The Monkey Mum

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MONKEY MUM Pinky Janota is raising six monkeys at her home - and even dresses them up. The 53-year-old owns three rescued Rhesus Macaques, one Bonnet and two Marmosets monkeys, all with with names influenced by cosmetic brands including; Maybelline, L’Oreal, Avon and Max. The primates have all proved the truth behind the phrase ‘monkey see, monkey do’ by mimicking their owner’s behaviour. Pinky spends her days teaching her monkey kids sign language, feeding them on a high chair, changing their diapers, bottle feeding them and bathing them.

Videographer / director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: Nora Hakramaj, Ruby Coote
Editor: James Thorne

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1 x 60 minutes for Channel 4 'My Monkey Baby' examines the extraordinary relationships that some American couples have with their monkeys - they raise them as though they were their own children. 4 month baby girl playing with a female 2 month monkey at home in nicaragua. Nala is NOT a pet, she is with other monkeys in a sanctuary and has been for a very long time. She was NOT given away because she got too old and difficult. Nala was NEVER any trouble! She should be with other monkeys because it's the right thing. I do not condone owning a monkey as a pet. Do NOT ask me how to get one, I CAN"T help you! Help out at your local animal shelters, be a foster to these babies that need your help! Nala is a Black Cap Capuchin.

Spanky waddles into PetSmart once again on a "Mission", long but entertaining. she got new pantaloons LOL. Capuchin MonkeyBoo opens his new Fidget Spinners, test them out and even gets the screw driver and does his own repairs! Merchandise and more: Follow Boo on Twitter: FaceBook: InstaGram: Mail: MonkeyBoo, PO Box 631, McAdenville, NC 28101. Capuchin MonkeyBoo open up some AWESOME monkey mail from his AWESOME fans! Merry Christmas everyone! From MonkeyBoo and family! Subscribe for more MonkeyBoo Videos - Merchandise and more: TWITTER - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - SEND BOO MAIL! MonkeyBoo PO Box 631 McAdenville, NC 28101. This is a good place to have come to if you’re having a bad day. I personally guarantee that within the next ten minutes, you’re going to be feeling so much better! Enjoy our list of the most adorable animals we could lay our hands on! Subscribe to Talltanic 14 - But is it real? This animal looks like it stepped right out of the film, “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. ” This is a baby short beaked echidna… called a puggle! Even the name Puggle is cute! These unique mammals actually lay eggs! 13 - Melting… Your heart will melt too when you meet Mr. Peebles, the worlds smallest living cat. His size has even been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. When he was already 2-years old, he weighed around 2-pounds and was a mere 5-inches long. 12 - Stay Little… If crocodiles could only stay this little! It’s hard to believe that this tiny, very sweet looking little creature grows up to be a human guzzling monster, isn’t it? Babies are called hatchlings, and they’re not dangerous – however, if you see a baby alone and you’re in the water, get as far away as possible – that mama will be there within seconds! 11 - Let sleeping squirrels lie… I know that squirrels can be a nuisance at times, but when they’re so little and are sleeping peacefully in your hands just like this one, you forget all about the other stuff! 10 - Be still my beating heart… Aptly named Thumbelina, this is the world’s smallest horse. She’s only 17-inches tall, making her only a little bigger than a domestic cat. She was born on a farm that specializes in miniature horses, but she came out even more mini than expected. She weighs 60-pounds and her added smallness is due to dwarfism. 9 - Go nuts! This is another baby squirrel that is definitely a cutie! Babies are known as kits or kittens, and when they’re born they’re blind, relying on their moms for around 2-3 months. 8 - Sealed with a kiss… This baby seal is doing the Puss in Boots eyes to perfection. I don’t care what this seal is asking for – whatever it is, he can have it! Seals and sea lions only have one pup a year, which is probably a good thing – because if they’re all as adorable as this, there’d be a lot of spoilt seals around: P 7 - Cute and Cuddly Boys… Cute and Cuddly! Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private knew their stuff! Penguins may look ultra-sweet, but they’re anything but! They often cheat on their partners and mother penguins have been known to kidnap baby penguins when their own haven’t survived! 6 - Cute from any angle. Look at any photograph of a baby prairie dog, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. They are all precious. These burrowing rodents are native to the grasslands of North America and they’re often considered as pests, as they have the ability to kill an entire crop in record time. 5 - Keep em young… Seriously, because fully-grown opossums or possums, are not nearly as sweet looking as their babies! Babies are called Joey’s, just like kangaroos and these guys have an incredible bonus working to their advantage – they have a partial or total immunity against the venom produced by several snakes. 4 - Substitute mother… This little humming bird is just captivating, and I loved the idea of putting the fake flower on the end of the syringe, so she could feel a little closer to home. Should you ever pick up a baby hummingbird to try help it, remember they can’t grow purely on sugar water. Their natural diet their mom brings consists of nectar and extremely small insects. 3 - Huff and Puff… This is a baby puffer fish, and despite his small size, can still be dangerous. It’s believed that the mother fish leaves a protective layer of poison over her baby which protects it for a while until it’s able to puff itself out and do the job himself. An adult pufferfish has enough tetrodotoxin to do away with 30 adults! 2 - Puppy Tales… Heads up – be prepared to want to have a baby and get a puppy at the same time once you’ve seen these images! Jessica Shyba took incredible photographs of her son Beau, and their 7-week-old puppy, Theo. Theo was too scared to sleep alone, which is why Beau began snuggling down with the pup with every nap taken. I’d love to say the rest is history, but it isn’t! A few years later, Beau and Theo have been joined by Evangeline, Beau’s baby sister. The cuteness ante has been upped majorly, so soak it all in while you can. 1.

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