The Richest Pakistani Man, A Motivational Story, Urdu Documentary

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Beschreibung: Shahid Khan is one of the richest man in Pakistan. He belongs to a middle class family of Lahore. In the age of 16, hr traveled to USA to pursue a career and to get higher education. After the continuous struggle, he became successful in becoming the America's 84th richest man. According to Forbes, he is also the 360th richest man of the world. He is from Lahore now he has been living in Florida, Naples, USA since 60's. He is owner of two foot ball's clubs and Toronto Four Seasons.

Sohaib Akhtar is the fastest bowler in cricket history. Sohaib Aktar belongs to Pakistan. He was deadly fast bowler. He has been remaining the no. 1 bowler for Pakistan. Sohaib Akhtar has many rivalry in cricket like Sachin Tendulkar, Saro Gangoli and Rahul Dravid. Now, he has retired from international cricket after playing the world-cup of 2011. Dubai is one of the most wonderful place on earth. It is situated in Middle East. It is the capital of UAE. It was liberated in 1971 by British Rule. Nowadays, it has become an economic hum in the world. Dubai is famous for its hotels, casinos, buildings and sports complexes. Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum is the monarch of state Dubai. Hamdan. In this video, we are going to discuss about the 7 richest men in Pakistan. Pakistan is a place where lot of people are unemployed but there are still lot of people who have billions of rupees in their bank accounts. Top 7 richest men in Pakistan is undoubtedly a very interesting and informational topic nowadays. There are lot of videos available on YouTube which mentions about the top 10 richest people in Pakistan. But today, we are going to discuss about the 7 richest men in Pakistan which translate as it is. ''Pakistan k 7 ameer tareen insan'' or ''Pakistan k 7 dolatmanr tareen insan''.

Malik Riaz Life Story Urdu Biography Malik Riaz Kaise Ameer Bana History. Princess Lady Diana, Interesting Biography of the Princess of Wales Urdu Hindi. Lady Diana was born in UK. She belongs to an honorable and Aristocratic family of England. She got the fame after marrying Prince Charles. After that marriage, she was known as the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana. But this marriage lasts only almost 15 years and ultimately, Diana took divorce from prince Charles. after that, she got involve a Pakistani heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat, who was a very humble guy. Lady Diana died in a road accident in Paris with Dodi Al-Fayad. She was one of the influential figure in the world. Asma Jahangir Janaza Tajzia With Sami Ibrahim mein Farooq Maududi say Pucha Gaya keh unhonay Khawateen Ko Asma Jahangir Kay Janazay Mein Shirkat say Kyun Nahi Roka? Naye Behas Chir Gaye BOL News #AsmaJahangir BOL News brings you quality news and No. 1 Talk shows of Pakistan with the experienced panels of Pakistan talk shows analysts such as Sami Ibrahim, Nazir Laghari, Faisal Aziz Khan, Talha Jatoi and many more. Watch BOL Live Stream: For more news and updates visit our website: Follow BOL Network on Facebook: Follow BOL Network on Twitter: Subscribe BOL Network Official YouTube.

Bill Gates is undoubtedly the most richest person of the world. He is multi-billionaire giant among the top richest icons. He is the founder and owner of renowned company Microsoft inc. which is the also one of the most biggest and prolific tech company. Apart from it, he has several other businesses as well round the globe. Moreover, he is also one of the generous and kind hearten soul. He has donated millions of dollars every month. He has established numerous Charity Homes in all over the world for poor and needy people. Polio vaccination has been provided by him in all the countries of the world since one decade. Last but not the least, Forbes Magazine declared him on top of the list of the top ten richest people of the world again in 2015. Duniya k 10 Khatarnak Tareen Pull(Bridges) Urdu Hindi. 5 Success Ways and Rules of Bill Gates, the Richest Man of the World. The new list of top ten richest people of Pakistan is updated on 19th of august 2016. Shahid khan is the richest person of the Pakistan. Pakistan k new 10 ameer tareen logo ki list dekhne k liye please video ko dekhien. Please Share this video on social media to your friendz and family. Support us and Like our video and Please Subscribe our Channel.

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