10 New Secret Phone Settings That Will Surprise You

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Beschreibung: 10 Phone Life Hacks You Need To know
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Most people are using their phone 24/7. But none of them know about all the things they can do on their iPhones. These life hacks will give you the chance to save your life or simply make your friends laugh. And that’s the beauty of technology! This is why we are showing you 10 New Secret Phone Settings that Will Surprise You.

It is sometimes hard to take the perfect selfie. You are doing the perfect pose while holding your phone and then you realize that you can’t press the button to take a picture. But you’ll be happy to hear that you can make things simple simply by using the volume to take a picture. And just wait until you hear what you can do with your headphones to look better on Instagram.

Every iPhone user has been thinking about this. Why can you sometimes accept or decline a phone call, and then you can only swipe to answer? Many people had different theories to explain this, and we finally found which one was right. However, you’ll have to watch this video to solve this mystery.

Stay tuned to know more about life hacks like how to find hidden information, how to use texting shortcuts, how to control your phone with your head, how to know where you have been, and more. Are there any other secret phone settings that you know? Don’t be shy to tell us what it is in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think.

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