How would a Swiss Army knife look if it were a tiny house

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Beschreibung: All of the furniture and rooms in Leonardo Di Chiara’s tiny house fold, swing and pivot into the walls so when closed the space is absent of color, like a whiteboard perfect for the creative process of a young architect. Calling it aVOID in reference to the hollow shell it can morph into, Di Chiara says it’s more aspirational than a reflection of his not-yet-hyper-minimalist lifestyle,

He wanted an uncluttered lifestyle but he also wanted to be mobile and to live in a big city. His solution, to build a row house on wheels. Di Chiara has currently wedged his row house between two tiny houses on the campus of the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin where Van Bo Le-Mentzel, designer of the "one square meter" house, has organized a tiny living experiment.

Di Chiara hopes to continue the experimenting when he moves to Milan. His idea is to create a prototype for a Migratory Neighborhood that could be replicated across Europe so urban nomads like himself could find temporary places to park their homes in schools (during the summer), parks (in winter), abandoned lots, etc. He sees it as a win win for cities eager to keep eyes on the street in isolated or temporarily unused parts of town.

aVOID on tour - Berlin to Rome, April-June 2018 (tiny talks, house visits...):
Migratory Neighborhoods (Leonardo is currently collecting information from those interested in joining hi.m):
Leonardo's collaborators:
DMM (metal covering and kitchen top), Makte (wood), Häfele (furniture hardware), iGuzzini (lights), Bosch (battery and home appliances), Omar (trailer), Giommi (windows making), Schüco (windows products), Gessi (taps and sink), BTicino (electric plugs), Noctis (mattress and pillows), Mottura (curtains), FG Arredamenti (carpenter for interior), Subissati (wooden structure), Faber (induction stove and kitchen hood), Legnotech (structure construction), ICA (bio paintings), Ambivalent (foldable chairs), G.R. (electrician), Vitrifrigo (fridge), Al-Ko (trailer equipments), Se.Pa (mirror and lamp next to bed), Fratelli Guzzini (plates, cutlery, etc), Alluflon (pans pots coffee machine), Beltrami (sleeping bag, towels, etc).

The stunning Zen Tiny Home in Byron Bay, Australia has it all. It's spacious and beautifully designed with influence borrowed from both Japanese and Scandinavian architecture to form a wonderfully functional house on wheels. Become a Living Big Patron: Best of all, the tiny house has been designed to be ultra liveable, taking the needs of it's dynamic occupants into consideration. It's filled with clever storage solutions and has been beautifully finished to create a home which feels wonderful to be inside. Read More: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @TinyHouseNZ Follow us on Instagram: @livingbiginatinyhouse Please subscribe for more videos on tiny houses, DIY, design, and sustainable, off-grid living. Music in this video: 'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2017 Zyia Pictures Ltd. Amazing Hidden Rooms And Secret Furniture Compartments ★ Subscribe ★ Like ★ Comment ★ Share with your friends - Progressive Automations: Sliding bookcase: The Phantom Barbecue: Concrete hidden door: James Bond Style Hidden Door: A Secret Entrance: Hidden door Pallet wood: Hidden Door Bookshelf: Polycave - La cave bar: Hidden beer cooler: - ➤Music used: Music: TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm) Elektronomia - Vision.

¿Alguna vez que has preguntado qué tan pequeña puede ser una casa? Japón diseña muchos de sus departamentos en tan sólo 15m2 (aprox. el mismo tamaño que una habitación promedio en México), y en este video descubriremos cómo es que lo logran. ¡Muchas gracias por suscribirte! (^O^) Links de interés Videos del inicio < REDES SOCIALES > ○ Facebook ○ Twitter ○ Instagram Para consultas empresariales For business inquiries: sinuetonntacto@gmail < OTROS > ○ Música de fondo Youtube Music Library Música del inicio. Robert and Samantha decided they want to build a tiny house. So. they got to work. And fortunately for us, they had their camera ready to go throughout the process. Sit back and enjoy while we watch this young married couple whose "combined construction experience is relatively minuscule” take their tiny house ambitions into their own hands. Thanks Robert and Samantha! Learn More: Their detailed E-book: Follow their Instagram journey. Inheritance taxes on land in Japan means plots often get smaller as they are passed on. This “divide and sell” phenomenon in Tokyo translates into some very tiny home sites. When architects Masahiro and Mao Harada were tasked with creating a home on a lot only 2 meters (6. 5 feet) wide at its narrowest point, they chose to interpret small as “near” and use the small scale to their advantage. On the narrowest portion of the lot, along the street, they created a “gatehouse”: used as both an entryway and offices for the clients. The lower level is a gallery for the wife’s art, which is mostly, appropriately, very tiny objects. The second floor, accessible only by a small, wooden ladder, houses the husband’s office with walls lined with books and movies (he directs commercial). Everything in the Gatehouse is within touching distance, and this is important, and a positive thing. Masahiro calls this type of design “peach skin”. “The nearness between the materials and my eye make clear the very small grains, like a peach skin, so the resolution is richer. When you see big things from a distance you can miss details. ” Behind the Gatehouse, the lot opens up a bit to accommodate the rest of the home. To comply with building codes limiting home height, the Haradas chose to build the home a few feet underground. Again, they chose to see this as an advantage, allowing for a partly submerged bedroom and bathroom, that allow one to feel “like an animal” while having a bath in the ground or “like an insect” when lying on the bed, at eye level with the plants. After the small, intimate room downstairs the completely open, and high-ceilinged, upstairs feels large. Here one wall is dedicated to a kitchen (partly camouflaged behind tan doors and cabinets) and the other to a full-wall bookshelf which is also structural. Masahiro explains the benefits of using vertical shelf supports that are narrow and very close to each other: the material is cheap; it can be brought in by hand; and it can be created without heavy equipment and instead, by skilled craftspeople. For the interior finish on both the walls and the floors, they used MDF (medium-density fiberboard) both because it is very affordable, but also because it resembles the paper walls in traditional Japanese homes. “Here we use paper and wooden materials and everything can return to the earth, so the time scale is near, or small, ” explains Masahiro. “We are always thinking about scale. Scale isn’t just big or small. Scale is also time. This building has a permanent quality, but it also feels ephemeral. This house lives with people, and dies with people, and that’s a good thing. ” Mount Fuji Architects: Original story.

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