The Richest Pakistani Man, A Motivational Story, Urdu Documentary

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Beschreibung: Shahid Khan is one of the richest man in Pakistan. He belongs to a middle class family of Lahore. In the age of 16, hr traveled to USA to pursue a career and to get higher education. After the continuous struggle, he became successful in becoming the America's 84th richest man. According to Forbes, he is also the 360th richest man of the world. He is from Lahore now he has been living in Florida, Naples, USA since 60's. He is owner of two foot ball's clubs and Toronto Four Seasons.

Interesting Life Story of Muhammad Amir, M. Amir ki Kahani in Urdu Hindi. 8 Things That Can Take You to Jail in Dubai. 5 Success Ways and Rules of Bill Gates, the Richest Man of the World. Amazing Life Story of Soichiro Honda, the Founder of Honda Company, Inspirational Video. Gifts are usually an expression of love, affection, and appreciation. Gifts are exceedingly expensive, mostly when someone has got piles of cash stashed up in the bank account. Here in this list, you will see 10 of the most expensive gifts ever given. Here we are going share this interesting gifts one ever received from their love ones and relatives. The Queen of Dubai, Princess Haya bint Hussein Biography in Hindi Urdu. Princess Haya Bint Hussain is the daughter of rural Hussein of Jordan and his third wife, Queen Alia, and the half-sister of King Abdullah II, the present rural of Jordan. Crown Prince of Dubai Hamdan Bin Muhammad, the Splendour and Grandeur of Royal Family Urdu Hindi. This Is A List Of Richest Man in Pakistan in 2017. پاکستان کے سب سے بڑے امیر ترین افراد Like ✓ Comment ✓ Share ✓ Subscribe Biggest Richest People in Pakistan. The New List Of Top Ten Richest People Of Pakistan Is Updated Of 2017. 01. Shahid Khan 02. Mian Muhammad Mansha 03. Asif Ali Zardari 04. Sir Anwar Pervez O. B. E. 05. Nawaz Sharif 06. Saddaruddin Hashwani 07. Malik Riaz Hussain 08. Nasir Schon 09. Chaudry Family 10. Rafiq Habib 01. Shahid Khan Age: 66 Net worth: US$7. 2 Billion Occupation: Owners Team NFL Nationality: Pakistani & American Mian Muhammad Mansha Age: 70 Net worth: $2. 6 Billion Occupation: Businessman Nationality: Pakistani 03. Asif Ali Zardari Age: 61 Net worth: US$1. 8 Billion Occupation: President of Pakistan Nationality: Pakistan 04. Sir Anwar Pervez O. B. E. Age: 81 Net worth: US$1. 5 Billion Occupation: Chairman Of Bestway Nationality: London, England 05. Nawaz Sharif Age: 67 Net worth: US$1. 4 Billion Occupation: Prime Minister Of Pakistan Nationality: Pakistan 06. Saddaruddin Hashwani Age: 76 Net worth: US$1. 1 Billion Occupation: Chairman Hashoo Group Nationality: Pakistan 07. Malik Riaz Hussain Age: 62 Net worth: US$1. 1 Billion Occupation: Founder and Chairman of Bahria Town Nationality: Pakistan 08. Nasir Schon Age: 60 Net worth: US$1 billion Occupation: CEO Schon Group Nationality: Pakistan 09. Chaudry Family Age: Net worth: US$910 Million Occupation: Chaudhry Group of Industries Nationality: Pakistan 10. Rafiq Habib Age: Net worth: US$900 Million Occupation: Habib Bank AG Zurich Nationality: Pakistan Follow Me: *: Hello, Music are taken from Bensound Royalty Free Music. Thanks 4 Visit. Have A Nice Life Ahead.

Success Story of 7th Richest Man in Pakistan, A Motivational Story. Malik Riaz is one of the business tycoon of Pakistan. He is the owner of Pakistan's biggest residential project Behria Twon. He is also a prominent figure in Pakistani politics. He belongs to Malik family. Malik Riaz ki wo biwi jise wo daulat ki dewi maanta hai. us k mutabiq, Allah ne usy jo bhi ata kia hai wo sab uski biwi ki wajah se hai. To ayen aaj hum aapko unki un biwi k baray mai video mai btatay hain jin ko wo bht khas smjhte hain. Mazeed achi achi videos ke liye hamara channel, The Urdu Teacher, zarur subscribe karain. Subscribe Us Now: Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us On Twitter. Caption Sarfraz Ahmed Life Story, Sarfraz Ahmed ki Kahani. Sohaib Akhtar is the fastest bowler in cricket history. Sohaib Aktar belongs to Pakistan. He was deadly fast bowler. He has been remaining the no. 1 bowler for Pakistan. Sohaib Akhtar has many rivalry in cricket like Sachin Tendulkar, Saro Gangoli and Rahul Dravid. Now, he has retired from international cricket after playing the world-cup of 2011.

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