COOLEST Toys That Exist Today!

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Beschreibung: Check out the coolest toys that exist today! From the latest technology to futuristic robot toys with remote control, this top 10 list of amazing toys and gadgets is not only for kids!

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10. Flybrix
It seems that as every year goes by, Lego comes up with new ways to make their building bricks even more fun. They’ve come a long way since the days of building inanimate objects, having brought out monorails, robots and everything in between. Well, the newest addition takes Lego to the next level, as you can now build your own destructible quadcopters with Flybrix.
Each kit comes with everything you need to attach 4 propellers to your latest creation, and the ability to fly it using a smartphone app. The best thing about this is that it has been designed to be resilient, so if you crash it’s no problem. Simply pick up the pieces and build it again.
As well as being able to fly, the app provides you with details like power levels, gives you control over the fine tuning of steering, the barometer, magnometer and gyroscope, as well as the obligatory LED’s that you can flash at the tap of a button. Flybrix are sure to be a popular present come christmas time, and will have kids around the world shouting ‘everything is awesome’ all day long.
9. Wilson X Connected Football
It used to be that you would either go outdoors to play sports, or stay indoors to play video games, but, with the technological advancements of the past decade, companies are now able to merge the two. One of the coolest products to do this that is available now comes from Wilson X, with their connected footballs and basketballs. By adding sensors within the balls, data is sent back to your smartphone that not only makes it more fun, but also helps perfect your technique.
With information like the distance you throw, the spin rate and the velocity being available at the click of a button, these balls provide an affordable way to find where your technique is lacking, and allow you to focus on what you need to improve. It’s not just footballs, either. Wilson also make a connected basketball for those people that prefer shooting hoops, and it will track all of the shots you make and help you improve. The only downside to these balls are their cost; about $160 dollars, but if they help you get into the NFL or NBA it’ll be worth it, right?
8. Wiggy Piggy Bank
Kids toy manufacturers are all trying to find a way to connect their products with smart devices, and it turns out even the humble piggy bank is having a makeover. No longer just somewhere for children to store their hard earned money, it’s now a cute companion that parents can use to get the chores done.
The Wiggy Piggy Bank is not your typical piggy bank- you can’t even put real money into it! Instead everything is done through the app, with the pig itself being an electronic toy that flashes lights and makes noises.
Through the app, parents are able to set tasks and chores for their child, who will be encouraged to do them at the right time by the pig speaking out loud and asking them to. Successful completion of the tasks results in virtual currency being added to their piggy bank, and the pig vibrating and congratulating them.
7. PowerRay Underwater Drone
Drones are undoubtedly one of the most popular tech toys of the moment, but if you’re not so excited by a flying one, or already have one, then why not get yourself an underwater drone instead?
Manufacturers have turned their attention to where else the technology can be applied, and from the first examples it’s clear that there’s a lot of fun to be had. This one from PowerVision is available for pre order, and comes packed with cool abilities. Known as the PowerRay, it’s designed for underwater photography and has all you need to track down the perfect shots. It can work at depths of up to 100 feet for up to four hours at a time, and is suited for fresh, salt, or chlorinated water. It remains attached to the surface at all times with a 150 feet cable, which transmits the video from the 4K camera on board to the base station, as well as ensuring that it doesn’t get taken away by strong currents.
Different versions are available that are suited to different users, with a Fish Finder model designed to help fishermen find their targets by shining lights and dropping bait. Fish don’t stand a chance!

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