25 Places You Have To See Before You Die

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Not long ago we came to you with the most incredibly super awesome bucket list of all time and while it included quite a few ridiculous activities (riot tourism?) it didn't mention much in the way of tourism or travel. So, as a gift to all of you globetrotters out there we decided to fix that and put together a list of 25 places you have to see before you die.

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Tianzi Mountains, China
Santorini, Greece
Machu Pichu, Peru
The Azores
The Great Wall, China
Petra, Jordan
Bagan, Burma
Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Ayers Rock, Australia
Tanah Lot, Indonesia
Meteora, Greece
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Preikestolen, Norway
Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
The Twelve Apostles, Australia
Angel Falls, Venezuela
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Positano, Italy
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
The Wave, Arizona
The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
The Maldives
Socotra, Yemen
Monument Valley, Utah
Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

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The Earth is adorned with landscapes both strange and beautiful all over its surface. Everyone can appreciate a scenic view from the top of the mountain or crystal clear waters of some tropical island. But there’s much to see in the world, and these 15 places are known for their strange features and mysterious origins. Subscribe to Talltanic 6. The Pink Lake Nature reserves in Alicante, Spain include 2 famous salt lagoons referred to as Torrevieja and La Mata. These natural lakes supposedly have water saltier than seawater and appears pink due to a proliferation of algae that thrives in the briny environment. Other living organisms such as fish cannot inhabit these waters, though brine shrimp and a few smaller organisms do call it home. Spanish history shows that salt extraction here acted as a huge part of the economy during the 14th century. 5. The Salt and Soda Inland Sea Scientists consider Mono Lake one of the oldest lakes in Western Hemisphere, with estimates of its age reaching at least 760, 000 years. The high salt concentration of Mono Lake come from the lack of an outlet into the ocean, causing salt to accumulate. The saline, soda lake proves to be rather shallow, with a maximum depth of 17 meters or 57 feet deep. Aside from its high salt content, Mono Lake also gets attention for the strange geological formations that surround it. The rock formations you see were a result of large volumes of basalt forming 4. 5 to 2. 6 million years ago. 4. The Hills Have Chocolate On the island of Bohol in the Philippines sit anywhere between 1, 260 to 1, 776 hills known to most people as the Chocolate Hills. The area measures over 50 square kilometers or 20 square miles and serves as a popular tourist attraction. In the dry season, the green grassy hills turn brown, lending them the similarities to chocolate. The heavily vegetated area also consists of rice crops, and grass species. Most of the hills appear conical or dome-like in shape and all vary in size, though they range between being 30 to 50 meters tall or 98 to 164 feet tall. Many consider the appearance of the Chocolate Hills a mysterious one though these geological formations have come to represent the thriving earth of Bohol. Lots of different explanations have been provided as to how these hills formed, some less credible than others. However, the most scientifically accepted reason cite the hills forming due to the dissolution of limestone and subaerial erosion over a period of millions of years ago. 3. Indonesia’s Tri-Colored Lakes The 3 lakes located atop the volcanic peak in Kelimutu, Indonesia appear different colors and were believed to be the local people’s ancestor’s spiritual resting place. The Kelimutu volcano remains active though the colorful water within its major craters draw in a lot of visitation. Colors of the water range from greens, to blues, to even reds though this changes depending on the activity of the volcano, or as local legend puts it: the moods of the souls that inhabit the space. 2. The Mystery in Siberia Russian geologist Vadim Kolpakov discovered what would later be named the Patomskiy Crater in the southeastern region in Siberia back in 1949, though scientists guess it may be close to 250 years old. The shape of the crater shifts, though generally appears like a funneled convex cone. Also known as the Patom crater, this discovery in the Siberian wilderness has remained a mystery for a long time, with no one quite sure how it formed. Recent theories point to it having been a result of a meteor that ended up shattering the limestone into a mound. The crater has a diameter of 160 meters or 520 feet and rises at a height of 40 meters or 130 feet. 1. The Land of the Midnight Sun For all you night owls, living in a place like Svalbard, Norway may prove to be unpleasant because for several weeks in the summer, the sun does not set over the Arctic Circle. Instead of the sun going down to welcome the dark night sky, people describe the sight as the sun hovering over the horizon in some sort of extended sunset that turns right back into sunrise. Due to the way the earth tilts in the summertime, the area of the North Pole gets angled more directly towards the sun. So places in the region, such as Svalbard, do not get sunsets from April to August. Naturally, if the sun’s still out during what’s usually the late hours of the night, people come out to enjoy the outdoors. Whether that includes going out for a walk, a canoe ride, or just a walk, you can do so with the safety of the sunlight lighting your path.

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