Off Grid Log Cabin - Leatherbound Door and The Hole in the Floor?!

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Beschreibung: NOTICE: TURN YOUR SOUND WAY UP! Sorry, my mic failed on me so my audio is excruciatingly low. My Self Reflections was unusable so I'll film another segment later in the week.
Continuing with the log cabin construction, I cover the inside of the door in leather using a similar technique that I used on the carved footstool that you see in the cabin.
I also finish the icebox in the floor so that I can start storing food below ground, hopefully preserving it for much longer than it would in the hot (or freezing) cabin. Homesteading off grid means I need to come up with more ways to harvest, cook and preserve food for long term storage, probably my greatest challenge in this long term wilderness homesteading experiment.
With the freezing winter temperatures we have been getting this winter, I am burning a lot of wood and I am spending a lot of time gathering it, cutting, splitting, buying, etc. Bringing it from the road to the cabin is mostly uphill and it takes a lot of time.
One thing about the cold is that it doesn't usually snow as much as it does when it's warm and snow squalls come off of Georgian Bay. I have to shovel some snow, but not much and I haven't needed to shovel off the roof yet.
There's a pesky red squirrel trying to get into the cabin and I shoo him away from the logs on the front of the cabin, but he simply jumped down and hid in my stack of firewood.
Living offgrid is challenging and hard work, but there is no schedule so I am able to work at my own pace and do some relaxing around the fire with a good book.
Cali, our golden retriever, wanders around in the first part of the video, but I'm alone for the final couple of days as my wife is off with the dog.

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After skating on thin ice, I use traditional woodworking handtools to work on the interior of the log cabin. I add a second layer of wood to the kitchen countertop, install a cistern hand pump to supply water to the sink, fabricate and install copper to the backsplash and build my dog, Cali, a new raised bed with storage inside. The video starts with drone footage of me skating on thin ice of a marsh and at the end of the video, I talk about doing exactly that as a kid and how I learned so much from that marsh, from how to skate and play hockey to how to identify birds, animals and insects of a marsh. Thanks to David Oxley from Precision Sheet Metal for his generous donation of the sheet of copper. Links to gear used in this video: Solar LED light bulb 15W Agawa Canyon Boreal 21 Saw Copper Fairy lights Solar String Lights Banneton 12" round Lodge Dutch Oven Flamen heat resistant gloves up to 500 degrees Rocksheat baking stone Mora Knife Lamp OiI Wall Lantern (candle lit) Moka Pot Canada USA Canon 6D DJI Mavic Pro Bragg's Sprinkle Eagle Claw® Multi-Purpose Jet Sled Axe To see what I’m up to during the rest of the week, please follow me on my other online channels; Website: Facebook – Personal Facebook Page (Shawn James) – Instagram – Mailing Address: P. O. Box 20042 Barrie, Ontario L4M 6E9 Canada.

In our quest to live a self reliant lifestyle at the wilderness homestead, my wife, dog and I harvest sap from the forest around the log cabin and make maple syrup, one of the most accessible and abundant wild edibles in this area. Maple syrup can be processed using primitive skills, but this year, we use more traditional methods, inserting metal spiles into the maple trees and collecting the sap in metal buckets. We harvest the sap when the temperature is above freezing and boil it over an open fire in stainless steel pans. Wild edibles in the Canadian wilderness are hard to come by, especially in the winter and early spring. Maple sap starts to run as soon as the daytime temperatures rise above 0C (32 Fahrenheit) and the night temperatures dip below freezing. It is slightly sweet and very refreshing when you drink it pure right out of the tree, but in order to make it into a syrup that stores for a long time withough going bad, you have to reduce it by about 40 1. Therefore, it takes 40 gallons of sap from a sugar maple tree to produce 1 gallon of maple syrup. You can harvest and consume sap from other trees, like other maple species and birch trees, but it's not quite as sweet and the ratio is not as good, approximately 60 1 in some cases. Because spring has been cold this year, we have only harvested about 35 gallons of sap from 25 trees as of the date this video is published. Typically, we should have much more than that and should get hundreds of gallons. April may be better in the coming days for production however. If we had more pails and spiles, which we can purchase relatively cheaply, we could tap at least a few hundred trees on our property. While the land here is not very productive for growing crops or other wild edibles, we could potentially produce enough syrup to barter and or sell to offset our other food costs and to procure other foods that we cannot grow or harvest here. Realistically, we could harvest from the property in abundance - sap, mushrooms, raspberries, chaga, spruce tips, cattails and a few minor plant species as well as wild game, such as ducks, geese, bear, deer, moose, rabbit, raccoon, grouse, woodcock, frogs and turtles. Links to products I use at the cabin; Dog bowl - Coffee grinder - Pancake Ingredients: 1 1 2 cups all-purpose flour 3 1 2 TSP baking powder 1 TSP salt 1 TBSP maple sugar 1 1 4 cups milk 1 egg 3 TBSP melted butter To see what I’m up to during the rest of the week, please follow me on my other online channels; Website: Facebook – Personal Facebook Page (Shawn James) – Instagram – Mailing Address: P. O. Box 20042 Barrie, Ontario L4M 6E9 Canada.

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