateau is the Dome Fuji Ridge which is located in between Dome Argus and Dome Fuji. It’s here that the lowest temperature on earth was seen and picked up by a NASA satellite. It was back in August of 2010 that the temperature reached a mind-numbing negative 93. 2 degrees Celsius or negative 135. 8 degrees Fahrenheit and stole the record from the Vostok Station, however, it’s not official as it wasn’t declared by Guinness so technically Vostok remains the coldest. Yeah, it’s a weird situation.

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