Log Cabin - Leatherbound Door and The Hole in the Floor?!

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Beschreibung: NOTICE: TURN YOUR SOUND WAY UP! Sorry, my mic failed on me so my audio is excruciatingly low. My Self Reflections was unusable so I'll film another segment later in the week.
Continuing with the log cabin construction, I cover the inside of the door in leather using a similar technique that I used on the carved footstool that you see in the cabin.
I also finish the icebox in the floor so that I can start storing food below ground, hopefully preserving it for much longer than it would in the hot (or freezing) cabin. Homesteading off grid means I need to come up with more ways to harvest, cook and preserve food for long term storage, probably my greatest challenge in this long term wilderness homesteading experiment.
With the freezing winter temperatures we have been getting this winter, I am burning a lot of wood and I am spending a lot of time gathering it, cutting, splitting, buying, etc. Bringing it from the road to the cabin is mostly uphill and it takes a lot of time.
One thing about the cold is that it doesn't usually snow as much as it does when it's warm and snow squalls come off of Georgian Bay. I have to shovel some snow, but not much and I haven't needed to shovel off the roof yet.
There's a pesky red squirrel trying to get into the cabin and I shoo him away from the logs on the front of the cabin, but he simply jumped down and hid in my stack of firewood.
Living offgrid is challenging and hard work, but there is no schedule so I am able to work at my own pace and do some relaxing around the fire with a good book.
Cali, our golden retriever, wanders around in the first part of the video, but I'm alone for the final couple of days as my wife is off with the dog.

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More on this topic at offgridwarrior Building an off grid log cabin sounds like fun right? Don't forget about moving the logs. We do not own any heavy equipment so moving logs for our build can be quite the adventure. Here you can see how I am moving the logs from our felling area to the cabin. Who needs heavy equipment when you have an SUV. good times. Thanks for watching. Education. Living off-Grid day to day life at my log cabin. Thanks for watching! Please click here to SUBSCRIBE: Follow my adventure on - Facebook: - Instagram: - Twitter: twitter BillyRioux Royalty-Free Music from YouTube's Creation Tools. "Whistling down the road" by The Silent partner. Download available at. "Experience is something you gain right after you really needed it" In this video I show how to turn a simple grill and an entire Chimney into a Giant dangerous rocket stove that ruins shelters. Evidently feeding air underneath a fire just forces the burn process like you wouldnt believe. You can see the flames being pulled upwards right before the fire gets out of hand.

After I get the hot tent completed, just the day before, I head out to Mew Lake Campground for a trial run with it. In case there are any issues, I want to be near some type of assistance. In Part 1, I show the full set up of the tent and have some fun hanging out with my friends Ben and Tim. I check out Ben's UF. errr tentsile tent and we go on a beautiful hike to Mew Falls. For a more detailed report on this trip, check out the blog post at CamperChristina. Jesse’s black jacket: Support us on Patreon: Our videos in chronological order: ENJOY THIS VIDEO? SUPPORT US WITHOUT PAYING A DIME! It takes us 40+ hours a week to document our journey on both our blog and our YouTube channel. If you enjoy watching our videos and want to help us to produce more of them, learn how you can help us without spending a dime! GET SOCIAL Blog: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: EQUIPMENT USED TO PRODUCE OUR VIDEOS Camera #1: Camera #2: 55-250mm lens: 10-18 Wide Angle lens: 50mm Fixed Zoom lens: Compact Mic: Dead Cat for Mic: Lavalier Mic System: Drone: Pro Tripod with Ball head: Basic Tripod: Compact Tripod: Gorilla Pod with Ball Head: Action Cam #1: Action Cam #2: Action Cam mounts: Suction Cup mount #1: Suction Cup mount #2: Touch Screen Gloves: Portable 4TB Hard Drive: SLR 64 GB HS SD Card: Drone 32 GB HS Micro SD Card: Action Cam 32 GB HS Micro SD Card: Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones: Macbook Pro: 27" Thunderbolt Retina Display: Editing software: CREDITS: “Waiting for Tomorrow” and “Golden Ocean” by Nicolai Heidlas (.

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