Best the voice Australia all of time Blind

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Beschreibung: List song :
01: One more Night - Chris Sheehy
02: Scarborough_Fair - Celia Pavey
03: Broken Vow - Harrison Craig
04: Brand New Key - Kaity Dunstan
05: Un Giorno Per Noi A Time For Us - Luke Kennedy
06: Girl On Fire - Kathy Hinch
07: It's A Man's World - Karise Eden kariseeden
08:Teenage Dream - Kelsie Rimmer KelsieRimmer
09: La_Vie_En_Rose - Rachael Leahcar rachaeleahcar
10: Apologise - Adam Martin
11: Gravity - Brittany Cairns
12: Mercy - Emma-Louise Birdsall

Part 2 - This is the top of the first auditions of various competitors X Factor and Got Talent Shows, I hope you enjoy. Write comments with names of competitors that are not present in the video so i can make a video number 2. Portuguese: Este é o top das primeiras audições de varios concorrentes do X-Factor e Got Talent Shows, espero que apreciem. Escrevam comentarios com nomes de concorrentes que não se encontram presentes no video para que possa então fazer um video numero 2. - Is not in order of best first audition Não se encontra por ordem de melhor concorrente - Anna Graceman Bella Ferraro Curtis Golden Danyl Johnson Kevin Skinner James Arthur Kye Sones Carly Rose Julia Bullock Panda Ross Melanie Amaro Michael Collings Robbie Hance Rough Copy Ryan O'ShauGhnessy Good Question Janet Devlin Jazzlyn Little Jamie Archer.

Thank You Guys to make this Video More than 10million Views. I knew each of us related to this Song no matter how hard its i believe on each of us has a lot of power inside to make our life much better and do better, give better to the one we love right now. Love you guys Stay strong. Pleasee Subcribe in my own channel i upload my own story, The Link of it at the end of this Video: ). ► CLICK HERE to Learn How To Sing Tips To Improve Your Singing Voice ► ◄ ♥ Please Follow Me On Twitter ♥ ♥ Love You ♥ 3 SUPERSTAR FUTURE SINGERS That SHOCKED The WORLD By Their MEGA TALENT! 3. Angelica Hale 2. Celine Tam 1. Grace VanderWaal. Steven Brundage Magic Page: His Facebook: SUBCRIBE CHANNEL: Contact us: Facebook: Twitter: If you want submit your videos, please sent email to me. Thanks for watching!

First audition: Discovery of a world-class voice and a lovely, warm-hearted woman. Hint: Watch this clip on w o the hated eye rolling of "Girl 1: 47" (I'm so sorry for her. ). SUBCRIBE CHANNEL: Contact us: Facebook: Twitter: If you want submit your videos, please sent email to me. Thanks for watching! ► CLICK HERE to Learn How To Sing Tips To Improve Your Singing Voice ► ◄ ♥ Please Follow Me On Twitter ♥ ♥ Love You ♥ 1. Daniel Fernando - When We Were Young (The Voice Portugal) 2. Amy Mottram - One And Only (The X Factor UK) 3. Isaiah Firebrace - Hello (The X Factor Australia) 4. Billy Gilman - When We Were Young (The Voice USA) 5. Konstantin Dmitriev - Hello (The Voice Ukraine) 6. Reigan Derry - Someone Like You (The X Factor Australia) 7. Pleun Bierbooms - Million Years Ago (The Voice Of Holland) 8. Nala Price - Send My Love (To Your New Lover) (The Voice USA) 9. Obed Ogbonna - One And Only (The Voice Nigeria) 10. Charles Kablan - Hello (The Voice Of Italy) BEST OF ADELE SONGS ON THE VOICE, X FACTOR AND GOT TALENT WORLDWIDE AWESOME TALENTS tags: adele song, adele song performances, adele song cover, the voice, x factor, adele song the voice, adele song x factor, adele song cover compilation, best singer cover song, best adele song rendition, talented singer singing adele songs, talented singers worldwide, the voice audition, the voice adele song audition, x factor adele cover audition, adele in the voice, adele in x factor, daniel fernando, when we were young, danile fernando when we were young, when we were young the voice portugal daniel fernando, when we were young cover, when we were young by daniel fernando, amy mottram, one and only, one and only by amy mottram, amy mottram x factor uk auditon, amy mottram x factor one and only, isaiah firebrace, hello by isaiah firebrace, isaiah firebrace the x factor australia, hello cover, billy gilman, when we were young by billy gilman, billy gilman the voice usa, when we were young the voice usa billy gilman, konstantin dmitriev, hello by konstantin dmitriev, konstantin dmitriev the voice ukraine, someone like you, someone like you cover, someone like you by reigan derry, reigan derry x factor audition, x factor australia, reigan derry someone like you x factor, pleu bierbooms, million years ago, million years ago cover, million years ago by pleu bierbooms, pleun bierbooms the voice holland, pleun bierboons million years ago ukraine, send my love to your new lover, send my love by nala price, nala price the voice usa, nala price, obed ogbonna, one and only by obed ogbonna, obed ogbonna the voice nigeria, the voice nigeria obed ognonna one and only, chales kablan, the voice Itally, charles kablan x factor hello.

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