Man Saves Abandoned Baby Deer

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Beschreibung: An injured fawn was abandoned by its mother and sibling. A kind-hearted man took the baby deer into his home and saved its life.
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Hello everyone! It's all about an overload of sweetness this time. and not even a bird! Please feel welcome to come up with a name for this cute little animal in the comments. or like others' suggestions that you like. We will select five of them and make the squirrel choose: ) So here he is, my childhood dream come true. Raising this little fellow was a cuteness overload. He is so funny. I got this new friend as a baby because that's the only way he can become really tame and totally used to people. If you get inspired. Please take note that raising a squirrel this way will take a full month of your life. day and night. When he is older he needs lots and lots of space. He can not be held in a cage. Enjoy watching! All music through audionetwork. Songs in this video: - "Distant Call" by David Kelly - "Soft as Velvet" by Paul Mottram - "Love is home" by Jake Shillingford & Nicholas Evans.