Sharks Love To Be Petted - They're Like Dogs

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Beschreibung: Music: "There She Is" by Dhruva Aliman (links below) ...“Love” and “affection” are terms not commonly used to describe encounters with large sharks, but they’re used repeatedly by Jim Abernethy to narrate his recent get-together with a large tiger shark known as Tarantino. The special reunion at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas was videotaped and footage shows Tarantino swimming into the arms of Abernethy, and seeming to crave his caresses much like an affectionate dog craves those of its owner after a prolonged absence. As Abernethy and the shark are swept down current, he returns to the camera and Tarantino follows, again swimming into his arms. This happens twice in the footage.

“I could tell she had missed it,” Abernethy says of an apex predator he refers to as an “old friend.”

To be sure, Tiger Beach is a special place, known as a destination where close encounters can be enjoyed in what many consider to be a relatively safe environment.

The predators are fed during commercial dive operations, and many distinctive sharks have been given names.

Veteran divers such as Abernethy, who runs Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures, claim to have developed special relationships with some of those sharks.

Though there are bound to be critics of people “tempting fate” with such close interactions, Abernethy, who was once bitten by a lemon shark, was hoping his footage would send a message.

“I wish there was some way that I could get the world to see what these beautiful creatures are really like,” he says, “so we could end the needless slaughter and keep our oceans healthy, not only for them but for our own existence on the planet.”

Music: "There She Is" by Dhruva Aliman
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Some sharks reach gigantic sizes, such as the famous megalodon and, like this one, there are others that make up the Top 10 of the largest sharks that inhabit the oceans today. -WHALE SHARK -MEGALODON SHARK (Honorable mention) -GREAT WHITE SHARK -BASKING SHARK -BLUNTNOSE SIXGILL SHARK -GREENLAND SHARK -MEGAMOUTH SHARK -TIGER SHARK -GIANT HAMMERHEAD SHARK -SHORTFIN MAKO SHARK -PACIFIC SLEEPER SHARK Note: This list is made up of the largest species of sharks that exist today, the megalodon was mentioned with an honorary purpose. - About Us: Trend Max is an education and entertainment channel dedicated to creating interesting Tops and Lists. Do not miss a single video SUBSCRIBE NOW. - Follow Us: Facebook: Google+: - For copyright matters, please contact us: mvega@marymedia. net. The most recent and significant shark videos from this year in the search for the legendary Monster Submarine Megalodon Shark Caught on Tape. - Thanks for watching! Please share our videos and Subscribe to CR 2. 0 - ➨ Subscribe: - Credits: Music - Teknoaxe MUSIC - Ussishkin Gang.

We are sad to announce that Youtube Suspended Our Second Channel Without any Good Reason Please Join Our New Channel Here: The ocean floor is a truly rich and fascinating place. It’s filled with exotic marine life and countless colorful formations of rock and coral. At least that’s what this group of scuba divers thought they would be seeing as they ventured into the waters off the coast of Australia. But when they got down there, they discovered something totally horrifying. join us in our second channel. let's help animals together OUR Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: -Audio by Scott Leffler: scottleffler For copyright matters please contact us at: support@dduknow #did_you_know. Shot 100% on the HD HERO2® camera from ‪ This year on Valentine's Day, celebrate the love we have for the natural world around us. Join freediver Ocean Ramsey as she shares a quiet moment with a Great White Shark. For more information on shark awareness and conservation, please visit waterinspired Special Thanks to: Juan Oliphante Captn. Chris Wade Morgan Ball ( Music Courtesy of.

Great White Shark Surprises Solitary Surfer at Trails. Surfing at the Bluffs Campground in San Onofre State Park San Clemente Camp Pendleton in Southern California. he couldnt stop in time. this kid has a close call with a shark! TURN (ON) NOTIFICATIONS! Leave a 'LIKE' - BE ACTIVE FOR SHOUTOUT! - ►INSTAGRAM - ►TWITTER! (FOLLOW ME) - ► SNAPCHAT - - IMPORTANT! - ► TRANSLATE MY VIDEOS! (SHOUTOUT! ) - ► Business Inquiries - tomobiznis@gmail ► TURN (ON! ) CHANNEL NOTIFICATIONS! family friendly for kids purposes only, this video contains no swearing! Thank you for supporting me, means alot tomo: ). Dogs, Lions, Tigers, Black Jaguars, Leopards, Panthers, Lynxes, Pumas and more Playing together Why Do We Allow People To Pet Play With Our Big Cats? Celebrities, Why are you being irresponsible by sharing images video of you selfishly petting? All different kinds of people have spent time at the Foundation in the past year or so. However, Eduardo has made a conscious decision to also welcome people to the Foundation who are meat eaters and who wear animal products (just like Eduardo did before he started the Foundation). Our focus and passion is to teach these people a bit more compassion and to better show them the love these living beings possess. It is Eduardo’s hope that people who meet his “kids”, even for a brief moment, in some small way will help them gain a deeper understanding and develop a greater respect for these animals and all other living beings in general. Maybe after being surrounded by so much love from the animals they will think twice before wearing animal products or eating meat in the future. The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation is accredited by the Mexican Government as a Premises or facilities managing wildlife (Predios o Instalaciones que Manejan Vida Silvestre PIMVS). Founded in the articles 27, 26 and 32bis of the constitution with the internal ruling of SEMARNAT. This incorporation is granted to perform maintenance activities, protection, research and environmental education, through social networks, of Tiger, Leopard, Lion, Jaguar, Cheetah, yaguarundí, ocelot, Bobcat, grizzly bear. Eduardo Serio, who founded Mexico City's Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, is seen in the foreground of a lion and tiger wrestling. It’s apparently all fun and games at one big cat sanctuary — even when a leopard is charging at your back. A hair-raising video captures the animal racing up behind a handler to attack, seemingly playfully, just seconds before a tiger jumps in and swats him away. Eduardo Serio, who founded Mexico City’s Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, was lounging around with at least six big cats when the mischievous leopard named Dharma crept up from behind. As the viral video shows, a nearby tiger named Aztlan didn’t miss a beat. The animals ― including jaguars, tigers, leopards, lynxes, lions and pumas ― are said to come from circuses, zoos, and both legal and illegal breeders.

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