12 of the World's Smallest Cars

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Beschreibung: From a Record-Breaking Ride to Corbin Sparrow here are 12 of the World's Smallest Cars. Which car would you drive all the time?

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6. Corbin Sparrow

These vehicles became pretty popular in the late 90’s when they were first produced and even made their mark on pop culture in several ways. They chased Austin Powers and Beyonce in the third Austin Powers movie. A fleet of hatchback variants was created for Dominos Pizza that were nicknamed pizza butt. People could order them in a variety of neon colors. Due to several issues, including bad management and supplier issues Corbin filed for bankruptcy in 2003, ending production. The company managed to make 289 Sparrows while they were operating, 100 of them were made with this interesting jelly bean style body. Their 20-kilowatt motor produced the equivalent of around 25 horsepower. Its primitive battery took six hours to charge and had terrible range. They were around ninety-six inches long and 48 inches wide.

5. Buddy

From 1991 to 2013 Buddy Electric sold about 1,500 units, nearly 1,100 of which were registered in Norway. The Buddy originated as the Kewet and starting in 2007 the car was manufactured under the name Buddy. Buddy is a basic electric vehicle that has a range of no more than 40 miles and a maximum speed of fifty miles per hour. With a length of only 96 inches, the car is legally allowed to be parked sideways in many jurisdictions. Two Buddy models are available, the ordinary Buddy and the Buddy Cab, which features a folding roof.

4. Smart Fortwo

Made as a three-door hatchback or a two door convertible this car has a nine-gallon tank and is a minuscule 106 inches long and 65-75 inches wide. While its price is similar to the failed Mia Electric, it’s a little more practical. It’s zero to 60 speed is a little over ten seconds, and it has a top speed of 95 miles per hour. Daimler AG’s Smart division has been producing the Smart Fortwo since 1998. Newer models of the car have been paired with a lithium-ion battery that makes it very environmentally friendly.

3. BMW Isetta

The brilliantly designed 1955 BMW Isetta was the top selling single cylinder car in the world with just over one hundred and sixty thousand units sold and became the first mass-produced vehicle to achieve the incredible gas mileage of 94 miles per gallon. The car was 90 inches long, 55 inches wide and weighed just 770 pounds. The Isetta was originally produced by Italian firm Iso SpA, who had been building refrigerators and small three-wheeled trucks when they decided to make a small car for mass production. The unique, egg-shaped car caused quite a stir when it was introduced to the press in November 1953. Initially, the Isetta was very successful, but sales started to slip thanks to competition from the Fiat 500C and the company’s owner, Renzo Rivolta sold it to BMW.

2. Peel P50

Listed as the smallest production car ever made in the Guinness Book of World Record the Peel P50 is a minuscule 54 inches long and 41 inches wide. The original production model came equipped with a 50 cc engine that sat along the driver in the cabin, which was less than comfortable. Now, however, there are optional electric motors available. The P50 has only one door and one headlight. The cars It also has no reverse gear, you simply have to hop out of the car and do it yourself if needed. The original version was manufactured from 1962 until 1965. Only fifty were produced and of those only twenty-seven are still known to exist. Incredibly, one of those was sold for 176 thousand dollars at an auction in March 2016. Peel Engineering started remanufacturing the P50 with better mechanics, including a reverse gear in 2010 and you can buy a new one to this day for around fifteen thousand bucks.

1. Record-Breaking Ride

Sure the Peel P50 is tiny, but it has nothing on this car, which is also in the Guinness Book of Records as the World's Smallest Roadworthy Car. At just 25 inches high 2 feet 1.75 inches wide and 4 feet 1.75 inches long the car is fully driveable, though it tops out at 33 miles per hour. With no suspension the car is scary to drive, even going 30. It’s also not going to take you very far as it’s fuel tank has a total capacity of just a half gallon. It represents the fulfillment of a goal for its creator, Austin Coulson, who had been dreaming of being featured in Guinness for something automotive since he was a child.

From The House of Eternal Return to Santa Marta Restaurant here are 14 Inspiring Renovated Abandoned Places. Subscribe to Talltanic 6 - Barn Beauty House Inside of Burgundy France lives this amazing converted home. Once a plain old barn full of plants and animals now stands transformed into a luxurious living space. The architects wanted to preserve the original structure while combining different styles of modern designs. The contrast helps with this home's charm as well as the plush white walls, high ceilings, modern appliances but old barn wooden planks, this house is cosy, spacious and contemporary. The neutral atmosphere of the combination of materials and colors from the past as well as the present help make this house into a home. 5 - La Fabrica An architect named Richard Bofill stumbled upon an abandoned dilapidated cement factory in 1973 and 45 years later has transformed the place into a lush spectacular home. Located moments away from Barcelona Spain, this WWII era factory went through years of deterioration and decay before Richard and his team began renovating the space into a modern living space. The exterior remains covered in vegetation, the ivy clinging to the ancient walls and pieces of the old factory remain preserved inside the high ceilings. Each room has a unique purpose and theme, no two look exactly alike. There are indoor as well as outdoor relaxation spots inside the shallow romantic style ruins. The reformed factory is now considered a work of art and Richard's personal palace and he's not done, not by a long shot, the architect takes great joy in the restoration process as well as conceptualising new ideas for this luxurious living space. 4 - Santa Marta Restaurant This striking building was once a thriving chapel in Italy, in fact, this structure was once a religious complex for the parish church. Originally constructed way back in the 18th century the transformation of church to restaurant took place in the early 2000s, the elaborate project wasn't completed until 2009. The three-story building has gone through a complete overhaul, except for the exterior which was preserved in its original grandeur. The ground floor is where patrons enter and contains a strikingly lavish bar, kitchen for the upstairs restaurant and and toilet facilities. There's also a gallery which showcases local artists, balconies with outdoor seating options and a modern interior design which has hungry diners constantly raving. 3 - Containers of Hope These compartments which now houses a sprawling apartment in San Jose Costa Rica were once nothing boring old shipping containers. The stunning 1, 000 square foot converted home is comprised of two 40-foot previously used shipping containers. Shoved together, raised in height and decorated with lavish glass windows this container house is located on a truly remarkable undisturbed piece of Costa Rican land, surrounded by forest, animals and a beautiful skyline. It may not be a typical domicile but it is a magnificent cosy dream house for one enthusiastic couple. 2 - New York Water Tower Getaway New York City is home to many abandoned water towers, but one sharp investor saw potential where many only saw an eyesore. One water tower located in the dense metropolis of Manhattan has been converted and reconstructed into an ultimate though small penthouse apartment. This urban treehouse of sorts is located high above the city skyline with only skyscrapers as neighbours. Thriving renovations including a steel spiral staircase, cosy roof deck and 12-foot-tall bay windows have converted this once desolate rotting tower of rusted water into a quiet spacious one room apartment wherein its happy owner enjoys music, intimate parties with close friends and piece of mind inside this quaint charming tiny home. 1 - The House of Eternal Return This place was once a simple Santa Fe bowling alley, but the artist collective known as Meow Wolf as well as Game of Thrones creator George R R Martin have transformed the interior into a glow in the dark interactive experience. Six writers and 150 artists collaborated in order to renovate the now magical environment filled with mind-bending psychedelic rooms and an interactive adventure of an imaginary family named Selig. The massive 20, 000 square foot attraction is a sister project of the Saint Louis City Museum, rooms include a 3-d glow in the dark neon enthused forest, a telescreen room with glaring screens positioned on the ceiling and walls as well as a dance music club scene space.

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