5 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Related!

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Beschreibung: Technically speaking, everyone is related to each other.

I'm related to you and vice versa.

The actual statistic is everyone is at least 50th cousins with each other.

However in this list we'll be showing you 5 celebrities you didn't know were related!

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5) Kate Middleton And Guy Ritchie

Although distant, the future Queen of England is related to Madonna’s ex, Guy Ritchie.

Kate & Guy are very distant cousins sharing the same ancestor back in 1726.

If you dig a little deeper you find Kate is also related to George Washington & Ellen DeGeneres.

4) Mariah Carey and Ashley Cole

Here’s one you probably didn't see coming.

Although British Footballer Ashley Cole was born in East London, & Mariah in New York, they are related & actually not that distant.

Ashley Cole has roots in the same area in Alabama as Mariah Carey.

In fact Mariah Carey's grandmother used to be a Cole.

3) Justin Bieber and Celine Dion

They are both Canadian so the likelihood of them being related does increase a little.

However they are very distant relatives.

If you go back 400 years, you'll find both their bloodlines meet at a French Family that came to Quebec.

However this family seem to be pretty good at creating future celebrities, as two more famous Canadian are also related to the same French family.

They are Ryan Gosling & Avril Lavigne

2) Paris Hilton and Brad Pitt

Paris Hilton's grandfather, the man responsible for the famous Hilton hotels, is related to the English king Henry II.

The same goes for Brad Pitt, who is the king’s 25th cousin on his mother’s side.

They are definitely not close relatives, but it’s a connection.

Nonetheless & also technically makes Brad Pitt & Paris Hilton royalty.

1) Brad Pitt and Barack Obama

Barack Obama is actually related to quite a few political figures & presidents.

His bloodline meets with the bloodlines of George W Bush, his father George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman and James Madison.

He is also distantly related to Dick Cheney.

However Barack Obama also has relatives outside the political world including Brad Pitt who is 9th cousins with the president.

Funnily enough Hillary Clinton is also distantly related to Brad's wife Angelina Jolie.

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